Traffic & Income Report for April 2014

APRIL_INCOME_FEATUREDWelcome to my 2nd official Income Report. In this report you’ll find my blogs traffic and income progress for the month of April. Many of you will focus on the final income numbers J but I always try to learn something new within my traffic statistics which I can apply moving forward. Make sure you read my final thoughts where I’ll outline the game plan moving forward.

Here we go….

Content Created in April 2014

It was a slow month for publishing content, but on the other hand, an awesome month for content started. Next month I’m aiming to publish 5-6 awesome blog posts which combined will include case studies and how-to epic.

Here is content published April 2014…

04/14/14 – 122 Epic Case Studies from My Top Bloggers & Blogs – You’ll find 122 Epic Case Studies that I’ve compiled over the last several weeks. It’s a list of “must read” case studies that will provide actual value to you. Take your time and read over each one because you’d be surprised at the knowledge you pickup along the way.

Guest Posts Published April 2014

No guest posts were submitted this month. I wasn’t pursuing guest posts for my blog since it was the first active month of publishing posts on my blog so I decided to create content myself to brand myself.

Blogging Interviews April 2014

This was something new I started last month. You’ll find interviews with blogging giants…

In April 2014, I’ve published the following interview series…

Meet Dave Schneider of

Meet Zac Johnson of

Meet Richard Marriott of

Meet Shawn Collins of

Meet Devesh Sharma of

Google Analytics Reports

Visitor Statistics:

So you’ll get a better understanding of traffic progress, here are the numbers for last month – March 2014 Visitor Statistics: (1,066)


April 2014 Visitor Statistics: (546)


Overall Difference in Visitors to My Blog: (-520 Visits)

Google Search Traffic (Organic)

Last month, Google search brought in 41 visitors to my website. This month I’ve seen an increase to 54…

Total Increase (+13)


 Most Popular Content

The 14 Experts Discuss Effective Link Building Technique was the most popular content for the month of April. My content on 122 Epic Case Studies from my Top Bloggers & Blogs did better than expected coming in second place.


Top Traffic Sources April 2014

Even though the traffic dropped considerably, I was impressed that much of the traffic to my blog was direct traffic. This shift from referring to direct traffic told me that people are visiting my blog without being referred from other blogs


Social Media Statistics April 2014

The social statistics for this month were lower than the previous month however the new content has created somewhat of a buzz.

Last month I received: (95 shares & 338 click-backs)

This month I received:  (46 shares & 118 click-backs)


Forum Posts & Statistics

I wasn’t active in any forums in the month of April. This month I am putting together a forum case study which will be awesome. In May’s Income Report I’ll have some statistics to post here.

YouTube Traffic Statistics

No new videos have been posted since the last update. Either way, I want to be completely transparent so here are the results from YouTube videos on my channel:


Subscribers (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube Email)

Twitter – Total: 750

Facebook – Total: 16

YouTube – Total: 0

Google + – Total: 22

Email – 3

Income Report April 2014

I’ve joined a few more affiliate programs and became an advertising partner with 7search. I’ve decided in May 2014, I’ll focus more on performing case studies using the affiliate products below. This strategy may help boost affiliate sales going forward.

7search PPC Earnings

April 2014 – $0.38

SEO Consulting & Services

I’ve always provided consulting for clients and will continue to provide services starting in May 2014. I’ll keep the workload at minimum so I can focus on building this blog and income through my blog posts and affiliate partners.

I’ll only include the profit earned from new clients I’ve gained through this blog. Any existing consulting contracts I have will NOT be included in my monthly Income Reports.

Expenses (April 2014)

  • Webhosting – $18/mo
  • Aweber – $19/mo
  • Domain – $0.91/mo
  • Kindle eBooks – $10.49/mo

Profit & Loss Statement (April 2014)

  • Profit – $24.08
  • Loss – $49.91
  • Monthly Income – (-)$25.83

My Final Thoughts…

Well, there you have it! I’ve provided you with a complete breakdown of my statistics so you’ll have a better idea of what kind of progress my blog is making. I’ve learned a lot during this month and have started to make some changes moving forward…

The game plan…

I’ve decided to shift my focus towards case studies to provide my readers more in-depth content. I’ve noticed that the most popular content online which is going viral is in the form of case studies. I’ll perform keyword research finding popular questions that people need help solving. Instead of just providing a “how-to” guide solving they’re problem, I’ll perform case studies applying techniques I’ve learned over the years showing my progress every few days. My objective is to see the difference in engagement between content and actual case studies. I’m aiming for 2 case studies which I’ve already started last month (March) and hoping to publish this month. I’m also completing 3-4 epic content posts based on previous research.

Forum posting is something I’ve been considering mainly because of the success my mentors have had over the years. I’ll begin posting 1-2 answers each day within Warriorforums, TrafficPlanet and Digital Point. This will be a 28 day study so I can see how much traffic is generated through forum posting. I’m starting small, 1-2 posts each day, to see how much difference minimal effort actually makes.

I’m very excited and looking forward to trying new things in May 2014. I hope that all of you will join me for the ride!