The Trustjacker Review

An incredible system developed by Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones which gives you the power of monetizing your social networking platforms. It allows you to setup campaigns and deliver popup ads or redirects over external page links. Many people post trending news, share stories, blogs and press releases with friends over different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg and Stumpleupon however Trustjacker gives you the ability to monetize every link which is shared.

In order to provide you with complete Trustjacker review, we went out a purchased the system and used it for some of our campaigns. We were amazing at the concept and how easy the interface is to use. We also found a few flaws in the system but they can be avoided by using some creative marketing techniques.

Overall, there is nothing like Trustjacker within the market which is why this marketing tool is gaining quick popularity amongst users.

Who Can Use Trustjacker?

This WordPress plugin can be used by anyone who is familiar with affiliate marketing or who owns a blog and is trying to get exposure. Trustjacker is different because it leverages the power of authority websites to not only promote your product but provide real news stories that people are interested in reading. You can use this plugin to promote products on websites like CNN, NBC, BBC, ESPN almost any creditable website which has some sort of news article posted.

Many experts will agree that the reason affiliate marketers have a hard time being successful is because it’s not the product they are promoting but the avenue they are using to promote it. Trustjacker has solve this problem by allowing you to promote your products or offers through pop-ups or timed internal links using content which is trending within Yahoo or Google news. This is material that visitors actually want to read and when the news is trending and popular then your offer receives the credit it deserves.

Product Features:

Trustjacker is a WordPress plugin and is very easy to setup since WordPress has made it easy for its users to add new plugins to their interface. To get started you need a domain which will cost you no more than $9.99 per year through GoDaddy and a cheap hosting plan which again is available through GoDaddy for $4.95/mo. WordPress is available free through your hosting provider and many providers like GoDaddy will install WordPress on your hosting plan.

Trustjacker is packed with many great features and you can have you first campaign setup within a few minutes…

  • Very easy to install as WordPress automatically unpacks and installs the plugin for you. You can then activate your license by unlocking it using your registration email address.
  • Trustjacker interface is very simple and only involves no more then 3-4 steps to configure.
  • Trustjacker works with all types of offers like CPA, Clickbank, Amazon, etc and works to build an email lists so you can add an opt-in form on the page which will allow you to capture your visitor’s emails address.
  • Exit and Timed Popup which allows you to either promote your product when visitors are leaving the page or while they are reading the article. You can time it in intervals of seconds or when the user clicks the “x” to exit the browser screen.
  • Social sharing interface allows you to share your link on some of the most popular social networks.
  • Cloak your affiliate links so you can send them to a creditable domain instead of your product affiliate link.

The Installation Process:

Since the Trustjacker system is a WordPress plugin, the interface is very easy to setup and tweak to get the optimal settings. Once the installation has been completed, you can proceed to configure a few settings before you start using the Trustjacker system and setting up your campaigns.

After you purchase the system you will be emailed the login details to your membership control panel where you can download the plugin. This download will be in the “.zip” format which is perfect because WordPress knows exactly what to do with the “.zip” file when you upload it in the backend of your website.











You should now be able to see a Trustjacker link in the left navigation bar. Click on that link.

The Interface:

The Trustjacker interface is very simple to follow as it involves a main dashboard, a tab to mange campaigns and add campaigns. The dashboard has 3 options that can be configured and once they have been setup then there is NO need for additional plugin configuration.




The “adding campaigns” tab has 4 options that allow you to add your campaigns and links plus setup if you want to promote your product in a popup style window or using a redirect. The “manage campaigns” tab is simply a portal where you can view your campaigns and the number of views that each campaign has received. Next to each campaign are social sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google+, Reddit, Stumpleupon, Pinterest) where you can seamlessly share your product link within the different platforms.

When adding campaigns to Trustjacker you have a few ways of looking over the options available. For example, you can find a popular article that you would like to share on Facebook and Twitter or you can find a high converting CPA offer and then build a campaign around it. Using an article is a good way to go viral because many times people will often “re-tweet” or “Like” popular articles. Go to Google Trends and find popular trends (keywords) that are being typed in Google and select a few articles to play around with to make sure that it fits well with your product or CPA offer. Once you have found one that works well then all you need to do is copy and paste the URL and Trustjacker will take of the rest.

The Pro’s:

  • Very easy to use
  • Simple installation and setup
  • Can promote any product and CPA offer
  • Free upgrades with purchase
  • Interface works with popular social networking sites
  • Popup or redirect mode
  • Set custom popup window size
  • Advanced HTML iframe functionality
  • Awesome support videos and tutorials
  • Configure custom redirect message

 The Con’s:

  • Might be difficult for people with low social followings
  • Might need to invest extra to purchase tweets and advertising from people with large social groups and fans
  • Need Word press website to use plugin

Final Thoughts:

Trustjacker is a unique advertising platform and there is nothing in the market like it. This is why it has gain popularity within the last 2-3 months. The Google searches have almost tripled which is an indicator that many people have read the reviews and have had success with the platform. However, the negative aspect of using Trustjacker is that people who do not have a large following on the social platforms may have a hard time promoting their product or offer since this platform uses only your own social network. The plus side is that many people are selling advertising space on their own social groups and you can always invest some money a purchase advertising slots through them.

If you are purchasing hosting then getting WordPress is not going to be a problem since many hosting plans offer it for free and will even do the installation at no extra cost.

For more information on the Trustjacker system, please visit there official website.