Tips to Increase Blog Traffic 2014

Tweaking your website and making effective changes is always good for any business. You have to make sure to change with the tides or you will find that your business is slowly declining in growth. No matter what anyone tells you the point of any business is profit. I’ve noticed over the years working with many small businesses developing an online presence for them what really matters to grow your blog so I’ve put together my top 7 strategies to drive traffic to your blog in 2014.

Optimize Your Website:

That’s right…you need to make sure that your blog is user friendly making your information easy to find. People only come back and read your blog if your posts are interesting and provide useful content but that’s only if they can find them. Start by linking posts together and grouping relevant content making the flow smoother. Linking posts which are relevant also increases interaction and time spend on your website. The more comments left and shared by readers will only increase your overall blog traffic.

Take Your Blog Mobile:

Everyone has a smart phone so much of the browsing and reading is done by people travelling. Making your blog and newsletter mobile friendly allows them to stay informed keeping the visitor retention rate high. You’ll find that many of your blogs engaging readers are existing visitors who are promoting your blog by sharing much of your content with other readers.

Going mobile is not as difficult as you think since many blogging platforms like WordPress offer themes that have been configured for mobile browsing. ESP’s like aWeber have already made the shift to mobile friendly email campaigns so the only thing left for you to do is to take advantage of these features by making the change on your end.

Enhance SEO Efforts:

Organic traffic is the best sort of traffic because it’s FREE and just requires a few months of dedication and hard work. Getting traffic from Google SERP’s can be very lucrative especially when you have invested thousands of dollars in marketing campaigns with little success. If you can incorporate SEO strategies which have you ranking for high traffic volume keywords then you can get 500+ visitors pouring into your website daily without you spending a dime.

There are a few ways that you can approach an SEO campaign:

First, do some research online and browse over tutorials which teach you the basics and just build from there. This is the FREE method but takes patience and you may have to divide up your time between writing content for your blog and building back-links. Here is tutorial on the Ultimate Step By Step Guide to Tiered Link Building

If you have the money then hire a company to do the work for you but only after you have researched and read reviews so you get someone that has a proven record for success. These days you will find many companies offering SEO services but they are using black hat techniques to build links which will only hurt your rankings or even ban you from the Google SERP’s. You can find reputable companies with positive feedback on websites like Elance and Freelancer.

Interact With Visitors:

Many times visitors will write comments asking questions providing insight on your blog so make sure that you reply to their comments. Many even write asking a question through the “Contact” form and replying to them can generate loyalty from visitors. You have to realize that people reading your blog are genuinely interested in learning from you and use it as a funnel for learning new things. They would like your opinion on what they are doing and interacting with them will build readership and grow traffic to your blog.

Incorporate Media:

Go viral by incorporating videos on your blog and uploading them to YouTube. If you are writing a tutorial on a topic you may want to create a video tutorial since it provides a visual learning platform that is much easier to follow. For example, one of my favorite bloggers “Matthew Woodward” put together a video tutorial on Tiered Link Building which took him 100-120 hours to produce but generated 99, 882 visitors within 12 months with a total of $15,000 affiliate commissions. If you are writing a blog post that would be easier to produce through a video post then take time to put a detailed video together since it can produce incredible results for you in the long run.

Reducing Your Options:

Many times bloggers would write too much content which leads the reader down a spiraling path away from the most beneficial content. If you are writing a blog post, it is important to provide only the most beneficial relevant content to your readers. No need to confuse them by linking to content which is non-relevant and does NOT provide them with further insight to your previous post. Keep everything well organized reducing options to only those posts which fulfill the purpose of your blog. For example, in a tutorial series … part 1 should lead to part 2, then part 3, etc…

Write Better Relevant Content:

Hopefully you have a blog which is niche specific focusing on one topic so make sure that your content is relevant to that niche. Each week research forums and blogs within your niche and look for problems that people are having so you can write content which is directed to helping them solve their problems. As time goes on you’ll notice that you are an authority blog dedicated to solving problems while being on top of changing tides within your niche. Another great way to find up to date information is Google Alerts which will send you alerts to your email depending on the keyword you set up. The most important thing when blogging is to provide unique fresh new information relevant today providing insight to those that are searching for it.