Traffic & Income Report for September 2014

Vector financial business planWelcome to my 7th Traffic & Income Report for the month of September 2014. I would like to apologize about the delay in posting this report, hopefully, after reading this Income Report, you’ll understanding things are getting extremely hectic. The point of these reports is to summarize what I’ve done in the previous month. September 2014 was an exciting month because I stayed very active publishing guest posts, building PBN websites and started a “niche site” which will be used as a case study later. The traffic saw a slight increase however next month in October it seems overall traffic will see a huge increase.

Before continuing…

I’m currently working on a Private Blog Network Case Study which requires creating websites and content every week. For those of you looking to build your own network and increase “keyword” rankings, check out my case study where I literally walk you through the entire process in my…. Private Blog Network Case Study

Let’s get started…

Content Created September 2014

September 2014 was an active month for publishing. Much of the content was a breakdown of my case studies however I mange to squeeze a few informative content.

Here’s a quick breakdown…

09/14/2014 – Using Google AuthorRank To Boost Your Content Within The Search Results – This post was published before Google announced they would get rid of the Authorship platform. At the time, Google AuthorRank was going to change the way content was ranked within search results.  You can read about the Rise & Fall of Google Authorship.

09/16/2014 – [UPDATE] WEB 2.0, New PBN, Content Writing – Building Private Blog Network Website – A quick update on my PBN case study. A breakdown of writing content, building Web 2.0 properties and adding PBN’s to your network.

09/24/2014 – September 2014 Rankings Report – Building Private Blog Network – End of month report showing PBN progress and keyword rankings.

09/26/2014 – Google De-Indexing Private Blog Networks – Is There A Solution? – Google 4.1 rolled out taking aim at PBN networks with many people being affected. However, I was very lucky and still continue to see progress through my network. Either way, this post will outline what happen and steps you can take to protect future de-indexing by Google.

Guest Posts Published September 2014

No guest posts were submitted this month. I wasn’t pursuing guest posts for my blog however I’ve tweaked the strategy for next month (October 2014) and the results so far are very impressive.

Blogging Interviews September 2014

This part of my blog is doing really well with user engagement increasing each month specifically within this category. For September 2014, unfortunately NO new interviews were posted.

New Blog Features

Recently, I started adding epic case studies to my blog. These case studies offer an in-depth look into strategic link building. The main focus of my case studies is “ranking” either keywords or YouTube videos. I’m currently involved in building my very own PBN (private blog network) to rank “targeted” keywords to increase organic traffic. I’ve added it to my “Blog Features” section since it is a featured case study. You can read the overview here…

Private Blog Network Case Study Overview

Google Analytics Reports

Visitor Statistics:

Here are the numbers for last month – August 2014 Visitor Statistics: (698)

September 2014 Visitor Statistics: (853)


Overall Difference in Visitors to My Blog: (+155 Visits)

Google Search Traffic (Organic):

This month I’ve seen a HUGE increase in organic traffic. Last month August, Google brought in 360 visitors however this month (September) seeing an increase to 499…


Overall Total Increase (+139)

Most Popular Content:

This month (September 2014), there has been a shift in “Most Popular” content which is exciting. My Creating Web 2.0 Properties which is part of my PBN Case Study had the most bringing in 287 visitors. Next, in second place, 80-Do-Follow Article Directories had 248 visits in September 2014.

Top Traffic Sources September 2014

My main traffic source for the month of September 2014 was He has been awesome throughout the last couple months providing both guidance and support. Recently, he published my blog in his monthly Income Roundup Report. This alone generated 190 visitors! Again, a huge thanks to Matthew Woodward for providing his support and inspiration.

Next, I’ve been trying to increase the number of guest posts I publish each month. In October, You’ll see a huge difference in where most of my “referral” traffic is flowing in from. I started towards the end of September 2014 and has already started to make a difference with 31 visitors coming directly from them. Let’s see what happens next month!


Social Media Statistics September 2014

This month (September 2014) I’m happy to announce that I saw an increase in social share click-backs. I’m beginning to figure out what it takes to increase user engagement and it has “everything” to do with writing unique high quality content. For example, when I started to put together my Private Blog Network Case Study, I noticed my visitors are reading more of my other content.

Towards the end of September 2014, I started to actively publish more guest posts. Guest posting is a great way to increase traffic and user engagement as well. This has accounted for much of the increase in social shares!

Last month (August 2014) I received:  (7 shares & 5 click-backs)

This month (September 2014) I received:  (1 share & 20 click-backs)


Forum Posts & Statistics

Was slightly active in September 2014 answering questions within & however my progress continues to be slow. Forums, even though, can provide enormous traffic, I find are becoming oversaturated with the same questions and content. My objective is to drive “targeted” traffic however don’t have hours spending time answering questions within forums. It’s a large time investment which I don’t feel I have right now. Either way, I’ll continue to play around with the idea and post an update in the future!

Traffic Planet – 27 visitors in September 2014

YouTube Traffic Statistics

No videos were created in September 2014 however the engagement on previously published videos has increased this month which is exciting!

Here is a quick list of the video’s which I have published in

Purchasing Expired Domains Using GoDaddy

How to Build a Website From Scratch in 4 Minutes

Finding High PR Domains Using ExpiredDomains.Net

Last month YouTube brought in 85 views however I saw an increase to 137 views this month (September 2014).

The total minutes watched has increased from 600min-to-892min!


Subscribers (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube Email)

Twitter – Total: 805 – Last Month: (806) – –1

Facebook – Total: 35 – Last Month: (20) – +1

YouTube – Total: 2 – Last Month: (1) – +1

Google + – Total: 31 – Last Month: (31) – 0

Email – Total: 50 – Last Month: (39) – +11

Income Report September 2014

Let’s get to the fun stuff!

My affiliate commission keeps on increasing which is amazing. My Private Blog Network Case Study is continuing to build momentum and add some cash in my pocket.

The additional affiliate commission I’ve earned was through some of the products I’ve recommended to my readers when setting up their own private blog network or in other content.

A side note, I’ll review and create tutorial’s on products which I personally use and feel will help you guys. I will not encourage anyone to purchase products so that I can earn a commission. My content and tutorials are about growing your blog through hard work and dedication. When I review a product, it’s to show you how it’s helped me generate traffic to my blog or simplified the process of creating content.

SEO Consulting & Services

I’ve always provided consulting for clients and will continue to provide services throughout September 2014. I’ll keep the workload at minimum so I can focus on building this blog and income through my blog posts and affiliate partners.

I’ll only include the profit earned from new clients I’ve gained through this blog. Any existing consulting contracts I have will NOT be included in my monthly Income Reports.

SEO Consulting – September 2014 ($0)

Expenses (September 2014)

Some expenses are “1” time annual costs, for example, when purchasing expired domains you’ll register the domain for an entire year for $9.99. Last month in August 2014, I registered “2” expired domains which added additional expenses, however, September I registered only “1” which knocked down my expenses by $9.99.

  • Webhosting – $9/mo
  • Webhosting – (PBN#1) – $7.16/mo
  • Webhosting – (PBN#2) – $4.95/mo
  • HideMyAss Proxy – $ 9.99/mo
  • Expired Domain#3 – $9.99/yr
  • Aweber – $19/mo
  • SEOPressor – $5.00/mo
  • SERPFox – $10.00/mo
  • VaultPress – $5.00/mo

Profit & Loss Statement (September 2014)

  • Profit – $309.33
  • Loss – $80.08
  • Monthly Income – (+)$229.25

Grand Total Report: (September 2014 + $229.25) | (Last Month August 2014: + 100.76)



My Final Thoughts…

September 2014 was a very active month since I’m hustling between 2-3 projects at one time. My private blog network continues to produce awesome results and I’ve started a guest posting campaign to see the effect on my traffic. In order to make up for lost time creating content for my blog, I started to increase my work hours throughout the day. Usually, I would spend anywhere from 6-7 hours daily writing content but increase it to 8 hours. Honestly, I must write 5000+ words daily but I’m determined to grow this blog so the writing doesn’t bother me at all. If your passionate about what you do, you have nothing to worry about!

What’s next…

I’ve started to put together a niche site from scratch and trying to transform it into a money making machine. It’s a top secret project which I don’t want people spamming along the way (it’s happened before), I’ll write a complete case study once I’ve achieved my desired results.

I’ve found some cool link building techniques which I’ve been testing and waiting on the results. If these work, it’s a great way to build do-follow links from high PR, domain and page authority websites. Should have a report in mid-November 2014 and the delay is mainly because of spreading out the process, not to mention, writing high quality content for each submission.


Guest blogging is valuable and I’ve managed to get published on high authority blogs. It’s seems my October 2014 traffic statistics will be crushing all others so keep your fingers crossed and let’s see what happens.

Thanks again for being loyal readers and stay tune for some awesome updates, content and case studies!