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To many, it may sound to be unorthodox but the truth is gay men do have a lot of sex guidelines that they can give to anyone, not only among their own kind but also to others. It is said that a gay man can give a straight woman one of the most useful sex tips that will help in enhancing their sexual life. There is an ample amount of sex advice that has been given by gay men, which appeared in several magazines and websites.

Gay men can definitely reveal some engaging secrets to women about what men want. Depending on the sexual orientation the preferences may vary so in order to become a good lover you need some valuable advice definitely from gay men. So here are some great tips that are going to help you in your bedroom.

Make noises: It is said that if you are enjoying what you are doing while having sex then try to be vocal. It will help in maintaining synchronization between two people. It will also help your man to understand that he is being able to satisfy you completely. Moreover, it also increases the intensity of orgasm. Try to appreciate their power in bed. It will help in spiking their desire to have sex with you in future as well. It will also help in boosting the male ego when you are praising them while having sex. Appreciate their masculine features as it will be a type of achievement for them. It will help both of you to achieve a great sexual satisfaction.

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Foreplay: The intensity of foreplay will determine the greatness of the sex that you are going to have. Guys love foreplays. Foreplay focuses more on the physical connection of both the body. It is very important for a woman to learn what are the things that are pleasurable to her man. Sex is definitely a skill that needs to be acquired. Make sure you are using the body parts properly in order to get full advantage. If you want to drive your man crazy then you can also dress in a proper manner that will just blow his mind before the session starts. You can also talk to them about the things that they would like to enjoy during foreplay and it will help you to learn what she wants when it comes to developing an intimate connection. Fulfilling an intimate connection is very important to have the best sex.

Erogenous Zones: It is very unfortunate to underestimate the man willingness when it comes to indulging in any type of seduction, romance or any type of emotional aspect that are related to sex. It is very important to explore all the zones that are very sensitive and can help you to reach the greatest orgasm. Every time you are having sex with you are the man you need to explore and take time when it comes to reaching the erogenous zones. This is very important when it comes to achieving pleasure. It is very important to master the art of learning about zones because it helps in providing passionate intimacy. Most of the gay men have suggested that there are certain zones of a man and those are ear lobes, nipples and neck which they want to get kissed or licked. According to the statistics, it has been said that 11% more men prefer tongue in comparison to women.

Body Hair: Gay men have always advised being careful when it comes to dealing with body hair. When you are licking your man’s hairy chest, calf or thighs then try to be gentle. Try to concentrate more on the muscles and avoid the surface and make sure you are not tickling him. If you are not gentle while doing it and then it might seem overzealous passionate strokes to you but it is basically a hair pulling painful session for them. Make sure you’re using massage oils, lotions or creams very judiciously. Pubic hair can highly enhance the intensity of orgasm if you are delicately dealing with it.

Intimate talking: Sex is going to develop a mutual connection among the lovers. Having a passionate intimate talk will make a huge difference. Sex is definitely an emotional thing and if you are in love with your man then do have an intimate talk after sex. It will also help in improving your upcoming sexual encounters with your partner.

Be confident: If you’re nervous while you are at it then it can ruin your entire experience so it is important to be confident. Practice makes everyone perfect and which is why you will learn from every time you are having sex with your man. So try to wear your confidence pretty well because no one knows that even your first time can turn out to be a pretty good one.

These are all the best sex tips that have been penned down by gay men. It is very important to prioritize for the requirement of your partner when you are having sex with them. It is about two bodies and two minds so it needs to be in the same place when it comes to developing an intimate relationship.

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Gay Men have said that men are filled with a lot of surprises and impressive bedroom behavior. If you are under pressure then it can put your man under pressure so it is very important to get out of the tremendous pressure because it will always make them ejaculate faster, and no one wants that right? If you are not praising then it will lead to any fun.

Irrespective of whether you are enjoying it or not you need to keep encouraging them as it will motivate them and it will eventually improve their performance. Always avoid faking it and try to be satisfied and happy because it will make the man feel superior. The last thing is to allow it to happen with the flow and do not plan out everything beforehand as certain things turn out to be beautiful if unplanned.