The Local Marketing Vault – A System Which Will Transform Your Business

Before getting into the overview, here’s a little history about myself. I’ve been building blogs and working with clients for over 7 years. I’ve always tried to find ways to streamline my marketing process because the old way takes way too long. By the time I’m done with a client’s project, I’ve spent 1-2 years doing repetitive tasks.

What’s the old system of marketing? Free Organic Traffic.

If you’ve been online for several years, you know how hard it is researching keywords and building backlinks. Before this, you spend months building a website and adding content…right? It’s a tedious process, and by the time your finish, it can take years before you see any results and generate leads. I’m always looking for ways to streamline this process so I can generate leads for my clients faster showing them my value. Anyways, with so much competition online, ranking websites through organic means is no longer viable if you want to stay competitive in your niche. Then, I was introduced to the Local Marketing Vault through Jason (someone I’ve worked with in the past). This product was launched by James and Jason earlier this year.

Local Marketing Vault Claims


  • You’ll land clients much faster.
  • Landing clients will be much easier for you.
  • Add money to your bottom line through every client.
  • Add $10,000/Month to your business in 30-90 days.
  • You don’t have to worry about getting results for existing clients.
  • NO need for landing pages and keyword research.

I know you’re skeptical, but read on and you’ll learn how all this is possible.

Local Marketing Vault Overview

Jason and James have put together a proven paid system to generate leads quickly for local businesses. Paid traffic is the solution to lengthy SEO strategies which take time to work. In the end, you want to add to your bottom line…right? The faster you can generate leads, the faster you’ll generate money. With the Local Marketing Vault system, you’ll earn more money than you spend on paid marketing campaigns. The ROI (return on investment) will make sense…it’s that simple!

To better understand the power of this system, you need to compare the two different marketing strategies. For example, when I did things the old way, I would have to – build a site, add content, have a business address, add citations, links, and then repeat. Not to mention, you have NO control over the Google indexing process which can take a minimum of 6 months. Here’s an illustration to help you visualize the old process –


Looking at these steps gives me a headache, and I’m sure it does the same for you. But, here’s the Local Marketing Vault process – build a 2-3 site, generate paid traffic using AdWords, gather leads, convert the leads, and upsell to a website.

This process will ensure you generate leads quickly, furthermore generating money through each lead. As time goes on, you’ll figure out what paid campaigns work and give you the highest ROI. I’ve saved the best for last,

Jason and James have already put together a list of top performing and converting ad campaigns. So far, they have 20 campaigns in their Local Marketing Vault. Here’s some of them –

  • Towing
  • Plumber
  • Dentist Implant
  • Personal Injury Attorney
  • Mortgage
  • Chiropractor
  • Electrician
  • HVAC
  • Gym
  • Hair Salon

Now to be completely unbiased, it’s only fair I talk about some of the concerns people have with the program.

1) I don’t know how to run AdWord campaigns? I’ve never done any marketing on AdWords.

Solution: The Local Marketing Vault gives you the EXACT ad copy which gets the highest conversions. Remember, the vault contains 21 campaigns proven to work.

2) I don’t have any experience with Facebook, or creating ads on Facebook.

Solution: The Local Marketing Vault utilizing Facebook for marketing so gives you ad copies from the FB marketing network too.

3) I don’t have time to create landing pages and do keyword research.

Solution: The Local Marketing Vault system has everything you need. You get EXACT copies of landing pages that convert, and keywords proven to generate a lot of traffic. Jason and James have researched, and included, keywords that have the highest CTR (click-through-rate).

The Verdict

The purpose of any business is to generate profits…right?

The Local Marketing Vault provides an all-in-one solution for every type of local business. Through this system, you’ll get EXACTLY what works to attract people to your landing pages so you can start gathering leads. You don’t need to waste time researching keywords, building landings pages, or waste money testing different ad copies. The Local Marketing Vault provides you with everything so you can focus on generating money.

This program is the REAL DEAL.

How to Get Started?

Acceptance to the program is by invitation only. Jason and James want to make sure the people who are accepted are passionate about their business and will represent the system they’ve created perfectly. They don’t want someone who doesn’t appreciate the process because this devalues their hard work. This is why the first process is to schedule a phone call with them after checking out the FREE training. Some people have done well with the free training generating leads too. J

I think it’s a KILLER product, and worth checking out. It’s an AMAZING system created to give you an edge over your competition and add value to your bottom line.

Here’s a link to that free training again: Local Marketing Vault Free Training