The Magic Submitter Review

Magic Submitter is all-in-one search engine optimization software created by Alexander Krulik. It works by allowing users to submit content and build back-links in several platforms including article directories, social sites, blogs, PDF sharing sites and much more. The Magic Submitter software has gain popularity over recent months because it takes the time consuming work of content writing + submission and creates an easy to use automated process. I’ve used the Magic Submitter software for my own personal websites and admit that I’m very impressed at how simple they’ve made the interface and how it takes complete control of the link building process. However, at the same time, the software does have its disadvantages because the recent Google Panda and Penguin updates have been cracking down on automated software mainly because of the quality of content and bulk linking patterns seen within many websites. With that said…

This Magic Submitter review will cover some of the fundamentals of this software and what makes it so unique. I will also go over some creative ways to use the software so you are not affected by the recent Google updates.

MS = Increase Google Rankings:

Google has dominated the searching engine market for several years making it the most widely used search engine in the world. 66.9% of users at work and home are using Google for organic search purposes and being able to take advantage of this traffic means receiving targeted – free traffic to your website.

How does Google determine their search results?

Answer: Google calculates how many authority websites within your niche are linking to you. The more quality websites you have linking back to any specific page on your website will increase your ranking for that specific keyword. Each page is counted separately so if you have a page dedicated to “weight loss” and other high authority websites within the “weight loss” niche are linking to your page, this will bump your rankings throughout search results.



The Product Features:

The Magic Submitter is a complete product and if you own one or several websites then you only need this software to start building your back-links and getting ranked within Google. The whole interface has been designed to give you complete control over content creation, setting up accounts within different platforms, content submission, etc. The features are very impressive and those who have worked at optimizing their websites will definitely agree that once they’ve seen this software in action there’s nothing like it.

The Magic Submitter features include…

  • Automated creation of 100’s of accounts within different platforms so you don’t need to manually do it yourself. These accounts can be anonymous or you can use your valid email addresses and passwords. This software will verify all your accounts for you automatically by clicking the verification email sent by each platform.
  • You only need to write one article and then use Magic Submitter to spin the article creating more unique content for further submissions. You save countless hours by not having to write unique content over and over again.

You can submit content to over 2000 different unique content and social media sites including…

  • Article directories
  • Video sites
  • Forums
  • WordPress blogs
  • Press release sites
  • PDF Sharing
  • Social Networking
  • General blogs
  • Micro blogs

With Magic Submitter you never have to worry about updates since each month with your membership you get new features, updates and services. This is all 100% FREE.

Platform and Support:

With any product or service people are often worried about the set up process and getting support with functionality. However, you are given more than enough resources to get you setup and submitting within a few minutes.

Interactive forums where you will get support from some of the most successful SEO markers in the world and can interact with people such as you who are getting started with Magic Submitter.

The Magic Submitter training vault provides you with over 60 training videos including some previous archived training so you can have walk-through’s on everything from…

  • Setting and Installing Magic Submitter
  • Creating Content
  • Spinning Content
  • Setting Up Accounts on Platforms
  • Submitting Content
  • Automating the Submission Process
  • Creating Campaigns
  • Updating the Software
  • Much more…

With Magic Submitter each month you will be enrolled in the LIVE Coaching call where you will have a chance to ask the questions you want directly to a coach and get your answers immediately. The coach will provide you with the latest trends and marketing strategies that will help you dominate your marketing efforts.

The support desk feature within your control panel will allow you to submit a “TICKET” so you can have one of the customer service support team help you out. This feature is somewhat different then both the “LIVE” coaching session and interactive forum since you may get an answer within a few minutes-hours depending on the number of “TICKET” entries before you. Either way, you can always jump into the interactive forum to post your question and have another member help you out.


Magic Submitter Strategies:

With the recent Google Panda and Penguin updates, you really need to be careful when building back-links to your website. Too many back-links built within a short period of time means “spammy” link building through either the use of software or low quality content. The reality of link building is that it does take time and requires a lot of effort which is why Google for the most part knows when someone has used “black hat” or “forbidden” methods.

Magic Submitter is great for submitting content on many different platforms but the best feature is that it lets you control how and when you submit your content. Using this software lets you achieve incredible results but use the following strategies:

  1. Do not spin your content: Low quality content will definitely raise a red flag so do not spin your content but take the time to write high quality articles and let Magic Submitter take care of the submission process. Writing a quality article should not take more then 30-45 minutes.
  2. Spread out your links: Building 100 links a day is unheard of just ask some of the experts. Manually creating accounts and adding content takes time so anyone getting more then 3-4 back links a day can raise red flags.
  3. Use actual email addresses: Magic Submitter can create fake email accounts like but many article directories, blogging sites, social networking sites and press release sites will ban fake accounts for spam compliance reasons.


Create valid email accounts on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and others. Take about a week or two writing one quality 500-600 word article daily. For press release sites you only need to write 1 per week around 800 words. Don’t forget to add a resource box on the bottom of each article with at least 2 back links to your website.

Using Magic Submitter create several different campaigns to submit one article daily to 2-3 article directories and blog sites. Build 2-3 social bookmarks on the different social platforms using your main keywords and submit your press release to 1 platform daily.

This campaign is built around quality content and a natural link building campaign which will not only get you bumped in the rankings but help you get indexed much more quickly without being penalized by Google for using black hat techniques.

The Pros:

  • Automated process
  • Very easy to setup
  • Over 2,000 different platforms
  • Automated account creation
  • Content spinning
  • Try it out for only $5
  • Free updates
  • Interactive forums
  • Live monthly coaching sessions
  • Auto account verification
  • Complete Magic Submitter Training

The Cons:

  • Take time to setup the initial campaigns
  • The interface requires some training
  • You can sometimes get carried away with building links which can be considered black hat techniques to Google but if you use my strategy above then you’ll have no problem achieving amazing results

Ordering Process:

You can download the Magic Submitter immediately once you place your order. Take advantage of the trial offer for only $4.95 and follow the download instructions emailed to you once your payment has been completed…