Blogging With John Chow Review

John Chow is one of the pioneers of blogging. Thousands of people read his blog everyday finding out new blogging strategies and how to build your blog into a money making machine. If you’re going to listen to anyone, than John Chow is the best you’re going to find. His personal blog makes over $40,000 per month and he accomplished this within two years. He has been featured in several magazines and newspaper publications like The Vancouver Sun, the Globe and Mail, the New York Times and many more.

John has just to launched a new product called Blogging with John Chow which shows you step-by-step how to make money on the internet. John Chow will show you just how easy it can be done with simple step-by-step guides teaching you how to create a fantastic blog from scratch.

Here is a complete Blogging with John Chow Review, going over some of the great features of the program and how quickly you can get started with making money online.

Is This Program Right For You?

Many of you are probably asking if this program will be able to help you especially if you have no previous experience creating websites or never had a personal blog for yourself. This is why this program is so great because it works even if you:

  • Have no website or blog
  • Have no technical knowledge
  • Have no time to blog
  • Have no expertise in your niche

Blogging With John Chow is for all levels of experienced people so if you have never started or written a blog in your life, than this system is perfect for you because it will show you exactly how the professionals do it.
Discover The Following:

  • Discover how John Chows simple blog generates over $40,000 every single month
  • Create blogs earning thousands of dollars every month, thanks to the industry’s best-kept secret
  • Learn the 7 biggest secrets which guarantees success in any niche you blog in
  • Achieve success in blogging using a simple PROVEN step-by-step blueprint
  • Building a blogging empire earning over $523,477 a year (with minimal effort)
  • Get started with your very own blog in a few short clicks.
  • Sell your 6 month old blogs for 5 figure payday.

What Do You Get With Your Purchase?

Module 1: Building Your Bank Accounts

All bloggers need to start somewhere, and in this section you learn the steps needed to start your blog from scratch all the way to launch day.

  • What to write about and how to stand apart from the sea of competition in your niche.
  • Learn the most common mistakes newbie bloggers make and how to avoid these common pitfalls
  • Blog your way to the bank and learn more about the great content boom of 2012.

Module 2: Launching Your Blog

You have created an attractive blog and drawn traffic to it, but how can you get loyal readers for your blog? Here’s complete list of the best plug-ins to increase page views and attract quality visitors in this section.

  • Learn your blog software options. Don’t worry, there’s nothing technical here.
  • The importance of picking a good domain name for your blog.
  • There is no secret that WordPress is the CMS of choice and learn the motions of setting it up and installing the golden plugins that John Chow uses on his personal blog.

Module 3: Building Your Brand

The module covers how John Chow built his blog to one of the most recognizable blogs on the internet. He shows you exactly how you can do it too.

  • Learn the 7 Habits of successful bloggers and observe how they brand themselves to their target audience.
  • Most people that do any kind of marketing online, fail to understand how to leverage the social networking in the right way. You’ll learn the right way to go about it.
  • John Chow reveals how to widen your presence on a number of different internet platforms that most would not even consider.

Module 4: Content Is King (Writing Quality Content)

It is through quality content that will help you establish a good first impression and enable your blog to keep attracting repeat visitors. Everything else will follow from here….

  • Content will be the cornerstone of your blog, and if you write what you know and do a splendid job at catering to your audience, a good position in the SERPS is inevitable.
  • Go through the patented Content Kaleidoscope by learning more about videos, podcasts, photos and other mediums to deliver content to your reader.
  • Learn how to attract comments by the truckload and manage them.

Module 5: Monetizing 101

They say “content is king, but marketing is queen and the bitXh runs the household”. Here’s why.

  • Money talks and here you’ll learn the secrets to how John Chow managed to take his blog from ZERO to $40,000 a month in only a span of 2 years.
  • Find out how to charge maximum dollars for premium ad space in your blog.
  • Embrace other forms of advertising and in this section you’ll learn of specific tools and networks to build your affiliate network.

Module 6: Hunting Down Readers

Expand your reader base by learning to forge alliances with your competitors. The pie is big enough for everyone and that applies to all niches.

  • Connect with other bloggers by networking, guest-posting and establishing long-lasting JV Partnerships.
  • Find out the best ways to use RSS Feeds to get subscribers to the end-game destination – your blog!
  • Learn how to analyse your blog statistics to know what your readers want, and how to give it to them

Module 7: Optimize For Google attracts over 200,000 visitors a day and is synonymous with the term ‘make money online’. Wanna learn how you can too?

  • Panda/Penguin be damned. You learn the secrets to passing the Google litmus test without taking the black hat road.
  • Learn highly effective linking strategies and how to build links the natural way so you won’t get hit by the Google sandbox.
  • Research your keywords properly and use your articles to drive massive and lasting traffic to your site.

There are 2 items in particular that I believe will help newbies greatly:

A 30 day action plan is included – Getting started blogging can be very tough especially when you have lots of options. Often people would suffer from information overload. However, John Chow explains exactly “what do I need to do today” which breaks it down a lot better.

A Complete Blogging Course – As you can probably tell from the modules that this program is actually a complete system. Often when you purchase a program, you’ll get bits and pieces which leaves you confused and lost in the information. John Chow provides you a complete solution from start to finish no matter what level blogger you are. I can guarantee that you’ll find something within this program that you’ll find interesting, exciting and want to implement right away. Remember, John Chow has been blogging for over 10 years so he definitely is giving you his complete experiences within this course.

But again you have to actually use the product for it to be effective for you. This is why I love the 30 day action plan. When you get this product it will help ensure that you actually consume it and are not completely frustrated just being given a ton of info.

Sure you can be John Chow in a couple years and make a six figure income but if your a newbie you need to know what to do right now for 10 mins. What to do tomorrow for 10 mins… etc.. Great way to approach it.

Watch John’s video where he explains more about his new product Blogging With John Chow.