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The Local Marketing Vault – A System Which Will Transform Your Business

Before getting into the overview, here’s a little history about myself. I’ve been building blogs and working with clients for over 7 years. I’ve always tried to find ways to streamline my marketing process because the old way takes way too long. By the time I’m done with a client’s project, I’ve spent 1-2 years […]

Traffic & Income Report for December 2014

Welcome to my 10th Traffic & Income Report for the month of December 2014. This has been an awesome month and hard work has definitely paid off. You’ll notice a jump in every report compared to last month November 2014. I started utilizing what I’ve learned over the last 6 months tweaking my traffic and […]

Link Building Strategy 101: Ultimate Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has been an awesome source for traffic and brand recognition. I’ve used it to generate thousands of targeted visitors to my website. Many people underestimate the power of guest blogging but it continues to be a vital tool in blog growth. On January 20th, 2014, Matt Cutts, head of webspam at Google, published […]

Progress 2 Months Later – Building Private Blog Network

Over the last 2 months I’ve been working on a project involving private blog networks. This project introduced a whole new link building approach which I wasn’t aware of. It has been a lengthy project especially because I decided to tackle it manually. This meant building websites, Web 2.0 properties, writing content and building links […]

Top 80 FREE Do-Follow Article Submission Sites [UPDATED]

Here is my Ultimate List of 80 Do-Follow Article Directories which have been tested and verified each week. Use this list to build back-links and increase your page rank.

Simply set up an account, add your keyword in the resource box and submit your article. These are all do-follow article directories which will be indexed by Google.

Specialized Web Hosting Packages – WordPress, Joomla and Drupal

It’s no secret that every individual and/or business has a website presence which is a great way for them to provide information to their customers about company news, trends and changes. However, many people are in the business of blogging and providing readers problem solving “content” within a specific niche. Over the years things online […]

Don’t Waste Your Time With These SEO Tactics…They Don’t Work Anymore!

I’ve spent a lot of time researching new SEO methods which will boost your content within the SERP’s. I have to admit, much of it has to do with “high” quality content, clever link building, etc. If I was going to publish a post on SEO strategies that work well at ranking your content then […]

Google De-Indexing Private Blog Networks – Is There A Solution?

Recently many top bloggers who have experimented with building their own PBN (private blog network) websites have been de-indexed. This Google algorithm updated seemed to rolled out anywhere from Aug 22, 2014 – Sept, 2014 however the EXACT date could be way before that time. The impact has been huge with people losing 10 –to- […]

September 2014 Rankings Report – Building Private Blog Network

Around July 7th, 2014, I started building my own Private Blog Network and the results have been amazing. You’ll notice since then I’ve made awesome progress. This experiment is going in the right direction and I’m hoping now that I have a few websites up and running it’ll take a shorter time for the rest […]