Traffic & Income Report for July 2014

Vector financial business planWelcome to my 5th Traffic & Income Report for the month of July 2014. In these reports I’ve summarized what I’ve done in the previous month. July 2014 was an exciting month because I started several cool features which I’ll discuss below. The traffic saw a slight increase which I’m very happy about and finally, the earnings keep on increasing getting higher each month. Even though it was a slight increase, it’s better than seeing a drop.

As always, I’m going to summarize everything I’ve done this month so you can implement these strategies into you’re blogging efforts.

Quick note: I want to apologize about the delay in posting this month’s Income & Traffic Report. The month of July 2014 was very hectic as I started consulting for clients and setting up a few cool case studies. 🙂

Let’s get started…

Content Created July 2014

July 2014 was a very active month for publishing. Here’s a quick breakdown of the content…

07/14/2014 – How to Build a Website From Scratch in 4 Minutes – Script & Video–  An awesome tutorial on setting everything you need from start to finish including purchasing a domain, hosting, installing a theme and plug-ins within 4 minutes.

07/14/2014 – Rank Keywords Using Your Own Private Blog Network – A New Case Study Is Born! – How to rank keywords using a private blog network. This content will give you a breakdown of the case study and other useful resources.

07/14/2014 – Private Blog Network Case Study Overview – A complete outline of the Private Blog Network Case Study. Detailed information on registering a expired domain, hosting and list of keywords being ranked within this case study. A breakdown of the private blog network tools and creating content for each PBN website!

07/16/2014 – Registering An Expired Domain – Building A Private Blog Network Website – A video tutorial on how to search and register an expired domain for your private blog network websites.

07/22/2014 – How I Write Epic Content For My Blog in 60 Minutes – My step-by-step process on how to write content for your blog. Covering factors like: Writing tools, work environment, outline and time allocation for intro, sub-headings, body and conclusion.

07/28/2014 – Google Panda- What’s Changed, the Trends and How to Beat the Recent Updates – An epic post looking back at the history of the Google Panda update. Published with over 3,000 words covering it’s trends, the winners & losers and how to protect yourself from future updates.

Guest Posts Published July 2014

This month (July 2014), I’ve published a guest post on The guest post on optimizing you’re content to generate more organic clicks did pretty well generating both traffic and social shares. (Twitter 71 and Facebook 12)

Blogging Interviews July 2014

This part of my blog is doing really well with many top bloggers providing their support in answering my interview questions.

In July 2014, I’ve published “0” interview series however I’ve received some back which I’ll be updated during August 2014.

New Blog Features

There were no new features added to my blog this month (July 2014)

Google Analytics Reports

Visitor Statistics:

Here are the numbers for last month – June 2014 Visitor Statistics: (477)

July 2014 Visitor Statistics: (570)


Overall Difference in Visitors to My Blog: (+93 Visits)

Google Search Traffic (Organic):

This month I’ve seen a HUGE increase in organic traffic. Last month June, Google brought in 97 visitors however this month (July) seeing an increase to 205…


Overall Total Increase (+108)

Most Popular Content:

This month (July 2014), the tides have shifted because my “Income Reports” category had the most visitors. However, since we’re breaking down top content than my updated 80-Do-Follow Article Directories crushed it with 188 visitors. Next, 13 Content Writing Tips That Will Crush Your Competition was in second place with 184 visits.


Top Traffic Sources July 2014

My main traffic source for the month of July 2014 was He has been awesome throughout the last couple months providing both guidance and support. Recently, he published my blog in his monthly Income Roundup Report. This alone generated 164 visitors!

I’ve published “1” guest post on in this month (July 2014) which is generating decent traffic flow to my blog.  A total of 57 visitors came through from my guest post in July 2014. In August 2014, I’ll increase the frequency to see if I can increase the traffic. 🙂



Social Media Statistics July 2014

This month (July 2014) I experienced another boost in social shares. I’m beginning to figure out what it takes to increase user engagement and it has “everything” to do with writing unique high quality content. For example, when I started to put together my Private Blog Network case study, I’ve noticed that my visitors are reading more of my other content. I must give credit to my internal linking structure and providing people with EXACTLY the type of content they are looking for.

