September 2014 Rankings Report – Building Private Blog Network

Around July 7th, 2014, I started building my own Private Blog Network and the results have been amazing. You’ll notice since then I’ve made awesome progress. This experiment is going in the right direction and I’m hoping now that I have a few websites up and running it’ll take a shorter time for the rest of the rankings boost. I’m writing my 1st official report after 2 ½ months since the initial process to purchase expired domains, hosting, writing content and setting them up took around 4-5 weeks. Now I have PBN websites and web 2.0 properties indexed ready to start showing their magic more quickly.

Let’s jump into the progress and what I expect to focus on in October.

Useful Resources

Quick Facts

I want to use this section to “quickly” tell you what I’ve learned in the past 2 months.

First, it’s important to make sure you space everything out correctly. In the end you don’t want Google thinking that these websites went up just to boost a few keywords within the SERP’s. When I first started, I quickly purchased 2-3 domains and started to create websites then write content at a frequency of “1” article per day for each website. This takes a lot of work and the quality will suffer. It’s important to write “1” solid high quality article for each website within your network per week. Remember you’ll have 5-6 websites in no time within your network so that frequency will work perfectly.


A PBN is very powerful if utilized correctly so focus on the keywords that matter. You’ll notice within my Private Blog Network Overview that I focused on several keywords that have 20-40 monthly searches. Writing content and building links to these keywords will improve very little. First, they are very easy to rank because they’re low in competition. Next, even if you do rank them within the top results, you’ll get very little traffic per month. A keyword with 20-40 searches per month equals roughly 1.5 visitors per day. If you use a different approach focusing on keywords with 1,500+/mo, it will drive 30-40 visitors daily. It works out much better for you since these visitors can translate into greater readership, social shares, sales, etc.

The Problem

It takes enormous amounts of content to focus on 22 keywords which is what I’ve been doing for the past 1 ½ months. If you’re working on your private blog network by yourself, it can be a very tedious task. However, in my previous posts I’ve shown you clever ways to streamline the content writing process including hiring a team from, spinning content or even using If you are going to be using any of these, please follow the strategies I’ve outlined under each one.

What did I do?

I wrote content manually just to keep things clean from the start. I focused my energy on ranking these high impact keywords…

  • Keyword Density Tool: (2,400/mo search volume)
  • LSI Keywords: (1,300/mo search volume)
  • Seopressor: (1,600/mo search volume)
  • Seopressor Review: (260/mo search volume)
  • How to Build a Website From Scratch: (3,600/mo search volume)

Ranking Statistics

Here are the results for each keyword…

1. Keyword Density Tool: (2,400/mo search volume)

Start – July 26, 2014 | Rank: 284

Now – Sept 23, 2014 | Rank: 59

Change – (+225)

2. LSI Keywords: (1,300/mo search volume)

Start – July 26, 2014 | Rank: 33

Now – Sept 24, 2014 | Rank: 20

Change – (+13)

3. Seopressor: (1,600/mo search volume)

Start – July 26, 2014 | Rank: 29

Now – Sept 23, 2014 | Rank: 20

Change – (+9)


4. Seopressor Review: (260/mo search volume)

Start – July 26, 2014 | Rank: 23

Now – Sept 23, 2014 | Rank: 9

Change – (+14)


5. How to Build a Website From Scratch: (3,600/mo search volume)

Start – July 27, 2014 | Rank: 157

Now – Sept 22, 2014 | Rank: 27

Change – (+130)


Other Keywords…

Here is a breakdown of the other keywords which are part of this case study. Many of them are ranking without any keyword targeted anchor text. As I grow the network and write more content, I’ll begin to use these keywords as anchor text within the content. I’ll scattered it out still focusing much of my attention on the high volume keywords mentioned above.

Here is a screen shot from SERPfox…results are from July 27th, 2014 -to- September 23, 2014


What’s Next?

Here are my goals for October 2014.

This month (October 2014) is going to be a productive month for me. I currently have 2 websites in my PBN network and I’m looking to add another “2”. The next “2” websites are going to be awesome because I was able to locate expired domains which have high domain and page authority. Next, they have an established PR (page rank) and finally a high enough “Trust Flow” within MajesticSEO.


I’ll be working on creating 2-3 Web 2.0 properties to push juice to my PBN websites. I’ll be writing “1” x 800+ high quality article per day to add to my different websites. I’m contemplating on what keywords to focus on since I am making great progress with my high impact keywords. If I can get them on the 1st page of Google, I can boost traffic to my website by 100+ visitors more per day. These are money keywords which I’m targeting and the boost in SERP’s will definitely net income into my pocket.

I am working on another “epic” case study and would like to add 3-4 more keywords to my PBN case study. The search volumes on the keywords are high and continue to grow each month. This means…


  • Provide more value to my readers showing them how to utilize a PBN network when adding new keywords
  • I can generate more “targeted” traffic to my blog
  • Generate 50% commission if someone decides to purchase the product because of its added value
  • How fast a PBN (once created properly) can boost new keywords and in what time frame

I have only the test results on paper and need to create a video before the case study get’s published. I’ve dedicated next week to complete the work.

I’m planning on implementing another cool trick I learned which I’m hoping will double the progress boosting the keywords further up the Google latter.

These are just my goals for the month of October 2014 and each month I’ll add new goals so we can all follow through on this awesome experience.

Final Thoughts

The last two months have been a huge learning curve since this project was started from scratch. The hardest part was getting through the initial set up process and publishing content, however I’ve built momentum and the rankings have seen a boost. Now that I’m up and running, I can get into high gear and start producing content for PBN websites which are established.

I’ll keep providing updates along the way. I’m hoping I can get an update to you guys at least once a week.

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