The Magnetic Messaging Review

The Magnetic Messaging system is perfect for all those men that have trouble getting dates. It shows you a simple method in which you can turn your cell-phone into a magnet for picking up women. This system is based around the concept of how to use 3 simple text messages, known as the key lock sequence, to turn a women on and get her out on a date with you. This system has exploded in popularity in the past several months and the feedback the system is getting is incredible. If you are thinking about getting this system, than it’s important to make sure that you have all the details about the program and what it has to offer.

Here’s a complete review of the system that I’ve written to help you make your decision. It covers all the important aspects so lets get started with my official Magnetic Messaging Review.


The Magnetic Messaging system has been created by Bobby Rio a well known dating expert specializing in conversational skills, and Rob Judge a dating coach known for helping guys to “date hotter girls”. They have designed a system which shows you how to use your cell phone as a tool to pickup women using 3 proven methods of texting that will grab a women’s attention. These three messages pump a women full of curiosity, intrigue and desire. The whole system is centered around this “Sexual Inception” which is planting erotic thoughts of you in her mind which leads to chemistry and connection than finally the most important Trusting You.

Exposing The Myth Of Attraction

Before we continue exploring this system further, lets take a look into a myth that many of us believe about attraction. Many of us believe that attraction is- Black or White. We believe that either:magnetic_messaging

  • A women wants you or she doesn’t
  • Either she wants to sleep with you or she doesn’t

And that she makes up her mind the second that she lays her eyes on you. Right?

This is incorrect because a women’s opinion of you can change within a year, month, week, day or even hour. This system has proven it over and over again, so the good news is that you can still win her over even if you haven’t made the best first impression and I know for a lot of us that mentally when we feel that we haven’t made a good first impression, it slows us down and ruins the rest of our night. However, with this system in place, we’ve all been given a second chance.

Conquer The Window Of Opportunity

This phrase has probably been heard by us before and for those of you that are not familiar with it, than let me explain it to you. It’s a short period of time during which an opportunity must be acted on or it will be missed. This window of opportunity applies to any scenario including getting a women’s phone number. She’s given you that phone number because she feels an attraction or chemistry to you, however they expect things to happen quick when there is chemistry. The longer you wait to make contact or the longer you go back and forth texting, than women begin to think that there is nothing there.

They start getting annoyed at the slightest mistakes like:

  • Sending texts that come on too strong
  • Sending her boring texts and the average guy texts
  • Or witty text messaging that they just don’t understand

Within this Magnetic Messaging Review, I’ve decided to run through two common scenarios which is system helps conquer:

1. The Cinderella Effect

You meet a girl at a bar, she smiles at you and your conversation is great. There is that initial attraction and all the signs are indicating that it’s a “Go” meaning that there is definitely something there. You talk about her to your friends and plan the perfect date in your mind, however when you call her she is completely different. She turns mean, cold, disinterested and non-responsive. The most painful thing is that we can’t figure out where we messed up or just went wrong right?

Imagine learning step-by-step how to reignite the first initial attraction and never being embarrassed like this ever again.

2. One Trick Pony

You always try to make her laugh and entertain her by sending her texts. She even replies back laughing and sends you random texts throughout the day. You feel like your getting somewhere, but than you figure out that your just text buddies. She never asks you to meet up and turns you down when you try to plan a night out with her. This is something that all of us have experienced so don’t feel embarrassed.

So, What Is Magnetic Messaging?

It is a step-by-step guide for men that will help you intrigue women, tap into her desire and fill her mind full of curiosity. It’s a system that will show you how to jump start things back up with a women that is slipping away.
This system will allow you to craft “magnetic” text messages that will quickly show you how to engage, connect with and turn on women. It will show you how to write texts that stand out and have her completely ignoring any other messages she’s receiving from other men.

Finally how to go from getting a women’s phone number to getting her out on a date without: magnetic_banner

  • Losing her interest to another guy
  • Without the attraction burning out after a few texts
  • And without accidentally texting your way into the “friend zone” (becoming her text buddy)
  • Amplify her attraction and leave her wanting more

It’s a guide that shows you how to do all of those plus more by sending a few simple texts from your cell phone. The Magnetic Messaging system will teach you the truth about chemistry and attraction that no one has told you before by explaining the following critical point: Emotions = Attention

Anytime you create an emotional state in a women, you momentarily have her attention. This causes the window of opportunity to open back up. Emotions also act as an attraction magnet which reignites the original attraction that she felt when you two first met. This system guides you through the process of sparking that emotion, than get her attention which leads into a meeting or date.

This system shows you how to use these 3 steps to:

  • Text your way out of the friends zone
  • Jump start things back up with a girl that is slipping away without coming across as needy or desperate.
  • Get a girl you just met chasing you and fighting for your attention

The secret sequence has been dubbed The Key Lock Sequence

Magnetic Messaging Key Lock Sequencesequence_1

Key Lock Step 1

The emotional text that grabs her attention and captures her curiosity asking herself: What Comes Next?. This step shows her that your different and exciting and gets her seeing you as attractive, fun and charismatic guy.


