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Bored of regular sex? Want to experience the pleasure of anal sex? Perfect!

Dive into the world of inflated butt plugs and you will definitely moan for more.

For the longest time, Anal sex was highly frowned upon in society. But as society is becoming sexually liberal, more and more people want to feel the ecstasy of anal sex and inflated butt plugs is the way to experience this incredible pleasure.

This versatile sex toy gives you the pleasure of your life and anyone can enjoy it regardless of gender, orientation or genitalia. With this wonderful sex you one can dive and explore new sexual territory with the intent to feel immense pleasure.

If you are a butt loving criminal and want to experience the feeling fuller and stacked, this article is for you.

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So what is an Inflatable Butt plugs used for?

People use inflated butt plugs to explore the depths of anal pleasure.

Imagine how it feels to experience the feeling fuller and stacked in your anal area? Amazing!!

Inflated butt plugs are like regular butt plugs but the difference between the two is that the former can be inflated with the help of the pump.   Another important feature that sets apart inflated butt plug from regular plugs is the adjustability of the plug that helps one to control the duration and the intensity of the sessions.

Few points to consider before buying Inflated butt plug

Here we have listed the top 3 tips that one should consider before using inflated butt plugs.

Proper fit

The first and foremost tip is to check the fit of the butt plug. If it doesn’t fit well, trust us, there is no pleasure using these devices. It’s advisable to start small and then work up through progressive sizes.

Right material

Butt plugs are available in various materials like rubber, silicone, glass, plastic and every other material that one could consider but every material doesn’t work for everyone. Therefore, before buying butt plugs,choosing the right material is of utmost importance. If you are thinking of sharing your plug with another person, go for non-porous as it will help to maintain the hygiene of the inflated butt plug.

Designed for safety

All butt plugs are designed with some kind of wide-brimmed stopper that prevents it from getting “lost” in the process. Therefore whenever you are buying butt plug, try to buy a plug where the stopper is at least wider than the  actual body of the plug.

Deluxe Wonder Plug Inflatable vibrating Black

If are someone who already has an experience of using butt plugs for anal play, and wants to take the game further, this 4 inch Inflating Butt plug is the one for you. It comes with an attached hand pump and hand-held control which thus giving you the option to adjust it perfectly to your needs. Designed with multiple settings, you can adjust the sensation according to your whims and has full control over it.

Built with a vibrator, this inflating butt provides solid construction which in turn makes insertion smooth and easy. The multiple settings of the vibrator make it a perfect choice for lovemaking. It does not contain any latex therefore one is free from the tension of allergies. So if want to add on more variations and control to your play, simply go for it.

Dark Inflator silicone Inflatable Anal plug

If you are new to anal play and are just starting off with the fun, this one is for you.  This Silicon Inflatable butt plug starts out small and has a tapered tip thus making it ideal for beginners. Just a hand of 1 to 2 squeezes gives it a firm initial penetration. The slim tip, the size, the strong design make it one of the best-inflated butt plugs in the market. The stretchy phthalate-free silicone makes it easy to disinfect thus helping to maintain proper hygiene and is easily washable with mild soap and cleansers.

With a total inflatable size of 2.5 inches, this one will help you test your limits. To get the pried-open sensation inside your anus give the bulb few pumps once it is comfortably plugged to the base. Designed with an ease release bulb, it can provide instant relief once you think you have reached your limit. The stretchy material along with a tapered tip and a tubing length of 20 inches makes it a great combination to enjoy the play with your partner. Remember to use this butt plug with a water-based lubricant.

Booty pumper Medium Black Inflatable plug

With an inflated circumference of 8.5 inches, this inflated butt plug is one of the most versatile inflated plugs available in the market. Built with a suction cup, this plug brings you the option to go hands-free whenever you want. The silky feel along with excellent waterproof body along with a nice slender tip makes it ideal for all stages. One can easily attach this plug to any surface and inflate it using the hand pump.

The velvety Silicone shape allows comfortable penetration and precision positioning and can be pumped up just within moments. The medical size pump, just with few pumps fills the Pumper’s interior with air thus giving you the feeling of the real thing, firming up the pump’s texture. One can effortlessly expand the width and the valve puts off the pressure immediately with just a touch.  The latex-free material, ultra-safe, hypo allergic tool, and the dreamily velvety finish makes this one of the best-inflated butt plugs.

Is it true that vaginal sex with butt plug becomes more pleasant?

Well, it’s indeed true and this dependency cannot be denied. The reason being the filling of the anus, the tighter the vagina rings around the trunk of the penis, the stronger is the sensation. The anus is surrounded by nerve endings and the sleeves act on the nerve receptors and accordingly the vagina responds to the “overall” mood of the body thus enhancing sexual pleasure.


With the right approach and knowledge, anal sex can drive you crazy. Using the right butt plug will give hours of immense pleasure, only if you know how to do it correctly. This article is the one-stop destination for everything you should know about inflated butt plugs.

Get the best inflated butt plug for yourself and add spice to your sex life. You can normally just search for your desired butt plug, and there will be tons of options online.