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Humans are conditioned to seek love, pleasure, and intimacy with a sole objective of fulfillment of happiness goal. This passion for happiness is gender-neutral and all genders try their best to seek pleasure through most fundamental human need of sex. Your identity depends on your sexual orientation, whether it is towards the same sex, other sex or both the sex. Your emotional, romantic and sexual response behavior accordingly gives you the social identity of either gay/lesbian, straight or bisexual. Since it is all about sexual response behavior, you try your best to look good and attractive to woo the partner of your orientation match. When it comes to bisexual, it is all about emotional, romantic and sexual attraction to have sexual and/or emotional relationship with more than one gender or sex.

Statistically speaking bisexual are majority group among the LGB community as 2016 report The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that 2% of men and 5.5% of women showed bisexual orientation. Although there is no universal acceptance among researchers regarding the prevalence of bisexuals, it is a reality of the day. Unfortunately, bisexuality sexual orientation is most understood and accordingly an ignored group as compared to gay or straight. There are several myths and stereotypes attached to this sexual orientation like bisexual are extremely horny and have higher sex drives. Just opposite of the popular perception of equal attraction for both men and women at the same time, being bisexual means the capacity to attract both the genders but not necessarily with the same intensity.

Fundamentals of Bisexual Attractiveness

Just like any other gender, the rule of attraction equally applies to bisexuals. The most fundamental rule for bisexual men to look attractive for both the genders is to wear what helps your personality in a better manner. You have to make an effective statement through your clothes and accessories so that you could get the message and get the urge to connect romantically. It is a fact that you have the skill to impress both the genders, but your own tilt towards any specific gender will decide your fashion sense. Once you understand your tilt in sexual orientation, you will wear attractive clothes accordingly and make your moment special with the partner. The most important part of this passion for attractiveness is that your primary advantage point is the manhood and your partner is looking exactly for those masculine traits. Let us explore the basics of attraction for bisexual men.

Power of Beard

If you are a bisexual man with a tilt towards women the grow beard and give it a proper shape as studies suggest that women judge your sexuality from your beard. Those little natural hairs on your face give you the desired masculinity and maturity along with the sense of dominance and aggression. Well, be careful about size and contemporary style.

Shine Sunglass

The little bit mysteriousness that a good looking sunglass adds to your persona helps you boost your sexual appeal. This makes you 10-times more attractive as it covers your facial asymmetry. Since facial symmetry plays an important role in selecting partners, the secrecy the sunglasses adds to your face makes you a point of attraction with a clue to explore more.

Facial Exposure

If you want to be hot attraction hold your chin up as this gives better exposure to your jaw and cheekbones. Studies suggest that women look for secondary clues to judge sexuality and large jawbones, defined cheekbones gives a strong clue of high testosterone and genetic strength.

Social Power

This might not be about your body, but your lifestyle. The wealthier and sophisticated you look the better is the chance of getting romantic response form same or opposite sex. Of course, your body language, fashion, and style must match that display for social power. Anything contradictory might backfire, heavily.

Friendly Behavior Display

To look attractive and approachable, you have to be very active in the display of friendly behavior. Hang out with friends, as studies suggest that your presence in the group makes you more attractive. This is as simple as the “cheerleader effect” giving an optimum clue to openness.

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Original Nicety

Your nicety makes you more attractive and acceptable as you show the most fundamental human trait of helping each other. According to a study, people with higher selfless act get more chance to date and have a sexual relationship as compared to those who show selfish behavior. So, let your altruism be a point of talk.

Laughter Helps

Happiness is the key to all relationships and it begins with a good laughter session. Interestingly, several studies suggest that partners rate your sense of humor and ability to trigger laughter the most when it comes to carrying the relationship to the next level. However, be little careful about the way you laugh as women get attracted to those men more who let smile spread slowly on the face.

Muscular Balance

This is the pain point when it comes to attractiveness and fitness. Women prefer well build guys as compared to skinny ones. Unfortunately, you cannot do much about natural body-frame, but you can definitely tone it to perfection. To look hot, you have to focus on balance as anything on extreme side is a big no.

Musical Harmony

It is known since the beginning that women always fall in love with those having some musical skills and in contemporary world nothing goes well than guitar. According to a study, the chances of women sharing the phone number with men with a guitar are three times higher as compared to those with sports bag. So, if you know to play with strings bring it to table and increase your attractiveness.

Communication is the Key

The simple rule of high attractiveness is keeping your communication as real as you could. Avoid classical hyper formal lingua and go for contemporary informal style. However, avoid being to understood and maintain the balance. It is not just words that have an impact, but your body language as well. One simple universally accepted body language for higher attractiveness is the open body posture with stretched arms and balanced legs spread.

Natural Body Odor

Well, you may not like it, but research proves that garlic in your diet helps you maintain proper body odor and helps you smell pleasant and attractive. However, it suggested that you must use cologne or musk as a mood enhancer. Well, just don’t forget your mouth hygiene.
You look good with the highest level of attractiveness and you with the trust of your partner. Unfortunately, that is not all as this is just the beginning of your romantic journey. Be true to yourself and your partner for a long-lasting relationship.