Building A Private Blog Network Website

PBN_111It’s show time! In my previous posts I’ve outlined my (PBN) Private Blog Network Project and it’s time to start building the websites for my network. I spent a day or two trying to figure out ways to streamline the progress reports for each website. Going forward I’ll update this post as I complete steps along the way. Using this approach, you can visit each step by clicking the links below to jump into the walkthrough. It’ll keep things organized  when you’re trying to locate the different steps I’ve taken on this project so far.

Before I continue…

Useful Resources

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Building A Private Blog Network Website

Registering An Expired Domain 1.1
Purchasing Hosting Plan 1.2
Theme And Plug-In Installation 1.3
Writing & Publishing Content 1.4
Creating Web 2.0 Properties 1.5
[UPDATE] Building A Private Blog Network 1.6
September 2014 Rankings Report – Private Blog Network 1.7
How To Protect PBN From Google De-Indexing Update 1.8  (Important)
Progress 2 Months Later – Private Blog Network 1.9