Traffic & Income Report for May 2014

Vector financial business planWelcome to my 3rd Traffic & Income Report for the month of May 2014. In these reports I summarize what I’ve done in the previous month. May 2014 has been tricky since I spent most of it doing research figuring out ways to really build momentum to my blog. The traffic saw a decline and everything was pretty much stable, however, I’ve learned a few cool tricks that I’ll try this month (June 2014). Either way, with success or not, you’ve got a right to know what kind of progress I’ve made. Let’s jump right into it…

Content Created in May 2014

I pushed forward publishing “two” blog posts this month compared to the last month (April) where I only published once.

This month I published my first actual “case study” which is always exciting. I wanted to run a quick test finding effective ways to optimize the speed of your WordPress site by making a few minor adjustments. You can read my epic post here:

05/15/2014 – Case Study – How to Speed Up WordPress Site By 3.74s – Part 1 – Lazy Mans Approach

Next, visited a few of my popular blogs and put together this post:

05/19/2014 – 8 Proven Ways On How To Reduce Bounce Rate – From My Top Bloggers

Guest Posts Published May 2014

No guest posts were submitted this month. I wasn’t pursuing guest posts for my blog since it was the first active month of publishing posts on my blog so I decided to create content myself increasing my brand.

Blogging Interviews May 2014

This part of my blog is doing really well with many top bloggers providing their support in answering my interview questions. I’ve received several interview questions back and will publish more during June 2014.

In May 2014, I’ve published the following interview series…

Meet Timo Kiander of

New Blog Features

I’m excited to introduce the launch of my: Bloggers F.A.Q’s – Common Questions Asked & Answered by Bloggers!

These are questions asked by people which I answer providing a short, to the point, solution. Sometimes people don’t enjoy reading content which is 2,000-3,000 words so I’ve narrowed down the solution to about 500-750 words in this section. I’ve provided a link to a contact form where you guys can ask me questions and I’ll get right back with a solution. 🙂

Google Analytics Reports

Visitor Statistics:

Here are the numbers for last month – April 2014 Visitor Statistics: (546)


May 2014 Visitor Statistics: (344)


Overall Difference in Visitors to My Blog: (-202 Visits

Google Search Traffic (Organic):

The good news is I’m seeing an increase in my organic traffic. Last month April, Google brought in 54 visitors with this month (May) seeing an increase to 129…

Total Increase (+75)


Most Popular Content:

I’m not surprised to see that 14 Experts Discuss Effective Link Building Technique was the most popular content. This content has been shared by some of the most influential bloggers in the industry. Next, my post containing 13 Content Writing Tips That Will Crush Your Competition came in second place.


Top Traffic Sources May 2014

My main source of traffic was through a “guest post” submitted to Even though my post was published on March 20, 2014, it continues to drive 105 (46.26%) visitors to my blog for the month of May 2014. This just shows you the power of guest blogging and everyone should take advantage of guest posting opportunities.

Next, I tried forum posting so was happy to see an increase in referral traffic from and


Social Media Statistics May 2014

There was a decline in social shares for this month. I’m a bit concerned since people did visit my blog. I’m guessing its two things: First, the decrease in content published this month or I’m not pushing hard enough for people to share my content. I’m reluctant to think it’s the quality of my content because I’ve made sure that before “clicking” publish I’ve covered everything creating something that’s the “best”. I’ve gone as far as to browse similar content looking for missing information then adding it to my content. I’m going to keep a closer eye on this during June 2014 and try a few more strategies to boost social shares.

Last month I received:  (46 shares & 118 click-backs)

This month I received:  (6 shares & 31 click-backs) 


Forum Posts & Statistics

May 2014 was the first month I stayed busy on two forums: and Traffic generated from these forums was pretty impressive considering I only did a few posts every few days. generated 20 (8.81%) visitors and 15 (6.61%).

In June 2014 I’ll be more active in both, even, publishing a few tutorials. Keep your fingers crossed and hopefully it’ll generate some good traffic.

YouTube Traffic Statistics

No new videos have been posted since the last update. Either way, I want to be completely transparent so here are the results from YouTube videos on my channel. I’m working on two new videos to add to YouTube so we’ll see how they help end of June 2014.


Subscribers (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube Email)

Twitter – Total: 744 – Last Month: 750

Facebook – Total: 16 – Last Month: (0)

YouTube – Total: 0 – Last Month: (0)

Google + – Total: 25 – Last Month: (22)

Email – Total: 3 – Last Month: (3)


Income Report May 2014

I’ve joined a few more affiliate programs and became an advertising partner with 7search. I’ve decided in June 2014, I’ll focus more on performing case studies using the affiliate products below. This strategy may help boost affiliate sales going forward.

7search PPC Earnings

April 2014 – $0.38

May 2014 – $0.02

SEO Consulting & Services

I’ve always provided consulting for clients and will continue to provide services starting in May 2014. I’ll keep the workload at minimum so I can focus on building this blog and income through my blog posts and affiliate partners.

I’ll only include the profit earned from new clients I’ve gained through this blog. Any existing consulting contracts I have will NOT be included in my monthly Income Reports.

SEO Consulting – May 2014 ($0)

Expenses (May 2014)

  • Webhosting – $9/mo
  • Aweber – $19/mo
  • Domain – $0.91/mo
  • SEOPressor – $5.00

Profit & Loss Statement (May 2014)

  • Profit – $9.02
  • Loss – $33.91
  • Monthly Income – (-)$24.89


My Final Thoughts…

It’s been a rough month and I continue to lose money. However, this is where things get exciting for all of us and the burden is on me to inject life into something that’s failing. Anyone can show you a successful blog once it’s up and running for years, however you’ve joined me on a journey which is completely transparent and I’m building my blog each month while showing you guys exactly what to do.

My game plan for June 2014…

I’ve been shifting my focus trying out some new things. I’m putting together some awesome case studies on marketing and how certain products can help grow your business. I’m going to try new avenues to market my blog, completely FREE of course, as my mission is to NOT pay for any kind of traffic so that someone who is getting started can build a blog without any investment. I know many of you, like myself; have NO money to invest so I want to keep this as simple as possible.

What about link building? I’ll be setting up a few link building campaigns for two reasons: First, I’ve tried a new keyword research strategy which I’m hoping with some link building will rank my blog high in the SERP’s. Once I’ve tested it out, I’ll share the whole strategy with you step by-step.

Next, I’m in the process of two case studies using awesome marketing products which won’t drive traffic to my blog but wanted to test how effective they are when optimizing my blog. It’s a mix of keyword research and link building.

Anyway, I’m hoping to rev things up this month (June) and I wanted to thank all of you for your support. Stay tuned for something special in the next couple of days!