Truth About Abs Review

The Truth About Abs is a digital eBook that focuses on weight loss especially stomach fat and how to get the perfect abs. However, before buying any product, you want to make sure that this product is the right fit for you. Go ahead and read through my detailed review on “The Truth About Abs” and then make a informed decision about the product so you can compare other weight loss products with this one and find one that better fits your needs. Why Read My Review? This is very simple because I am going to help make your choice easier since I only write reviews on products that I have personally used and guarantee the results. There are several weight loss programs that all promise to do different things so don’t waste your money on miracle programs but focus your attention on programs that give you the right results with dedication, consistency and hard work.

What Is Included In The Program?

Many programs that are currently in the market will only focus their attention on one aspect of weight loss, for example, some programs will give you complete exercise guides but fail to include diet and nutrition plans. However, on the other hand, some programs will provide you with valuable nutrition guides but will not provide you with cardio and workouts guides that will help enhance your weight loss routine.

With that said, The Truth About Abs is a program that is definitely the total package because it provides you with a total weight loss program that includes exercise routines, nutrition & diet plans, power workouts and even some great tools so that you can keep track on your daily calorie intake. When you purchase this program, here’s what you get…

  • The 149-page Truth About Six Pack Abs e-book (Printable PDF)
  • Your personal metabolic calculator guide
  • Fast Track Meal Planner guide
  • Free subscription to Mike Geary’s newsletter, Lean Body Fitness Secrets
  • Free DVD “The 5 Simple Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss” from Kim Lyons, trainer from The Biggest Loser
  • M-Power Fast Fitness Audio Series – 4 audio lectures with tips to help you stay motivated and keep you on track
  • 8-Week Dumbbell-Bodyweight Fusion Workout program, a home workout program that combines bodyweight and dumbbell exercises

With this program you get everything you need to get a running start at your weight loss goals.

What Makes This Program So Different?

The great thing about this program is that it focuses on the overall body and not just the abs. When I first purchased the program, I really thought that the program was about losing stomach fat, however after a few days into the program I really began to understand the concept behind this weight loss program. The Truth About Abs is a philosophy that is based on overall body weight loss to trim the fat off your stomach. We have been taught that doing 100-200 sit-ups a day will conquer belly fat, however Mike Geary uses a completely different approach which is that exercise that focus on a target spot for weight loss will help, however using techniques taught in this book along with a great diet plan will help you lose more weight than targeted abs exercise. Basically, the “secret” to the perfect stomach is using exercises that focus on the whole body instead of certain body spots.

The Workoutstruth_about_abs

Mike Geary’s methods are unconventional and he really changes things up. As soon as you start the program, you begin to feel more tight because we are all use to longer workouts and exercises that are supposed to be spaced out over time. Mike Geary explains that conventional workouts are good if you really want to bulk up, but the process of lean muscle includes complete weight loss. This program focuses on short but more intense workouts that get your heart pumping and the sweat pouring down your face. The secret science behind short and more intense workouts is that they shock your metabolism which means that everything you eat will burn alot more faster and this is great for weight loss especially if food that is digested by our system will not be left to build into fat within our stomach’s.

For those of you that like complete body or targeted body exercises, this program will include both, however this program limits targeted exercises and focuses more on total body exercises that will burn fat all over the body and eventually reduces the tummy fat. Mike Geary encourages an exercise program about 2-3 times per week and are quick and intense workouts not spreading out longer than 30-45 mins maximum per week. Some people will be beginners to a exercise routine so many custom nutrition and exercise plans have been provided with this program at both the beginner and advance levels. The workouts are great for all of you busy people whose excuse for not working out was that you never had enough time. This program will allow you to fit in complete fat burning workouts almost anytime during the week especially during your lunch break, in the office, school or at home.

The Diet & Nutrition

When scrolling over to the nutrition and diet plans you’ll notice a eBook program which does not believe in the traditional mentality of “low calorie diets” for weight loss. This is a program that does not believe in calorie counting like many of the expensive weight loss programs believe in. Other programs sell you on that very idea, that you have to calorie count and provide you with a list of foods which you don’t enjoy eating further making it harder to stay on a weight loss routine. Mike Geary will provide you with great diet plans that will include food which you’ll find in your fridge so you won’t have to fork out extra money on groceries to get started. However…

The Truth About Abs does encourage a 6-step process for selecting the right foods and also lays out 84 sample meals for your convenience. This program outlines 5 power foods that will boost your metabolism and in times that you feel like filling up on junk food, this program will provide you with a list of whole great tasting foods that will feed your appetite. Remember, “it’s all about knowing what to eat and when to eat it which can make a difference”.

Is The Truth About Abs Right For You?

If your still trying to figure out if this program is the perfect fit for you or if this program is something that you can invest your time into, try answering some of these questions and I can guarantee that you’ll reach the same answer that I did before I purchased this program.

  • Are You Ready To Lose Weight?
  • Are You Looking For A Weight Loss Program That Focuses On The Entire Body?
  • Are You Searching For A Program That Will Allow You To Eat Your Favorite Foods?
  • Are You Searching For A Program That You Don’t Have To Spend Hours A Day Exercising Or In The Gym?
  • Are You Searching For A Program That Actually Teaches You About The Dynamics Of Weight Loss?
  • Are You Searching For A Program That Doesn’t Require You To Buy Expensive Exercise Machines And Gear?

If you answered “Yes” to the questions listed above than “The Truth About Abs” is definitely the right program for you. You don’t have to take my word for it, but I would highly recommend that you just take a tour of the program through the TRIAL offer which is only 4.95 for a full 21-days. Oh, I forgot to mention that this program comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Try The Program Now For A Full 21-Days For Only $4.95