You’ll notice a high jump in my overall shares…

Last month (June 2014) I received:  (5 shares & 41 click-backs)

This month (July 2014) I received:  (21 shares & 41 click-backs)


Forum Posts & Statistics

I’ve held back from posting on forums in July 2014. I’ve been busy creating guest posts and videos for YouTube. I’ll probably get started in September 2014! :)

YouTube Traffic Statistics

July 2014 was an exciting time for me because I published a few more videos. I’m getting comfortable creating videos so my planning and editing time has been cut in half. Here is a quick list of the video’s which were published in July 2014…

Purchasing Expired Domains Using GoDaddy

How to Build a Website From Scratch in 4 Minutes

Finding High PR Domains Using ExpiredDomains.Net

The statistics are awesome and the user engagement in YouTube increased overall…

Total YouTube Visitors July 2014: (+87)


Subscribers (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube Email)

Twitter – Total: 777 – Last Month: 763 – +14

Facebook – Total: 19 – Last Month: (17) – +2

YouTube – Total: 0 – Last Month: (1) – 0

Google + – Total: 30 – Last Month: (27) – +3

Email – Total: 19 – Last Month: (12) – +7

Income Report July 2014

Let’s get to the fun stuff!

My affiliate commission keeps on increasing which is amazing. My Private Blog Network Case Study is continuing to build momentum and add some cash in my pocket.

The additional affiliate commission which I’ve earned was through some of the products I’ve recommended to my readers when setting up their own private blog network.

A side note, I’ll review and create tutorial’s on products which I personally use and feel will help you guys. I will not encourage anyone to purchase products so that I can earn a commission. My content and tutorials are about growing your blog through hard work and dedication. When I review a product, it’s to show you how it’s helped me generate traffic to my blog or simplified the process of creating content.

7search PPC Earnings

April 2014 – $0.38

May 2014 – $0.02

June 2014 – $0.01

July 2014 – $0.07

SEO Consulting & Services

I’ve always provided consulting for clients and will continue to provide services throughout July 2014. I’ll keep the workload at minimum so I can focus on building this blog and income through my blog posts and affiliate partners.

I’ll only include the profit earned from new clients I’ve gained through this blog. Any existing consulting contracts I have will NOT be included in my monthly Income Reports.

SEO Consulting – July 2014 ($0)

Expenses (July 2014)

  • Webhosting – $9/mo
  • Webhosting – (PBN) – $7.16/mo
  • HideMyAss Proxy – $ 9.99/mo
  • Expired Domain – $9.99/yr
  • Aweber – $19/mo
  • Domain – $0.91/mo
  • SEOPressor – $5.00/mo
  • SERPFox – $10.00/mo

Profit & Loss Statement (July 2014)

  • Profit – $100.91
  • Loss – $70.91
  • Monthly Income – (+)$30.00

Grand Total Report: (July 2014 + $30.00) | (Last Month June 2014: + 0.60)

My Final Thoughts…

The month of July 2014 has been a real learning process for me. There are a few things that I’ve been focusing on because they’ve proven to be very effective.

First, focus on writing high quality content which provides substance for your readers. For example, people are always looking to rank keywords to increase traffic to their website. Next, they are looking to do this without spending too much money which is why I started my Private Blog Network Case Study. You have to remember that after the recent Google Panda 4.0 update, building links through the use of software, poor quality websites and tiered link building is no longer going to be as effective. For several top bloggers, building a PBN network has not only ranked high competitive keywords but proven to be very safe.

Secondly, guest blogging is still the most effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website. If you can network with top bloggers within your niche sending them top notch content to be published on their blog, you’ll benefit in several ways. What’s it done for me?

  • Increased targeted traffic
  • Increase user engagement
  • Increased my email subscribers
  • Increase social subscribers

In the end, it’s all about trial and error than optimizing what works and eliminating what doesn’t. Spread out you’re content creation if that what you need to do in order to produce high quality content. You can also decrease the amount of content published on your blog sending some content to be guest published on relevant blogs. Just make sure that you sustain a regular posting schedule so that you’re blogs activity level stays consistent.