Knowing Your Blogs Purpose Can Help Your Link Building Campaign

The past several days I was trying to figure out what my first “link building strategies” post should be and figured what better way to start then discussing the importance of “purpose” and how it relates to the link building process. When referring to the term “purpose” I am referring to: What Exactly Are You Trying to Achieve?

Before starting any link building campaign you need to have a website in place so you can focus your link building efforts around your website. Your website will probably be promoting a product or provide valuablePURPOSE_WEBSITE information either way they both reflect a purpose or objective you are trying to achieve. Over several years I have been consulting businesses on effective link building strategies however I always start by looking over each and every website trying to gather a hand full of words that would describe what their business is all about. It just makes my life a lot easier!

You don’t need to be a rocket science to understand the value of KEYWORDS because each time you’re typing something in Google your pretty much typing one in, but you do need to understand how KEYWORDS play an important role in link building. A link building campaign is built around keywords and the keywords you choose reflect the purpose of your website.

Since this is the first step of any link building campaign or better known as SEO (search engine optimization), let’s explore a few ways to help you determine your “PURPOSE”.

How I Determined My Blog’s Purpose

There are a few ways that you can determine what the purpose of your blog is and for those of you who are starting a new blog you need to remember that your blog cannot be about everything. The more broad your blogs scope, the more challenges because you’ll have tons of competition. For example, here’s the problem, if you have a blog on “Internet Marketing” then you can write on topics like:

  • Organic search marketing
  • Article marketing
  • Blog marketing
  • Press releases
  • Banner advertising
  • Etc…

I hope you guys understand what the problem is with “Internet Marketing” since it is pretty obvious, the topic is so broad that I wouldn’t know where to start and how to divide up my time while writing my content. The next problem is how do you market this blog and personally you’ll just tired yourself out writing enormous amountS of content on such a broad topic. So, what’s my advice…?

For Existing Blogs:

Many of you are probably trying to start a link building campaign around an existing blog that you have been working on for some time now. If this is the case then ask yourself the following questions to find out what it is you are trying to achieve:

  • What is the main content of my blog: Over the years you have probably focused your attention on one topic more then another and have had some success doing that. Focus your marketing efforts on your main content.
  • Do a quick Google Keywords search: Use your blogs URL as the main search term to see what keywords the tool sends back. Google Keyword Tool will bring up terms or phrases which are associated with your blog and these are great keywords to focus on when building a campaign.




  • Start from scratch: This is the long route because you are essentially starting with no keywords in mind and ignoring the content on your blog for the time being. You are going to select words which are in common with your blog but in most cases choosing high competitive keywords with large traffic. Many people use this strategy to rank for a single high traffic keyword and if you end up ranking high in search engines, you can pretty much make your blog a success.

With option 1 you’ll have the most success because it is the most focused approach since you taking the content of your blog and narrowing it down to one specific niche and then building your campaign around it. Option 1 has also produced results in the shortest amount of time since it was a more focused approach. I am not sure how much time each and everyone of you have to devote to your blog and link building campaign but from my experience a broad link building campaign is setting yourself for a lengthy process which can produce NO results.

Starting a New Blog:

If you’re starting a new blog then you’ll have an easier time because you can focus your blog around a very specific niche and then build a campaign around that niche. Niche and keywords can be considered the same thing so if my blog is on “one way link building strategies” then I already know what my first keyword will be…“one way link building strategies”. Later I can find some more relevant keywords based around my niche and there are many tools available that will help you find relevant keywords with the most popular being Google Keywords Tool.LINK_BUILDING_STRATEGIES

I knew that I could not write about everything to do with website or content marketing so I decided to do some research and found that many people were looking for “link building strategies” and find out that many SEO services were being offered to business owners. Just the fact that there are thousands of link building services told me that link building is definitely a HOT topic. I looked over some other link building blogs and wanted to do something different compared to the other ones so I decided to make my blog more practical. I wanted to provide a complete step-by-step guide on how you can start a SEO campaign where your website is NOT ranking in any search engines and by the end of my guide you would be ranking on the top pages of every popular search engine. I wanted my blog to be easy to follow, understand with resources and case studies. My blog niche can be narrowed down like this: Website>General Marketing> Internet Marketing>Link Building Techniques

Here are some tips for new bloggers on how to choose your niche (purpose):

  • Choose a niche you have experience in: In order for you to provide valuable content that will help other bloggers you need to know what you are talking about. You need to provide strategies that will provide value to your readers and help them achieve an outcome. In my case, I have been creating websites for business and consulting in SEO for over 3 years so obviously my blogs niche would be a perfect fit for me. To provide a step-by-step guide on link building strategies is something I can do from experience and each post I write is not researched but actual strategies I’ve been using for several years.
  • Make it specific: Going to broad cause’s problems and you lose focus. Don’t forget that most times you’re a one man operation trying to achieve results quickly. In my example, I could have chosen “e-marketing” as my niche and focused on different ways you can market online but that would be way too broad and I’ll need countless hours to even attract an audience. I took this one step further and chose “link building” because it was more specific and I can produce quality content achieving success much quicker.
  • Make sure it’s your passion: In the beginning I made the mistake of choosing something I didn’t really care about and that affected my content quality. I had no knowledge on the topic and there were days that I was tired and didn’t care to write about something I had no passion in. Writing on a topic which excites you gives you that extra push to share what you know and write content which no other blogger can write.
  • Make sure it has potential: Your blog can make money but only if there is potential to make money, that’s why finding a niche which has a large business offering is always a good idea. There are many “link building services“ and if you want to see for yourself go to Google and type in “link building services” in quotations and it’ll return 1,330,000 results with that exact phrase in them. I’ve consulted and done SEO for businesses in the past so I know that my blogs niche has potential.


  • Write down a few things that interest you: Grab a paper and write down some things that you are passionate about. Just lean back in your chair and think about your hobbies and what you have experience in. For those of you starting a money making blog, your experience is a good place to start. Having experience in an area that others have little can make your blog valuable.
  • Keyword research: There are many tools available online that can provide you a breakdown of what people are searching and the current trends. Google Keywords Tool and Google Trends are probably the most popular and they are both free. Use these tools to find out what people are searching and then type those “keywords” into Google search and see how many results come back. If you have a keyword which is being typed into Google around 10,000/mo and there are very few websites that provide information on that topic or keyword, you may have found a starting point. I will write a step-by-step post later on how to perform strategic keyword research.
  • Does it have a magazine following: Many times I’ve found that popular topics always have a large magazine following which means that there is excitement in those areas. Go online or even visit a local store and browse the magazine section and you’ll notice that health, wealth, relationships and technology have almost three times the magazines available than any other niche. Explore these magazines and look for HOT topics then come home and perform some keyword research to find out the competition.
  • Explore your current blogs trends: If you have a blog then perform some analytics to find out what areas of your blog is visited the most. Look over your posts and where most of the comments are because both of these factors can help you find out what posts people find interesting. You’ll notice that traffic within certain areas and topics is higher than others and this can be a starting point for your linking building campaigns.

Watch Out For My Next Post

I want to make sure that everything is broken up into topics so they are easy to follow. This post should get you thinking and my next post i`ll outline a complete guide to keyword research.