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Gays are global fashion and style trendsetters. Helped by unique orientation to visualize the world of fashion they are conditioned to look beyond normal and experiment with fashion. It is not just the clothing but also the hairstyle where gays are leaving a deep impression. The element of freedom and detachment helps them innovate and try things that set them apart from the crowd. The core idea is to make a stamen not just for self but for the gay community.

In the need of uniqueness to start a new life with a new identity, gay men try image makeover. And hairstyle, like a crown, helps most in making that defying statement with courage and passion to explore the new world. Just like your fashion, your hairstyle is an important extension of your personality. Life is beautiful, start the journey to find the new world wearing your natural crown as you are victorious the moment you choose to express your orientation.

Here are some of the best hairstyles loved globally by gay men. The whole idea behind gay men hairstyle is to give it simple yet sexy look to make a statement of freedom.


This hairstyle is all-time great. The undercut is classical in which sides are trimmed bottom-up with untouched top. To suit your facial feature you hairstylist might cut the top to the size. The best part with this style is that it works well with all types of hair, whether curly or straight, thin or thick. If you find it difficult to comb, then your finger will be more than enough to handle it. Your stylist might suggest you add some contrast to give you unique and contemporary look.


It is a kind of evergreen hairstyle due to its elitist look. If your lifestyle demands little formal, trendy and seductive look, then sideline hairstyle is best for you. However, if your hair is curly or thin, it is not for you. It goes the best with the straight and thinks hair as it requires more maintenance and care. Your hairstylist will give you option according to your face structure, its suitability has some limitations. If you are in teens, you can opt for anything but if you are in a professional world, you have to be a little selective.


As the name suggests, this hairstyle focus on creating a shadow effect by shaving part of the hair and let it create contrast from the surround. Close to the neck, it will be skin touch and farther towards top hair length will proportionally increase with little longer hair at the top. Your stylist will help you experiment with hairstyle at the top matching your facial feature and personality. Depending on your hair type, you can opt for skin fade, low fade or low fade. Your stylist will suggest you some vibrant dyes, or streak effect to give you modernist look.

Experiment your hairstyle with these apps coming from Marie Claire article.


If you want to be in the league of ultra-cools, hipster and little laidback, then bun hairstyle will give you the unique look. It is simple in terms of style as you have to let your hair grow and make a bun by pulling hair back. Since it is all about cool dude style, you have to leave the few hairs in front and make imperfect bun at the back. To make it little ultra keep little beard with some style. Since your hair will be longer, it will be little difficult to maintain, especially shampoo and drying. You have to be carefully careless, as carelessness could damage your hair beyond repair.


If you are little higher on maintenance side and want to make a classy elitist statement in the gay community then pompadour hairstyle is for you. In this style your hairdresser will keep the top long and side short allowing long hair to be combed from front to back. Your stylist will leave a marked sideline. You will need a regular application of some styling gel so that hairs remain in position for a longer period of time.
Your hair helps you make a fashion statement, so it is your duty to keep your hair healthy and good looking. You have great hairstyle but how to care especially when you are deadly busy man with very little time to spare on daily cleaning. Here are some of the best hair-care products to keep hair healthy and good looking.

Perfect Shampoo

You know your hair, whether it is oily or dry. Choose your shampoo accordingly. If your hair oily you to look for a shampoo that produces sebum and if it dry, then go for a product that gives oil balancing. If your hair is flat regular shampoo with vitamins, amino acid and keratin are good for you.

Go Natural

The best way to keep your hair healthy is to avoid Chemicals and use natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and castor oil for straightener styling of your hair. Use moisturizing hair gel to escape dryness. Use natural water and avoid extreme heat.

Dryer & Oil

Your hair and scalp are not made to endure extreme external heat as we do while drying hair. Even if you need one, go for very light type of dryer as extreme heat opens pores of your scalp making entry for foreign particles. The best strategy to keep hair hydrated is to apply oil at regular interval.

Hair Straighteners

The short hair exposes your scalp more to sun and dust. If your diet doesn’t have enough fluid and the straightener quality isn’t good, then you may lose good amount of hair in summers. You need a good quality straightener to avoid moisture and dryness.
If you want your hair to be an extension of your personality you have to maintain it in all seasons. It is better to wash using a good shampoo, use natural styling agents and avoid harsh chemicals. Above all, maintain a healthy diet, do some exercise to increase metabolism and sleep well.