Getting Started With Blogging Part 1: Domain, Hosting and WordPress Setup

There are many of you that are just getting into blogging and need to know the fundamentals for purchasing the right domain, hosting and installing the WordPress platform on your hosting account. However, on the flip side many of you have already completed all 3 steps and are ready to jump into other lessons. Just like all my other tutorials, I’m going to keep this one straight forward and easy to understand. The comment box after this post is always open for questions and suggestions.

Choose Your Domain

This step is NOT as complicated as many of you think because you essentially need to choose a domain name that represents what your blogging about. For example, I wanted my blog to provide link building tips that would help you get ranked on the Google SERP’s so decided to choose a domain that represented my purpose: There are a few questions you will want to ask yourself before purchasing a domain like if you are building a brand around your name or would like to build it around a business name. If you are building a brand around your name then choose something like Some great examples of bloggers who have built a huge following branding their name are,, and

Things to remember…

  • Figure out are you building a brand based on your name or business name
  • Choose a domain which is between 6-15 characters
  • Choose a domain which makes sense and can be remembered
  • Choose a domain relevant to what your blog or website will be about
  • Always go for the “.com” extension as that is the most recognized
  • You can always choose country specific like “” if you live in United Kingdom

Registering Your Domain

I like to keep my domain and web hosting account under the same provider because it helps streamline the entire setup process. GoDaddy has long been my provider for domains, hosting and gives you the ability to upgrade your hosting to VPS or dedicated hosting if you need that extra space once your blog begins to pickup.

It’s very simple, go to and on the homepage you’ll see a domain search function.


Signing Up for Web Hosting

Another very simple process and I would stick with purchasing hosting through my domain provider. A few important things I would like to outline, GoDaddy provides webhosting at very affordable prices and you should always start off with the lowest monthly plan because sometimes you don’t require that extra space, not as of yet anyway, plus GoDaddy’s basic plans are amazing providing you with…godaddy_3

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 100GB of disk space
  • 100 email accounts
  • Free Domain on 12 month plan purchase
  • $114.13 Google Adwords credit
  • $57.06 Facebook Advertising credit
  • 10 Fotolia® Photo Credits

Upgrading your hosting plan at a later time can be done with a click of your mouse through your control panel. I have around 20 domains with GoDaddy and 2 hosting plans which are all controlled through 1 simple control panel. All GoDaddy accounts come with a script that will automatically install the WordPress platform on your hosting plan so there is NO need for you to download the WordPress file, unzip it and go through the tedious job of setting it up yourself. Through GoDaddy you just need to fill out a few simple fields. Now that’s awesome!

Installing WordPress

In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to install WordPress through GoDaddy since they are my domain and hosting provider. If you are using another hosting provider it is best to contact them to find out if the automatic installation process is available through your control panel. However, if you already have a blog setup, then I am pretty sure that you have already gone through the WordPress setup and this would not apply to you.

Let’s get started…with this quick video tutorial: