Traffic & Income Report for June 2014

Vector financial business planWelcome to my 4th Traffic & Income Report for the month of June 2014. In these reports I’ve summarized what I’ve done in the previous month. June 2014 was pretty impressive because I saw an increase in a few of my statistics which shows that my traffic generation strategies have been making progress. After my last month’s disappointment, I decided to change my approach and the results speak for themselves. As always, I’m going to summarize everything I’ve done this month so you can implement these strategies into you’re blogging efforts.

Let’s jump right into it…

Content Created in June 2014

June 2014 I was more active than the previous month (May 2014). I produced a total of “3” posts and updated “1”.  Here are the details…

06/06/2014 – (Updated) – Top 80 FREE Do-Follow Article Submission Sites – I’ve updated my list of “FREE” Do-Follow Article Directories which you can use to build high authority one-way links. These range from PR0-PR8 and are awesome to gain some real link juice.    

06/20/2014 – Seopressor Review – The Perfect LSI Keyword Tool – Video & Script – This was exciting because I put together my first video review of a product which I use daily. I’m actually using it as I create this post! SEOPressor is a tool which works in the backend of WordPress as you create content. It’s uses a API Key from Google & Bing to generate related LSI (Latent Semantic Keywords)

06/20/2014 – What Are LSI Keywords And How To Calculate Keyword Density – All this talk about LSI keywords and there importance pushed me to create this post. You’ll find all the information you need about LSI keywords and how to effectively use them within your content to boost search rankings.  

06/26/2014 – What Counts As A High-Quality Site? 17 Questions Asked by Google When Ranking Your Site – The recent Panda 4.0 update has really shifted the way that Google displays search results. The focus is more on targeted “high” quality websites. Going forward, when creating content, ask yourself these “17” questions before publishing! 

Guest Posts Published June 2014

This month (June 2014), I’ve published a guest post on In the past, I’ve been communicating with Zac Johnson who has been really helpful providing his insight. The guest post on the recent Panda 4.0 update did pretty well generating both traffic and social shares.

Next, I’m currently working completing another two guest posts!

Blogging Interviews June 2014

This part of my blog is doing really well with many top bloggers providing their support in answering my interview questions.

In June 2014, I’ve published the following interview series…

Meet Jeremy Schoemaker Of 

Meet Loz James of

New Blog Features

There were no new features added to my blog this month (June 2014)

Google Analytics Reports

Visitor Statistics:

Here are the numbers for last month – May 2014 Visitor Statistics: (344)


June 2014 Visitor Statistics: (477)


Overall Difference in Visitors to My Blog: (+133 Visits)

Google Search Traffic (Organic):

This month I’ve seen a slight drop in organic traffic. Last month May, Google brought in 129 visitors with this month (June) seeing an increase to 97…

Total Decrease (-32)


Most Popular Content:

This month (June 2014), the tides have shifted because my “Income Reports” category had the most visitors. However, since we’re breaking down top content than 13 Content Writing Tips That Will Crush Your Competition was the most popular. In second was my blogging interview with Jeremy Schoemaker Of


Top Traffic Sources June 2014

My main traffic source for the month of June 2014 was He has been awesome throughout the last couple months providing both guidance and support. Recently, he published my blog in his monthly Income Roundup Report. This alone generated 112 visitors with another 66 through my guest post on getting more blog readers.

Next, when I published my Interview with Jeremy Schoemaker he “Tweeted” it with his followers generating 55 visitors.


Social Media Statistics June 2014

This month (June 14) I experienced a slight boost in social shares. I’m still a bit concerned why the number isn’t much higher since the traffic increased by 100+. I’ve done some research and narrow it down to two things…

First, I’m not encouraging people hard enough to share my content within their social circles. If each visitor shares my content, this can definitely boost both traffic and social shares.

Next, maybe the social share widgets are located in the wrong places. Currently, I have one at the starting and end of my content. I’ve seen people shift to a scrolling widget on their blog which slides down as readers skim through the content. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve for next month so right now I’ll leave it as is.

Last month (May 2014) I received:  (6 shares & 31 click-backs)

This month I received:  (5 shares & 41 click-backs)


Forum Posts & Statistics

I’ve held back from posting on forums in June 2014. I’ve been busy creating guest posts and videos for YouTube. I’ll probably get started in August 2014! 🙂

YouTube Traffic Statistics

June 2014 was an exciting time for me because I created my first ever video review of a product. I had bought SEOPressor to streamline my optimization process while I created content within WordPress. I was impressed at how easy it reminded me of the things I needed to optimize before publishing. I went to work and created a detailed SEOPressor Review – Video & Script using Screen-O-Matic. It took some time getting use to creating video tutorials but I got it done! Video was published on June 19, 2014.

Not to mention it created some traffic and income too! 🙂


Subscribers (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube Email)

Twitter – Total: 763 – Last Month: 744 – +19

Facebook – Total: 17 – Last Month: (16) – +1

YouTube – Total: 1 – Last Month: (0) – +1

Google + – Total: 27 – Last Month: (25) – +2

Email – Total: 12 – Last Month: (3) – +9

Income Report June 2014

Let’s get to the fun stuff!

I earned my first affiliate income promoting the SEOPressor plugin, a product that I personally use.

A side note, I’ll review and create tutorial’s on products which I personally use and feel will help you guys. I will not encourage anyone to purchase products so that I can earn a commission. My content and tutorials are about growing your blog through hard work and dedication. When I review a product, it’s to show you how it’s helped me generate traffic to my blog or simplified the process of creating content.

It is completely “OPTIONAL” if you choose to incorporate it into your blog.

7search PPC Earnings

April 2014 – $0.38

May 2014 – $0.02

June 2014 – $0.01

SEO Consulting & Services

I’ve always provided consulting for clients and will continue to provide services throughout July 2014. I’ll keep the workload at minimum so I can focus on building this blog and income through my blog posts and affiliate partners.

I’ll only include the profit earned from new clients I’ve gained through this blog. Any existing consulting contracts I have will NOT be included in my monthly Income Reports.

SEO Consulting – May 2014 ($0)

Expenses (June 2014)

  • Webhosting – $9/mo
  • Aweber – $19/mo
  • Domain – $0.91/mo
  • SEOPressor – $5.00

Profit & Loss Statement (June 2014)

  • Profit – $34.51
  • Loss – $33.91
  • Monthly Income – (+)$0.60

Grand Total Report: (June 2014 + $0.60) | (Last Month May 2014: – 24.89)

My Final Thoughts…

It’s been an awesome month (June 2014) for me!

First, I pulled out of the minus (-) earnings which was haunting me since starting my blog in February 2014. I know it’s a fresh new blog however “no” earnings are way better than losing money every month. Next, I tried out a few things and they seem to work pretty well.

1) Started to focus more on networking with other bloggers and creating guest posts for their blog. I take a lot of pride in the content I write making sure I only post the best stuff on their blog too. Average word count for my content is around 3000-4000 words.

2) Aggressively started producing YouTube video tutorials. Other bloggers always told me about the power of YouTube for generating traffic and income but I can be stubborn sometimes so wanted to check for myself. I tried a lot of strategies along the way, some worked and others failed, however YouTube is a definitely plus (+). I posted my first video tutorial which brought trickles of traffic and generated 4 sales. Average length of my video are: 30:00-45.00 minutes.

3) Think outside the box. Going forward I want to create something special which will provide value to all of you. I have “4” case studies I’m working on and “7” walk-through posts which will blow your mind. Don’t forget to join my newsletter so you can get updated immediately once I’ve published them. 🙂


What’s Next…

Some word of advice!

I’ve been at this stuff for awhile flip flopping from one site to another. I’ve only started to build traction because I didn’t give up and stayed consistent. Keep working hard because getting the “ball” rolling is the hard part but once it starts rolling down hill, it’s hard to stop!

If you’re serious about blogging, than think of it as a business not a side project. In a full-time job you’d be working “8” hours (9-5) even more. Don’t think you can get away working less when building a business through blogging. You might even have to work more however you can have all the flexibility and security with a greater reward waiting at the end

Any Questions? Leave a Comment!