Google De-Indexing Private Blog Networks – Is There A Solution?

Soccer referee giving red cardRecently many top bloggers who have experimented with building their own PBN (private blog network) websites have been de-indexed. This Google algorithm updated seemed to rolled out anywhere from Aug 22, 2014 – Sept, 2014 however the EXACT date could be way before that time. The impact has been huge with people losing 10 –to- 80 websites after this update which has been geared at Private Blog Networks. I don’t want people to start flipping out because I haven’t been affected by the recent Google threat. However, it’s important to note that I’ve been doing a few things differently since I started building my PBN websites.

Here are few things I wanted to discuss…

  1. What Happen To Me?
  2. What Happen To Others (examples)
  3. Things To Keep In Mind Moving Forward
  4. My Secret Weapon

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What Happen To Me?

Over the last week, I’ve seen increases in my numbers which I contribute to the way I have designed my Private Blog Network. I’ve always been paranoid about Google and the way they do updates so decided to take a proactive role when designing my network. I’m always put a huge emphasis on “high” quality content, diversification, authority link building and it’s been working like a charm. There’s a reason why Google has been stressing the importance of “high” quality work over several months. If you look over the changing patterns in the Google algorithm, it emphasizes these 4 things…

  • Avoid poor quality content which has depth
  • Avoid linking to “thin” content websites
  • Avoid blackhat spammy link building techniques
  • Avoid excessive link building

Check out the entire post here: Google Panda- What’s Changed, the Trends and How to Beat the Recent Updates

You can see from the report that I’ve had a Net Change of 23+ over the last couple of days. There can be many factors why this change occurred but as long as I haven’t seen any manual penalties applied to my “targeted” website I’m in the clear.


What Happen To Others

I went through some of the blogs I visit regularly to find out what they have to say. You can check out their blogs to better understand what affects the de-indexing update appears to have on them.

What About Moving Forward?

I know many of you have been building your own private blog network and are scared about being penalized by Google. However, there are a few accepted procedures that you can implement into your strategy to lower the chances of being penalized by Google going forward. I talked to one of my mentors that has a Private Blog Network running for over two years. I asked him if he was affected by the recent update and he said “NO”.

After having a conversation with him for over an hour, we discussed strategies that have proven to work time and time again. Here they are from most to least important….

1)       Write high quality content relevant to your “targeted” website. Content should be in-depth well over the normal threshold of 500-600 words. I usually write content 900-1500 words. If you have trouble writing content this long then spread out the process over several days writing 200 words per day.

2)       Frequency should be no more than “2” posts per week. However make sure to follow the linking strategy mentioned in the next step.

3)       DO NOT link out every post. You need to have websites look as real as possible which means NOT having your content always linking to your “targeted” website. You CAN link out to other relevant authority websites within your content. DO NOT exceed more than “1” external link to a relevant source.

4)       Every 4th piece of content published should be linked to your “targeted” website. Include no more than “2” links going to “2” separate pages. When building links it’s important to mix around the keywords between “anchor” and “related”.

5)       Make sure to keep working on the design of your website so it looks as real as possible. For example, add a Home, About Us and Contact Us page. Next, add some menus relevant to your niche making it more realistic. It’s not important to do this all in one day but when you have time…work on the design!

My Secret Weapon

I mentioned in my previous posts that I’ve been experimenting with some “secret” techniques figuring out how well they boost rankings within the SERP’s. Its good old fashion link building but with an added twist. So far they have been proven to be a totally safe method and can boost rankings by 20%-30% per month. I’ve implemented a few strategies and have been looking over the long-term effects. The last thing I want to do is introduce them and you get penalized losing a website you worked hard over several years.

I wanted to let you know there are safe alternatives to link building however you just need to be creative and use the resources you have available. I’ll be done testing these methods in October 2014 and will give you a complete breakdown.

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