Theme And Plug-In Installation – Building Private Blog Network Website

THEME_FEATURERecently I installed a theme and plug-ins and wanted to give you a quick breakdown of the entire process. If you’re familiar with WordPress, the process does not take long and can be done within 5-6 minutes. When creating a private blog network, it’s important to change the design of each website on your network so that they look completely different. This is very easy since you can pre-select the theme configuration when performing your search. Change around the colors, layout, side bars, header, navigation bar, etc. The objective should be to create separate websites which look like they’ve been setup by from different owners.

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Choosing Your Theme

Log into your WordPress backend by going to, then scroll to “Appearance” and “Themes where you’ll be able to filter to search.


Next, select “Add New” at the top where you’ll be able to either upload .zipped files if you’ve purchased a new theme OR select “Browse” to go through ones available by WordPress. When browsing you’ll have the option to search themes by: Featured, Popular, Latest, Premium, Feature Filter. The “featured filter” option will let you narrow down your search further by choosing side bars, colors, header style, etc.

Find a theme which is perfect for your website and that you can customize. Many of the newer themes have drag & drop options that’ll allow you to easily configure your style and upload a logo.



Choosing My Theme

When selecting a theme I wanted to choose something that’s easy to customize and different than several of my other projects. I filtered the options using the “feature filter” and selected “Fruitful” as the theme for my 1st private blog network website. When creating future websites, it’s important I use completely different themes so have made a mental note and written that in my journal.

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Installing Plug-Ins

WordPress is awesome because it allows you to streamline the plug-in installation process. WordPress provides you with a plug-in for everything which is why many developers have opted to use this platform to build websites. It’s another reason why I’ve encouraged you to use WordPress for building your private blog network. You’ll be building several websites that will need to be launched quickly and WordPress will cut your time in half. I’ve created 2-3 websites within an hour which is awesome because all that was left was to add content.


Here’s the essential plug-ins recommended for each website.

All-In-One SEO: A simple plug-in that’ll streamline the optimization of your web pages. It’s very easy to setup since it works right out of the box. Once installed, activate the plug-in and make a few adjustments. Each time you create new content, scroll to the bottom and add Meta title, description and keywords. You can configure the plug-in to optimize URL’s and categories.

WP Super Cache: A static caching plugin for WordPress. It generates html files that are served directly by Apache without processing comparatively heavy PHP scripts. By using this plugin you will speed up your WordPress blog significantly.

Theme Logo: This plugin adds a field in the admin panel that allows you to change the logo of your website without needing a developer.

If you need a quick video tutorial of setting up your website and installing plug-ins, watch: Create a Website from Scratch in 4 Min. It’s a video outlining these important steps.

Wrapping It Up…

Setting up your WordPress theme and plug-ins is NOT time consuming and can be done within minutes. When calculating time, it took me longer to purchase a domain and hosting. Either way, this is exactly what we need when setting up several different websites because we want to publish content immediately to keep the domain and page authority consistent with the domain. The longer we take setting up websites, the more it’ll affect the authority of our expired domain.

Now that I’ve setup my theme and plug-ins, it’s time to start writing content. I’ll have a complete breakdown of my content creation process as I start to publish. All updates are periodically published here…

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