Why Should I Start a Blog & What to Blog About?

There are many reasons why people start blogging but if you’re not passionate about writing content than you’ve already fail. The number one reason to start anything should be you’re passionate about it. This is the ONLY way you’ll put 100% effort into your business.

For example, I know people who started blogging to make money. The problem is you could see from they’re effort they didn’t care about the topic or readers. All they wanted to do was make a quick buck and when they saw no money coming in they gave up right away. Those who are truly passionate about something will do it, with or without, making a penny. Along the way they build a following because their content resonates with their readers. They love what they do and you could see it in their work!

Blogging is a great way to connect with people who have the same interests as you. It’s a learning community where people with similar questions can find solutions. Blogging is in-depth and personal with most of your content being written from your own personal experience. It’s a professional dairy you’ve shared with the world.

What can you blog about? Everything goes back to “passion” and knowing what you love to do. I started blogging because I love writing about my mentors and experience over the years. Money was not on my mind when I started this blog and have many side projects to make a living. If you’ve read in my Mission Statement and when you look over My Income Reports, you’ll know that I’ve started this blog to see what it takes to build a successful blog from scratch.

To help you find your passion, simply ask yourself: What do you “love” to do? As you’ll notice I’ve added quotations around “love” because you need to love what you do in order for you to do it right!

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