Key Lock Step 2sequence_2

You need to be able to bond with her in a way that will have her imagining spending time with you. This step teaches exactly how to achieve this by building an “emotional connection”. It’ll show her that she’s not just a random number stored in your phone and lets her know that you “understand her” and has her associating comfortable feelings with you which can lead you into the final step…

Key Lock Step 3sequence_3

This step is basically planting the idea of her being with you physically, mentally and emotionally. It will have her associating all types of feelings with you and this easily transitions into a meet up. See the thing we need to understand is that its not your ability to spend days texting her interesting things and convincing her that you’re a good guy who really likes her, but its your ability to:

  • Monopolize Her Attention
  • Establish An Emotional Connection
  • And Send Her Text That Brings Her Closer To You

What’s So Great About Key Lock Sequence

  • Quickly get a date with a girl you just met
  • Turn things around with a girl that is losing interest in you
  • Spark things back up with a girl that you haven’t talk to in awhile or that “got away”

Why This System Work So Well?

Earlier we had discussed how attraction isn’t black or white and that a women’s opinion can change of you within an hour so the key lock sequence uses this to your advantage by sparking positive emotions in her and reflecting them back to you. This attractive communication causes her to make a quick judgement that no matter what your actually a fun and charismatic guy. Once you have her attention than you can follow the rest of the sequence to win her over again before the window of opportunity closes.

What Else You Need To Know About Magnetic Messaging

Many men make the mistake of thinking that the more you text a women the more longer that you’ll stay on her mind. You probably text her things like

  • How’s Your Day Going?
  • What You Up To?
  • Hope You Got Home Safe?
  • Have Fun Tonight?
  • Have A Goodnight?

Now you need to realize that none of these text create any sort of emotion and continually texting her would annoy her and have her slipping away. Gripping her attention is not about sending her a lot of texts and following rules like the “3-day rule before first contact” but sending her the right types of text messages.

The Magnetic Messaging System is jammed packed with step-by-step instructions and examples of what exactly to send out when texting a women.
When you grab your copy of Magnetic Messaging you’ll discover how to

1. Carefully craft your language so it keeps her interested in what you have to say furthermore sparking an emotion.
2. How to write a text message which shows your personality to get her laughing and smile whenever she thinks about you.
3. The Radar Texts: The initial texts that you’ll send just to get on the girls radar and have her thinking about you. The radar texts will also have her replying to your messages even if she doesn’t want to. You’’ll be surprised!
4. Plus 4 types of “inside jokes” that shows you get each other which builds a stronger connection to each other.
5. Crafting your meet-up message. This one text can potentially take you from a “buddy” to a “lover” by simply following this guide.
Once you get into the more advanced stuff, you’ll discover the power of “Go Big Texts” to bring a girl back in once she’s slipped away. You’ll receive examples, templates and “prescribed texts” for all of the following situations that I know we’ve experienced:

  • How to respond to the “Who Is This?” text.
  • The only way to respond to the “What Do You Look Like? text.
  • How to handle a situation when she doesn’t respond
  • How soon and what to text her the day of the date.
  • How to reignite an old number if you think too much time has past.
  • The right way to be funny over texts
  • How to shift the conversation from general talk to more intense flirtatious messaging
  • How soon to text a girl after your first date
  • How to get a girl to send pictures of herself to your phone

You get a complete list of texts that will help you conquer almost every situation that you can think of. Listen, we’ve all been in similar situations and have been rejected or disappointed, but we can change this by just making a few slight changes to the texts made over our phones.

Hundreds of guys have used this system and almost immediately noticed a change in the way women respond to their messages. Experience this system for yourself and with your purchase you get some incredible magnetic messaging free bonuses:

Infatuation Formula Video Program : A specific “Emotional Cocktail” that you can give a women to fall in love with you. She’ll start making excuses to come see you. (Value $79)

30-Day Free Trial Of The Magnetic Mastermind Kit: Includes shared secrets from the biggest players and secrets on how to dominate various social scenes. You’ll here from frat guys, corporate guys, club promoters. (Value $47)

99 Best Texts Of All Time: You’ll get some of the best texts messages that have been proven to work time and time again like: (Value $67)

  • The best text to send her the day after meeting her for the first time. This will definitely put a smile on her face.
  • Effective texts for getting her to respond to your messages even if there has been no communication between you two for the past year or more.
  • If you got to drunk and messed up the last time you saw her, than send her the “instant recovery text”

Common Questions About The Magnetic Messaging System

1. How quickly will I receive Magnetic Messaging and it’s bonuses?

Answer: The answer is instantly. The program is completely digital and once you complete your order, you’ll receive an confirmation email with a downloadable link.

2. What age group does Magnetic Messaging work on?

Answer: This system works on all age groups. People have bought the system and it has been tested on people from 16 -50 years old.

3. What if I don’t want the Magnetic Mastermind Kit?

Answer: This is optional and on the order page you can uncheck next to it so its not included in your order.

4. Does this only work on girls I meet at bars and clubs?

Answer: No, this system has been tested in all different scenarios like work, at networking events, social circles, the gym and several other social places.

5. What makes this program different than any other program on texting women?

Answer: It’s very simple, Experience! Rob has been using this program for over 2 years with complete success. He has over the years made slight changes to it until it was mastered. He saw what worked, what responses he receive and taken the pattern over the last two years to create this full-proof system. This is what makes it so different, that your not getting this program from a person with no experience whose trying to make a quick buck.

6. How long will it take me to get through the material?

Answer: You can get through this material very quickly. Since this system provides so many examples and templates, you can start using this system in the next 5 minutes.

7. How fast will I see results after using this system?

Answer: The first time you send a text using this program, your going to immediately see a different response from a women. Even if you haven’t seen or talked to this girl in several months, once you use this system, you’ll see incredible results.

We give the Magnetic Messaging System a big thumbs up. Highly recommended.

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