Progress 2 Months Later – Building Private Blog Network

Magnifying glass and chartOver the last 2 months I’ve been working on a project involving private blog networks. This project introduced a whole new link building approach which I wasn’t aware of. It has been a lengthy project especially because I decided to tackle it manually. This meant building websites, Web 2.0 properties, writing content and building links manually. While many could have automated the process, I decided to do it manually so I can learn everything hands on. I wanted to find out if “1” person alone can work magic and build something special. I also wanted to show you that ranking keywords doesn’t require anything special but sheer hard work.

This project has been stretched over several weeks since creating websites and adding content had to be done strategically. I’ve also adjusted the keywords more towards “higher” volume and harder to rank. Why? This way you can see the real power of a Private Blog Network when done properly.

I’ll be posting a keyword rankings report at the end of November 2014.

Here is a quick breakdown of what I’ve been doing since my last update in September 2014

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Web 2.0 Properties

In the past 2 months I’ve added another “2” x Web 2.0 properties to my PBN network. Each one has been setup with the following: a logo, categories, SEO tags and a few banners. Note: The banners have completely different affiliate ID’s compared to others. Each website should have different identities, which means setting up separate affiliate accounts using a proxy and different email addresses. However, this process is optional as many people don’t add banners. I prefer to since it makes each property look real and NOT as a link building website.

Again, you have many options when setting up Web 2.0 properties. I rotate between 5-7 platforms making each website look completely different. Here are my Web 2.0 platforms of choice:

You’ll noticed compared to my previous posts, I’ve included “2” more Web 2.0 properties which are FREE and awesome to build backlinks through.

Currently I have 7 PBN websites within my network with “3” on expired domains and “4” through Web 2.0’s.

Content Writing

Writing content for my PBN network has been done manually which has taken up a lot of my time. I continue to write 2 x 700-800 word articles each week and publish them in order. Every month I’m posting “1-2” articles on each network website. Here’s my strategy…

Every piece of content written is longer than the recommended word count by others. When starting many people recommended content 500-600 words however I’m aiming for 700-800 words sometimes going over. This gives me more leverage to create higher quality content. Publishing 800+ word articles per month on each website is perfect to keep the frequency stable and freshness higher than normal. I don’t want the websites to go stagnant so keeping them active is very important.

Content Relevancy

The good thing about writing content for a PBN is you have no shortage of ideas. My strategy when coming up with ideas for content has been to avoid knocking my head against the wall. I’ve decided to use the simple approach which is to skim through other relevant websites looking for ideas and changing content around. Don’t copy and paste content but gather ideas and write out your own thoughts on the topic. For example,

If I know publishes content relevant to both my “target” and “PBN” websites, it’s a great way to grab ideas. If the relevant blog has written content on “6 Blogging Mistakes”, I’ll change things around and write about “4 Blogging Mistakes” from my personal experience. The point is I’m able to get some cool ideas without wasting too much time on topic hunting. My objective is to keep a regular publishing schedule for my PBN. With a regular posting schedule I can continue to build links to my “target” website.

Link Building

Since Google rolled out an update in September 2014 which slapped PBN’s (private blog networks), I changed around my link building formula. The strategy was outlined in my last post: Google De-Indexing Private Blog Networks – Is There a Solution? I’m still following the link building strategy outlined in that post and my PBN has done very well since I suffered NO manual penalties or drop in rankings.

First, I write content between 700-800 words sometimes going above the initial 800+ words. I DO NOT link to my “target” or other PBN websites within each published post. I’m currently linking to 1 sometimes 2 external high authority websites in every single piece of content. I DO NOT exceed more than the maximum “2” links in my content.


Since I spend time writing content which provides substance I get some engagement from these visitors which is valuable one way or another. Next,

1/4 of my content will contain a link to my “target” website and will also link to a high authority external website. Again, I DO NOT exceed more than the maximum “2” links in my content. Every time I link back to my “target” website I use the following anchor text structure.

  • 25% will be EXACT MATCH
  • 75% Will be RELATED MATCH
  • Include no more than “2” links going to “2” separate pages. When building links it’s important to mix around the keywords between “anchor” and “related”.

Where do I find related keywords…very simple…

1)       Google provides the best resource for related keywords. When you type a search query into Google, you’ll receive a drop-down with related keywords. These are all closely related and relevant to your “target” search query. Next,

2)       Once Google generates results from your search query, scroll to the bottom where you’ll see “Searches Related to “yourkeyword” These make great relevant terms for link building within your content and PBN.



