Bloggers Mission Statement

It has been a few days since I’ve written a blog post and the reason is very simple because I’ve been trying to find a unique way to relate to my readers. I know that many of you who visit my blog are beginners and are trying to get a jump start in the blogging world or affiliate marketing. The main goal for all of you and me is to find awesome ways to attract an audience and make money online through blogging.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been sitting in my chair reading over countless other authority blogs and books which I’ve piled up in my library collection absorbing as much information as possible however the content within these books can already be found online. So what’s the difference? Well, I’ve decided to change my approach to blogging and try something different which is to provide all of you my step-by-step techniques which I’ve implemented to grow my audience each and every day. I’ve decided to do my own case studies and give you a real-time sequence of events that I’ll write about in 1-2 blog posts each week. It’s a complete guide on how I grew my blog from zero visitors to one of the most popular affiliate marketing blogs on the internet. I know that this is NOT going to be easy but what is ever easy…right? If you are visiting my blog then you’re having a hard time getting your foot in the door so you need someone to guide you through each and every step showing you what works and what doesn’t. I am not going to hide any information because that will defeat the objective in what I am trying to achieve with my audience.

Why I’m I Doing This?mission-statement

Let me tell you a little bit about myself before I get into the nitty-gritty, my name is Rizvan Ullah and for the past 7 years I’ve been experimenting with all aspects of online marketing. I first started my career designing websites with my first major project being an e-commerce website which sold electronics at wholesale pricing. I did very well with this endeavour because the timing was right and I was an online operation with NO overhead costs. I was offering high end products which were available at big retailers for a 65% mark-up for 15% the price. The problem was that I was operating within Canada and when the “$” dropped my whole business model took a hard hit pretty much closing down my operation.

Next, I was always into computers and online marketing visiting forums like Digitalpoint and WarriorForum and the very thought of these guys making 5K-10K from a self sustaining business was awesome. There was much growth available in this industry so I decided to start my own forum. This was a huge mistake because I had NO marketing experience and I lost hundreds of dollars each month trying to keep a forum going in too much of a broad niche. This was the first time I had ever heard of the term a “niche” market and started to self-educate myself on affiliate marketing and what other ways I can make money online. My answer: CPA marketing which is a Cost-Per-Action model that pays per conversions and can be very lucrative.

CPA marketing was NOT a bad gig for around 2-3 months and I made money thorough promoting offers on PPC networks, Facebook, PPV and even setting up my own email servers to bulk email consumers with offers. I made a decent amount of money until in 2004 when many advertising networks started to crack down on the whole CPA model. Even email clients like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail made it very difficult to inbox your emails sending about 75% of them to SPAM. I had a good run and learned a lot of neat tricks about email marketing which I’ll share with you in some of my tutorials at a later time.

Finally, my experience led me to consult for small businesses helping them set up an online presence and providing them with monthly link building services. I worked with a portfolio of around 10-15 clients at any given time and enjoyed my work since I met many great people and helped them achieve what they always wanted: Starting a business and building an online empire expanding their business. That was great for them but for me I worked day and night and got paid for effort while these companies saw a 200% increase in business I still got a lousy monthly pay check from them. If you calculate the hours put in and the headaches it completely deflated my earnings.

The Turning Point…

With every story you have a “aha moment” where you realize that you can be doing something more with what you know and have experienced. I’m lucky that with all my projects and headaches I’ve learned a lot so why not share this experience with all of you. I know I can provide some authority insight on questions that many of you struggle with daily. However, instead of jumping into a niche where it’s flooded with authority blogs and compete with all of them, I’ve decided to work with them reading what they’ve written and communicating with them asking some tough questions getting their help. I respect many of them and you’ll hear about them in my upcoming blogs because you have to give them credit since they started from nothing and built an authority online with thousands of loyal followers.

