[UPDATE] WEB 2.0, New PBN, Content Writing – Building Private Blog Network Website

time support and call center workI know there’s been a huge delay since my last update, however remember there comes a point where most of my time is consumed creating web 2.0 properties, writing content, publishing, etc. I’m very happy to announce that I’ve done 3-4 awesome things since our last chat which I’ll like to share with you now. This has just brought me closer to achieving my desired rankings with the “targeted” keywords. Remember, I started this project from scratch and am doing everything manually so it takes time to create the initial foundation. In the end of September, I’ll post my first rankings report so you can see what progress I’ve made over the last 2-3 months.

Let’s jump right into it…

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Quick Overview

Now that things are getting pretty busy on my end, I’ll provide a breakdown of the tasks completed from the previous update. It’s an easier way for you to following through completing the same tasks on your own.

1. (1) x Private Blog Network Website #2

2. (2) x Web 2.0 Properties

3. (11) x Content Published

New PBN Website Added

The last several weeks, I had time to purchase another expired domain (webwritingjobs.com) and add some content. I setup the website using the configuration I outlined in this blog post:

Theme and Plug-In Installation – Building Private Blog Network Website

Thanks to WordPress, the setup took no more than 4 minutes to get up and running. The main thing when setting up additional websites is to publish content with keywords relevant to your “targeted” website. Using this strategy it’ll make it easier for you to interlink relevant content together.

Web 2.0 Properties

Over the past 3 weeks, I’ve created 2 x Web 2.0 properties and added content to both of them. In my previous blog post, I mentioned some awesome Web 2.0 blogging platforms you can use for FREE to start building these smaller sites.

Here are my two websites…

When visiting both you’ll notice that I’ve written several pieces of content (manually) and have built a few external links both pointing to my PBN’s and “targeted” website. I would recommend only building links to your PBN’s through these smaller Web 2.0 properties however I’m happy with the content I published as it went beyond the 600 words that I suggested so added 2-3 external links directly to my “targeted” website. Either way, this is a testing ground so I wanted to check if using this link building strategy hurt or improved my overall rankings.

How about anchor text?

This is where things get a bit tricky because I’ve done some research and have received two different answers regarding “EXACT” or “RELATED” keyword anchor text. So, I’ve decided test out both methods and provide the answer right here during my future updates. I’m actually excited because it’s a learning curve and something which can make a huge difference when ranking keywords within the SERP’s.

When creating these websites, choose a URL relevant to your “targeted” website. You’ll notice from the “2” Web 2.0 properties I’ve created that they are relevant to this blog. For example, one URL includes “link building tips” and the other includes “writing content”. You’ll learn in the next section why this is important.

Content Creation

The reason my PBN updates are so spread out is because I’ve been writing content manually which can be very time consuming specially when writing unique content greater than 500+ words. I’m working on writing content for this blog (ranktactics.com), my PBN websites, 2 x Web 2.0 and setting up another PBN website this week. This work can get overwhelming however it’s the beginning stage and I’m hoping once I set up all my websites I’ll be able to cut the time in half since I’ll just be producing content afterwards…that’s all!

What’s my content writing strategy?

Focus on relevance: I write content which is relevant to my website so that I can easily tie everything together. For example, I know I’m ranking content on my “targeted” blog so will focus on creating PBN’s & Web 2.0 properties relevant to my targeted website…why? This way when I write content everything will make sense when I interlink content together building links. The links will be relevant when I publish content on my websites and more importantly, Google will find them relevant to each other. Keep these things in mind when creating content for your properties…

  • Write content relevant to your “target” website
  • Create websites relevant to your “target” website (URL, domain, pages, posts)

I know that writing content can get tedious and repetitive often leaving you without topics. Here’s an awesome strategy that works…

Visit some of the top article websites that publish high quality content and leverage their information. For example, Squidoo.com and Hubpages.com are two websites which are in constant movement producing new content daily and which is moderated by its own users. Type in a “keyword” relevant to your niche within the search bar and skim through the results because you’ll be able to find hundreds of topic relevant to your search. The objective is to find topics you can write about and both websites have no shortages of title ideas. You can take this a step further and read through the content making quick notes so you can easily write content on your own after.