What About Fiverr? can be an asset however it will depend on the gig purchased and how it’s used. First, I’ll never purchase a gig to use for my “target” website. Gig’s are cheap and I question the authenticity in relation to them. How can someone build “50” manual backlinks for $5 and claim they are all done manually. That’s my rule of thumb….never use for your “target” website. Secondly,

In relation to my PBN (private blog network), I’ll never purchase any content writing or website setup gig through for obvious reasons:

Content Writing:

Many people offer to write 500 or 2 x 500 word articles for $5. In order for them to make any money they’ll need to have a turnaround time of 2-3 days. This means with 10-15 orders in the queue your essentially writing 5-8 hours straight which can be tiring and stressful. Subtract the fee of $1 for being a seller…you’ll earn $4 per gig and after 10 articles or 5,000 words you’ve earned $40.00 (forty dollars).It’s taken you 8 hours to earn $40 and it’s wasn’t easy!

Around “7” months ago I was a seller on writing content and for the first 5-10 gigs my quality was 100%. After, I started to get tired, quality suffered and delays begin to happen. I stopped selling on because I didn’t want to provide low quality content to people. It was the best decision I made!

My point is that for the price your paying your getting low quality content and many times it’s been spinned using software. Your going to use this content for building links on your PBN’s which won’t be of value long-term. Google has emphasized the importance of quality so I prefer to write my content manually. I might not be able to publish as often but long-term with my PBN not being penalized it’ll be an asset for years to come.


Website Setup:

I don’t need to spend $5.00 for setting up websites which can be done under 10 minutes when using Web 2.0’s. Save that money because it can be used later down the line. You understand that hosting is $3.99/mo so your better off spending that money purchasing an expired domain and hosting. sellers who setup properties will often use software and I just don’t trust them…period!

How Can You Use Fiverr?

Once I’ve manually built my Web 2.0 properties and added content, I’ll let my websites sit for a few weeks. As mentioned I’ll be adding content 1-2 times per week which shows each of my properties are active. Next, I’ll go searching on for just the right gig. On a side note, gigs for building backlinks were recommended by top PBN owners who have done very well ranking keywords and pages. There’s a formula you have to follow when using so you keep things clean and looking natural. When searching for backlinks I’ll often use GSA gigs which build 500+ backlinks and incorporate various different keywords. Since I’ll be using EXACT and related anchor text these gigs are perfect. Next, I won’t be building back links to my “target” website using gigs and it’s important to keep this in mind. These gigs are ONLY good when you need a quick and effective way to build links to your web 2.0 properties.

Here’s my strategy…

Start by looking for a GSA gig which offers 500-700 backlinks for $5. Here’s a good example of a recent gig I purchased…

What is Included in Each Campaign :

– Article spinning & posting to Article Directories
– Blog Commenting
– Forum Postings
– Guestbook Postings
– Social Bookmarkings
– Social Networkings
– Trackback Postings
– Web 2.0 Postings
– Indexing using paid indexing service

Features :

– I use dedicated servers for GSA with High Speed Internet
– I use different C Class Proxies to provide variations in work
– While creating backlinks I use Partial Match Anchor Text, Secondary Anchor Text, Branding Anchor Text, LSI Anchor Text, Generic Anchor Text
– I use URL as Anchor Text, domain as Anchor Text, URL Variation as Anchor Text, Google likes this very much.
– All links look like natural manual works
– Drip feeding as per Google guidelines

The secret is not build all these links to “1” x Web 2.0 property because this will look unnatural. Many people offering gigs will allow you to split the backlinks between websites. I’ll send them a list of 5 x Web 2.0 properties and keywords. For example,

If a gig is offering 500 backlinks, I’ll have them split this between “5” x web 2.0 properties so each site will receive 100 backlinks containing different keywords. This gig is drip “feed“ which means it creates a small amount of backlinks throughout several days. In the end, I have 100 backlinks built to all “5” web 2.0 properties spread out which looks natural.

If you want to cut this down even more, you should send “10” URL’s and you’ll have “50” backlinks instead of 100 built to each web 2.0 property.

The frequency at which I create backlinks through is once every month. If your creating web 2.0 properties every month than you’ll have a handful of new websites to send to each month. For the previous web 2.0 properties which I’ve built links to, I’ll order a gig every 3-4 months. The time I’m not creating links will be used to write unique content manually and adding web 2.0 properties.

Wrapping It Up..

As mentioned, I’ll be posting a keyword rankings report at the end of November 2014 or mid-December 2014. In the meantime, I’m actively creating content and new Web 2.0 properties to add to my network. I’m also trying a few cool strategies which I talk about in my next report.

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