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Ultimate Guide to “Overcoming Writers Block” – 8 Simple Steps

Writing block can hinder the creative process for bloggers. Even experienced bloggers would admit that they’ve had days where writing content seemed impossible because they couldn’t put together ideas that were intriguing enough. I’ve always wondered if writing content was done through a sequence of steps if it would help eliminate writers block. I’ve decided […]

14 Expert Bloggers Discuss Their Most Effective Link Building Techniques

Trying to find the most effective link building technique? Well… Building a successful blog takes a lot of hard work. When I started blogging I had no idea on how to generate traffic. Finding the answer online wasn’t helping at all because everyone had their own opinion on what works and what doesn’t. I’m the […]

13 Content Writing Tips That Will Crush Your Competition

Writing web content is what bloggers need to do best because it’s what attracts readership and builds loyalty. Whenever I start writing content for my blog I spend a day or two putting together a blueprint of what I feel will be quality content for my readers and something that they can relate to. Blogging […]

Blog Action Plan: 2014 February 23rd – 30th

We’ve been covering the essentials of setting up WordPress on your hosting and adding content to your newly created blog. Before continuing to Part 3 of my series make sure to complete the previous two parts so that your blog is setup and configured correctly. Part 1: Blog Action Plan: 2014 February 8th – 14th […]

15 “Must Read” Resources for Writing Web Content

Every blogger needs help when writing web content and some of the best resources available to them is to visit other niche targeted blogs. When I started, I followed some of the power bloggers within my industry and read what they had to say. Anyway, if you’re a new blogger or just need some direction […]

24 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic in 30 Days

Sometimes it’s better to forget about everything you’ve learned about traffic generation and start fresh because the tides change more frequently in internet marketing than any other. Over the last seven years of blogging I’ve seen the demise of more marketing strategies then I ever did previously. The secret to generating enormous traffic to your […]

Blog Action Plan: 2014 February 15th – 22nd

Here is the second part of my “Blog Action Plan” series where we will be discussing the next 5 steps to building the ultimate money making blog. If you have NOT completed the first part of the series, then go and complete the first 5 steps. Here it is… Blog Action Plan: 2014 February 7th […]

A Little Spark of Motivation

Yesterday was one of those days that I headed out and started to think hard and long about my life. It’s been a tough year full of heartbreaks and losses. Financially I didn’t do that well either so I’m always looking for motivation to get me through the day. However, last week did have its […]

Blog Action Plan: 2014 February 7th -14th

Establishing an authority blog in any niche takes time and there are a set of diverse actions that must be done in a specific order to produce positive results. Ever since I’ve been involved in consulting small businesses helping them establish an online presence, I’ve been able to play around with different things just like […]