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Your social identity or simply speaking the nomenclature used for worldly classification of identity depends on your emotional, romantic and sexual response pattern towards man, women or both genders. Your sexual orientation, whether it is for same-sex, other sex or both the sexes decides your identity as a gay/lesbian, a straight or bisexual. One remarkable factor that separates sexual orientation identity from other aspects like anatomy, psychology and genetic characteristic attached to gender is the relationship with others. Since it is all about the personality-driven behavioral response in need of love, attachment and intimacy it is bound to have deep impact on the fashion sense of gay and straight.

Your fashion is an extension of your personality and you choose clothes, accessories and other items of your choice to make a statement. This statement-making exercise through fashion helps you solve the primary challenge of identity building and takes you to the next stage of conformation through action. Gay fashion has seen a drastic shift from the subtleness to boldness in recent years as the socio-cultural response towards the relationship is moving towards acceptance. For a straight man the fashion world is universal with some specific cultural preferences. But when it comes to the fashion sense of gay it is witnessing some amazing shift with focus on making a statement of community bond. Let us explore the shift and trend of gay fashion;

Gay Fashion Sense

If we keep individual preferences aside, the popular view is that fashion sense of gay man is better than a straight man. The reason isn’t specific but the general with personality presentation and community identity at the center of making a fashion statement. If we dig a little deeper into psychological aspect of sexual orientation, a gay man will have to look different, so that he could impress his same-sex partner for an extra dose of love, intimacy and of course sex. The normal human conditioning for arousal is different, so one needs to create psychological markers to trigger arousal and the first thing to do in that direction is to look different through style and fashion.
Some common universal gay fashion sense reflects the sense of unity, universality, vibrancy, mingling, disruption, mismatch and most importantly the idea of freedom. Just look around and you will find that these emotions get reflected in one way or the other from fabric, texture, pattern, design, color combination, accessories and wearing style.
It all started with exclusivity and boldness, but popularity and attractiveness have made gay fashion more common with for everyone. Some common contemporary gay fashion trends are:

Go for Patterns

Just opposite of the straight men’s preference totality in fashion and style, gay fashion is all about mixing patterns. Forget sexual orientation and messaging, go for floral, bold, prints, polka dots and stripe pattern as this adds vibrancy to your styling. Of course you need to find a balance in boldness and attractiveness matching your own personality.

Length Matters

Straight men love everything that is cut to size as they want to leave an impression of perfectionist to woo a perfect partner from the opposite gender. But if you are freedom-loving souls and want your clothing to be cool and rocking, go for a little longer shirt or t-shirt. This larger than size fashion give you the semi-slouchy look of cool personality.

Fitted for Occasion

Gay fashion sense derives inspiration from the basic need of a match and fit and the resistance it faces in acceptance. Women love this trait and accordingly seek advice from gays to get the perfect designer dress. Whatever you wear, be it trousers, blazers or your favorite denim jeans go for fit and match. Your body must find some external visibility through your dress. If it is the demand of the occasion, then apply the same fit & match logic in your suit as well. The fitted custom suits with bold colored patterned shirt make you perfect for a special occasion.

Sleeveless for Bold Sleeves Only

The rule is simple, wear your personality. If you are not gym type with typical slim and trim body, then avoid sleeveless shirts. If you are in love with sleeveless, then be careful about the pattern so that you hide your lean arms. But this goes against the core of gay fashion sense that focuses more on fitness. Straight men do try to look out of the box in sleeveless just to attract an eyeball just like those irritating adverts on your TV screen.

Athletic Fashion

Fashion is all about adopting things that have more perceptual acceptability. Since your sexual orientation is towards the same sex, it is good to have the trendy athletic style in your wardrobe as this brings you close to the perceptual preference of your partner. Even if you are not a diehard sports fan, get some fitted sweats and pair of sneakers and be bold.

Life Beyond Pocket

The straight man just hates carrying anything extra and pushes everything he needs in pocket. Just opposite of that gay man loves to be little organized and accordingly carry a good back matching the personality. Gay sense of fashion finds extreme pleasure in adopting something feminine and fulfills that need of opposite sex. There are several options of bags for you just pick right one to make the right statement.

Foot Fashion

Your walk, your approach makes a huge difference in making a statement. Your walk in a good pair of the shoe helps you build a great repo. So, keep collections of trendy shoes matching all types of occasions. Add tanker boots, loafers, vans, and oxfords in your collection and no clunky men shoe at all. You simply must own several pairs of shoes for any given occasion.
Frankly, the way the world is moving towards gay fashion it is likely that in some years it will rule the world of fashion. The boundary between gay and straight fashion is vanishing as designers are creating blended masterpieces. Since it is all about sexual orientation and related behavioral response system, you must remain focused on your identity and keep on making a bold statement for the betterment of the community at large. Look Good to be Good.