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When it comes to maintaining the hygiene of your private parts, butt cracks or the butthole gets the least attention. There are several tips that have been provided by several dermatologists that one needs to follow if they want to have a healthy backside. Due to poor hygiene, there are many people who are suffering from a chronic health condition.


Hygiene in the private part is very important because if you ignore it then, in the long run, you will be the one to suffer. So here are some important tips that you need to implement in your daily life and make a part of your routine. Moreover, nobody wants to have a stinky backside.


  1. Shower after sweating: Most of the people make the very common mistake and that is they don’t shower properly after sweating. If you are sweating a lot of time in the gym or working out, then your private parts will be the place that will accumulate the maximum sweat which can lead to the growth of bacteria. It is very important to shower quickly and clean those areas with a loofah and perform scrubbing in order to get rid of the sweat and dirt.


  1. Soap: Most of the people are having the misconception that they can use any type of soap in order to clean their anus, but never pick any random soap. Never go for soaps that will have a nice fragrance, but will be filled with a lot of sulphate and other harmful chemicals that can harm your delicate skin. The area of the private parts are generally more sensitive and which is why you need a mild soap that comes with antibacterial properties which you can use for cleaning. If you are using any traditional cleanser or soap then it will be harsh for your anus or butt so always try to have a soap that compliments your skin type. Also, try to avoid using toilet papers that are scented.


  1. Wiping: Wiping is an important part of cleaning your butt hole. When you are using any wipes always try to go for the wet wipes instead of tissue paper. Avoid the ones that come which scents or has the capability of irritating the delicate private area. Always be gentle when you are using a wipe. After the bowel movement always clean the butthole properly.


  1. Period Problem: This is one of the biggest problems that you will encounter every month and this is the time when you need to keep your butt clean. It is very obvious that the blood may spread near the butt so it is very important to clean the place properly. Moreover when you are using pads then it will cause a lot of friction that will irritate the delicate skin of the bottom and which is why many people are switching to using tampons. It is definitely a great idea to use tampons and if you are not comfortable with that then make sure you’re cleaning it every time you are changing the pad. This is a time when there is a high chance of bacterial growth so be careful.


  1. Moisturizing: One must moisturize their butt area as it will prevent it from drying out or facing dryness during the dry season. Use a moisturizer that will be light as it won’t cause a lot of sweat in your private parts. Moisturizing is quite important after you apply any type of soap there. Moreover opt for moisturizers that come with essential oils as it will help in keeping the place fresh, clean and will also reduce the chances of rashes.


  1. Panties: Yes this is not a tip of keeping your butthole clean but always wear panties that are made of good fabrics like cotton as it will reduce the chances of sweating which will thereby resist the growth of bacteria in your private parts.


  1. Apply Aloe vera: Aloe Vera has great healing power and it is having antibacterial properties as well so if you feel that your butt hole is getting a little dry or has a lot of rashes or is stinky then you can definitely apply aloe vera as it will heal any type of problem.


  1. Haemorrhoids: Hemorrhoids can definitely appear in the butthole because of several reasons. When the blood vessels near the rectal area will face huge pressure one will see that they have developed haemorrhoids.  They are very painful and itchy and at the same time, it will burn and bleed. In order to heal your hemorrhoids, you can opt for ointments or cream that are available in the drug store that can easily reduce the inflammation. This is one of the most common problems people face in their butthole.


  1. Shaving: Yes this is very tricky but people definitely opts for shaving because between the butts there is hair that will carry a lot of odour, fungus and bacteria. You need to come up with a convenient way that will help you to shave the hair easily and avoid the buttocks from stinking.


  1. Apple cider vinegar: Yes, you heard it right, apple cider vinegar is easily available in our kitchen and if you don’t have them then you should probably buy them today. Apple cider vinegar will help in removing the bad odour from your butt because it helps in killing fungus and bacteria and comes with prebiotic that will help in the growth of good bacteria. This is one of the best remedies that one can use to keep their butt clean and fresh.


These are the few effective tips that will help to keep your behind clean and fresh. You can definitely try out several home remedies as they are very effective when it comes to killing some unwanted bacteria or fungus in your private parts.

Always try to be gentle when you are cleaning the butt because it can cause rashes if not dealt properly. Try to purchase soaps and moisturizers that have been specifically made in order to maintain hygiene in your private parts.