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Innovation is a word that is there in every field. People are constantly working to innovate something or other. This is basically needed to make our life comfortable and easier. While this innovation is needed everywhere, there are people who don’t like changes and want to remain as they are. This happens especially in the case of relationship and sex. If we talk about the innovation in sex, then sex toy is great innovation in this field. There are a lot of people who uses it with full confidence, but there are many who don’t like it. The case of people who have used it and then have formed an opinion, is less as compared to people who don’t even use it and just pass the judgement. If you are someone who want to use this, but have no idea as to how to great in bed with the help of it, then here are the points that you need to read. Before that, let us discuss about the challenges you face while using it.


If you are a single person, then there is no challenge in using a sex toy. You can buy and use it simply. The actual challenge starts when you are in a relationship. Now there also, if your partner is willing to use it you then there is no problem, but if he or she is not ready, you need to convince them first. The points in the section below talks about the same.

1. Wait for the right time

First thing first, you need to be patient with this. This is the first time that you are introducing sex toys in your relationship and it is not sure that how it is going to turn out. In order to find out that what you are doing is good and your partner is comfortable with it, you need to wait for the right time. If you are bringing these toys at your initial dates, chances are that the results won’t turn out well. Though, there is no good time for introducing sex ideas in your relationship, but sex toys are very different thing. You first need to know about your partner’s view for it. Also, make sure that before using a sex toy, you have had few sex sessions with your partner.

2. Convince your partner

Before everything, you first need to know everything about these toys. First, you need to assure yourself that what you are going to do is good. Find the right reason for using these toys. Once you know the reason, you can tell the same to your partner. Now, while telling them about this, try to convince that the use of sex toys is not going to lessen their fun in any way. Also, it is just for your pleasure and not for the emotional connection that people in love normally feel while they are in a sex session.

3. A research is required

This is the era of internet and all of us do a research for almost everything that we use or do in our lives. Only a person in a good relationship knows that how a good sex relationship with your partner is important for a healthy bond. If one is not having good sex sessions, it could end up in giving you depression and other issues. Sex toys are still not that relevant and common things. You don’t know everything about them yet. So, before introducing it to your sex life and in front of your partner, do a quick research. If you will do so, you are going to feel comfortable when you finally start using it.

4. Don’t pressurize your partner for it

There are a lot of people who still believe in the idea of conventional sex. They are not ready for experiments and introduction of any new idea related to it. Now, if your partner is one of those, he or she will never except this concept of sex toys. In order to make them comfortable and to convince them that this is not a bad thing, you need to start with basic things. For example, first start from wearing outfits that could arouse your partner’s feelings. You could even use different massage oils to give each other massages. Once you think that these things are working out, then maybe you could buy the sex toys and could use them comfortably.

5. Buy the sex toy together

This is very basic thing. If you want to use the sex toy in your bed comfortably, then take your partner along with yourself while shopping it. Now, it is important to know the consent of your partner, before buying the toy, as both of you need to use it. Apart from that, if you people feel shy in going to any shop nearby and then to buy the toy, online shopping is the best option for you. You could sit comfortably on your bed and can discuss various things related to it and can shop your favourite one. There are a lot of stores online and you can buy it from anyone of them.

6. Gift one to your partner

There could not be anything better than this for making you and your partner comfortable in using the sex toys. The sex toys could be the best gift for any person in a relationship. If you want to introduce sex toys in your relationship with your partner, you can gift one of them to him or her. This would be basically for using the toy first with themselves and then together. In this way your partner will feel confident and ensured that using these toys is not bad. In fact, they bring more pleasure to your relationship, especially in the sex sessions.

7. Buy a toy which is good for both

A partner, especially a boy don’t like it, if he is not getting the same benefit as you. Now, there are sex toys, which could be used for individual benefits. This is in the case when you are alone. Now that you are not alone, always remember that the toy that you are buying will give the pleasure to both of you. We have already discussed that if you are not enjoying your sex life, then it could be highly depressing and to avoid that depression, you need to follow this point.

8. Way of taking matters

If you are the one who want to have sex toys during your sex sessions, you need to inform about that to your partner. Well, this is not something ordinary and usual and the way in which you present this thing should be different. If you are not sure whether your partner is going to behave in a good or bad way, you can start creating the environment for it. Read and select few of the articles related to it and read it again with your partner. Tell him and her that you found a great article related to sex toys and you want them also to read it. This will not only make your partner comfortable, but will also teach you a lot of things.

9. Make your partner your controlling hand

As we mentioned earlier also that a sex toy could be used for individual benefits also. Now, if your partner will see that you are enjoying with the sex toy and that you don’t need him or her, it will make them upset. They will take it as a competition and a very awkward situation could be created. If such a situation gets created, you could simply allow your partner to control your pleasure. This could be done by giving him or her a remote that could be found easily with these toys.

10. Make your partner a toy

Those who have used a sex toy ever, will understand about the thing we are talking about. By the term making your partner a sex toy, we mean that you could buy a toy that is wearable. Now, your partner could wear that and you people can enjoy accordingly. This is the best way of using a sex toy. In case of male partners, it won’t be an issue and they will feel that you still need them. They will realize that they are still your centre of attraction and you have used the sex toy just to make the bond between you and him stronger.

These points clearly say that convincing your partner could be difficult, but not impossible. Also, for the best sex sessions, it is not a compulsion to use sex toys. However, if you use them, your pleasure will get doubled. The best would be if you are taking your partner into consent and are using it with him or her. To know more about its usgaes, search on the internet and you will get plenty of information regarding it.