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In the advent of the 21st century, same-sex relationships have come into the limelight as they have deserved all through. Gay couples have been less represented in pop culture unlike straight couples. There are films,music video and other representation of straight couples and they have always had their limelight. In very recent years, gay men have also been represented and society has freed them of their eternal sin of falling in love with the same sex. When it comes to sex, specifically, gay men have not advanced as many straight men have. There are abrupt assumptions about gay men that has lead them to find no partner. Time and again straight folks have defined what sex looks like for gay men. This is not only oppressive but is also problematizing the gay culture as if gay men do not have the agency to their lives. This is why, a blog addressed to gay men and the kinds of sex they should indulge in is empowering.

Here are types of sex gay men should experience:

1.The first time: Given the society’s normalisation of straight culture through out the world, there has been very limited scope for gay couples to participate. Unlike straight men, gay men often have to feel uncomfortable in the straight culture and find out for themselves who they are attracted to. This is a tough call. This is why the first time is one of the most remarkable and rewarding experience for any gay man. It is part of realising who they are and finally feeling comfortable with their partner.

2.Someone you like: Gay men have to go through a series of trial and error methods to finally understand who they want. The first time is often them trying to explore what they like and whether it is what they want. In this process, there are many unsatisfactory feelings that are accumulated meaning they do not like the person they slept with and only did so to feel comfortable in their own skin. They might be trying to give in to peer pressure around them and so on. This is why it is not only romantically but also mentally very soothing for them to finally be with someone they really like. Like straight men, gay men also deserve ‘wow, this is great’ factor in their life when they sleep with someone.

3.Mr. annonymus: Most straight men have found themselves meeting a beautiful lady on a cruise and sleeping with them. It is normal and yet hot. It is the mysterious energy that unfolds passion between two lovers and makes it one of the memorable incidents of their life. Gay men, like straight men, also need a steamy session of passion on someone they met online or in a far distant island. There should be sexual tension and ongoing passion that is bound for gay men in the world. You should have a piece of cake.

4.The rockstar: Whether it is on a cruise or you meet someone at the coffee shop, sex with a rockstar is one of the things that gay men should experience once in their lifetime. By rockstar, it does not have to mean literally but someone who is a proactive sexual person and shall teach you moves that nobody has. He will be sexy, energetic and would not cease through the night.

5.A quikie: The ‘hook-up’ culture is all that people are talking about. While Tindr is a place to unfold your dark fantasies, gay tinder is a new hot app. Grindr, especially made for gay men will help you uncover the sexual mysteries you have. If you are not looking for a serious relationship and just wants to have a quickie amongst your hectic schedule, you should totally go for it. Yay!

6.The drunk sex: Gay clubs are your thing and after work jamming sessions. Why not make use of it? You can simply undress your limitations and go for it. Having drunk sex is one of the happening sexual acts one can participate in. Lose your mind and get it going. With both of you intoxicated there are no boundaries that one needs to keep. Thirty five minutes into the act and both of you have passed out.

Here’s a controversial article from CBS News talking about consensual drunk sex.

7.The sober love making: If you as a gay man are too into drunk sex, then once in two times, you have to try sober sex. You can look into each other-s eyes and unfold the passion. You may finally have a connection with your man and feel the heat of love burning in you. There can be no great feeling than making love to a man you have lost your heart to. There is not only passion but the sexual act is a feeling of trust, love, connection, communication and comfort. Even though there is no depiction of gay love in media, you deserve all the enjoyment of finally being with someone you love.

8.The rebound sex: Unpopular opinion! Gay men do break up. Like most relationships, gay relationships also have an expiry date. Most relationships have drama and so does yours. After breaking up we have all secretly ended up in someone’s bedroom that we did regret it. We thought it was just a drunk conversation of brewing hate on our ex and then in no time you end up in each other-s arm. It might sound cocky but you should too. It is one of the worth stories that you can tell your friends and laugh about it.

One of the toughest things to believe, after Trump’s winning election, is gay relationships are no different from straight relatiionships. It does start with feelings of butterfly in the stomach and reaches a phase where they secretly chance upon themselves and kiss. It also ends in break up. Life is short and one should enjoy as much as they can at the moment. With this guide, garner yourself and manifest the courage to go for the smoking hot passion that lies underneath you.