Focus on timing: I’m in full throttle mode so adding content at a rate of 2 x 600+ per week which I know can be overwhelming for others. However, you’ll want to make sure to add content to your PBN and Web 2.0 once every two weeks so that the sites are active. Remember, that Google has added a freshness update to their algorithm so those sites actively publishing content will see a much higher boost within the SERP’s.

It’s also great because the more frequently content is produced, the more links you can have pointing to your targeted website.

Focus on anchor text: As mentioned, I’m testing the value of different anchor texts from “related” to exact” keywords. Right now my focus has been on “EXACT” keywords however after contacting top bloggers for their opinion I’ve decided going forward, I’ll be mixing them up. Don’t worry, I’ll provide a complete breakdown of the anchor text strategy which is producing the best results during my next update.

What do I suggest for now?

Keep producing content with “EXACT” keyword anchor text since you’ll still notice huge improvements within the SERP’s, I’ve seen a jump within my rankings over the last several weeks and until now I’ve been using “EXACT” keywords anchor  text within my links.

Helpful Tools

I’ve written tons of content (11) in the last 2-3 weeks however there are a few clever tools you can use to streamline the entire process. Personally, I would have used some spin content services to rewrite content for article directories, web 2.0 properties, basically any piece of content not linking directly to my “targeted website. From the start, I’ve encouraged writing content manually to protect yourself from any Google spam traps, etc. However, if done properly, you can use rewritten content to your advantage. Here are things to keep in mind…

  • Use a copyscape tester to make sure the content is unique and not anywhere else on the web. Here are a few (copyscape.com,grammarly.com, articlechecker.com)
  • Once article is spinned, go back and make manual adjustments to the content. This will take time but will give it a natural tone. Either way, it’s much shorter then writing a completely fresh article.
  • Get someone on Fiverr.com to spin content for you. They will even provide a FREE copyscape test before giving it to you.
  • Just because you’re producing spinned content doesn’t mean you should spam. Keep the posting frequency at a minimum, no more than 2-3 a week.

WordAi: Uses artificial intelligence to understand text and is able to automatically rewrite your article with the same readability as a human writer! Sign up now and get unlimited human quality content at your fingertips! I’ve personally tested them and they produce some solid content. Make sure you go through the video tutorials so you are familiar with the settings before spinning content. Awesome features and FREE trial available!

Fiverr: You can find everything you need on Fiverr.com i.e content writing, link building, content spinning and copyscape testing. However, you need to pay each time you use a service so for those of you on a tight budget, you might want to be careful. Buying 5-6 gigs will cost you $30 dollars so keep an eye on your spending or you’ll run out of cash quickly.

These are just a few options, however I recommend doing it the old fashion way by writing content on your own.

Article Directories

Article directories, for years, have been very useful in building links and increasing your rankings within the SERP’s. There role has changed recently after the Google updates which penalize poor low quality links from websites that accept duplicate content. However, this does not mean they can’t be used as valuable links to your targeted website. For example, in the past 2 weeks, I’ve published content on (2) authority article directories (GoArticles.com and Amazines.com). My strategy was different than that I’ve used before…how?

First, I only published relevant unique content once in each article directory. Before, you would have been able to get away with publishing the same content 3-4 times in different article directories. Next, here are the statistics of the two article directories…

  • GoArticles.com
    • PR=5
    • Domain Authority=81
    • Page Authority=84
    • Trust Flow=28
    • Citation Flow=45
    • Do-Follow=Yes
  • Amazines.com
    • PR=4
    • Domain Authority=64
    • Page Authority=70
    • Trust Flow=23
    • Citation Flow=33
    • Do-Follow=Yes

You’ll notice from the statistics both are solid article directories and can be of value if utilized properly. When creating content, I’ll produce content 500+ words and will add (2) “EXACT” match anchor text within the resource box. Don’t overdo it and always flip betweens linking to your PBN and “targeted” website. The next round of articles which I’ll be publishing in these directories, I’ll go ahead and link to my PBN’s directly.

I’m using a cool new strategy to find hidden high authority websites which are do-follow and provide awesome link juice. I’ll provide that strategy within my next update.

If you plan on utilizing these article directories going forward, keep these things in mind…

  • Publish content “ONLY” once to avoid duplicate content and getting penalized by Google
  • Write relevant content to your PBN and “targeted” website
  • Add no more than (2) x links within the resource box
  • Use “EXACT” match anchor text for now until further updates

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