However this still does not solve the problem that many of us have…

Many people have forgotten about the classic step-by-step approach or as I sometimes refer to “take me by the hand” approach. It’s very easy for people to write about their success but they sometimes forget to show you how to achieve that success. Instead of me showing you the big paychecks why not show you how I got them and give you a step by step method to do the exact same thing with your blog. Many bloggers do not do this because they have the mentality that giving away all the secrets will allow others to flourish and take the spotlight away from your blog. In some cases this can be true but ultimately it’s not human nature to leave your mentor…is it? As Anthony Robbins the successful motivational speaker put it in his book Awaken the Giant Within

People’s behaviors are related to their pain and pleasure responses. If you give them enough pain they will respond by moving away from the painful source or situation however give them enough pleasure and they will tend to stick to it forever.

Providing you a playbook on building a successful blog which attracts an audience and a full-time income will give you a pleasurable sensation and “I” believe loyalty. Now, I could be wrong or right, but I rather have someone succeed because of me then fail so decided to approach my blogging using this step-by-step method.

Here’s a Breakdown of My Mission?

First, it is important to mention that I started my blog only a few weeks ago and DO NOT have a following with my daily visits being roughly around 3-6 visitors per day. As you can tell I have a fairly new blog which means that we will be growing our audience together.3D Marketing Crossword

Secondly, my goal is to write 1-2 blog posts per week which will include blogging tips, case studies, scheduling and whatever else comes into my mind during that day or week. You see, the best way I figure to approach blogging is to speak my mind and relate to my audience. If I’m feeling depressed because of the lack of progress then why not tell you guy’s right? I mean if you guys can learn from my experience and save yourself some of the headache then I’ve accomplished my goal for today. What I’ll try is provide some insightful tips on how to overcome blogger withdrawal which is when you feel hopeless that your efforts are going unnoticed. We all need a push now and then and I’ll do my best to steer all of you in the right direction with motivational quotes, personal experiences and obviously quality content.

How about reporting? Reporting will be very transparent and I’ll post weekly progress reports and then wrap up the entire month with a summary post showing…

  • All posts written for the month on my blog
  • Screen shots of all analytics and statistics
  • The popular blog posts that I read on other authority niche blogs that helped me out and which will be an asset for all of you to read on your own time.
  • Income statement reports from affiliate commissions, advertising and other avenues which are making a profit for my blog
  • Complete breakdown of link building campaigns done for the month including source with URL so you guys can follow through and use the same resources.
  • Social media progress
  • Concluding with profit & loss report

The Action Plan Segment

This is going to be absolutely mind blowing because it literally takes all of you by the hand and walks you through the process of doing exactly what I am doing through daily “Action Plans” posts on my blog. In order for me to make sure that the flow of each and every plan is very simple, I’ll post them on a weekly basis outlining a daily plan for you guys to follow through on. I’ve chosen this approach because it will give you the chance to have a full week’s project to work on at your own pace. The “Action Plan” segment will systematically build your blog from the ground up providing solutions to many basic problems that many bloggers have when starting like

  • Setting up your blog
  • Designing your blog and navigation
  • Writing quality content which appeals to writers
  • Joining niche targeted affiliate networks
  • Landing pages which attract opt-ins
  • Setting up your plugins and social media accounts
  • Installing plugins within WordPress
  • And much more

I can guarantee you that if you follow through on each and every step of the “Action Plan” you will have a very successful blog which is making you a full time income on a monthly basis. You will be a powerhouse in your niche and will be living the dream of being self employed enjoying life as an entrepreneur.

What’s Next…

We have covered the fundamentals of my blog and starting today it is time to make some positive changes within your life by building your blog and making money. Again everything will be outlined step-by-step so you just have to visit my blog to guide you through on a daily basis by viewing my updated blog posts. I’ve set up a few social media accounts that will alert you when I’ve posted new content.

There are two important steps that I want you to take right now…Gplus-Twitter-Facebook-8001

First, follow me on Twitter, Facebook & Google +…



Google +:

Secondly, please view my current blog statistics below. This will give you an idea of my current earnings and traffic statistics.

Traffic Overview (Jan 5, 2014 – Feb 4, 2014)


Popular Content (Jan 5, 2014 – Feb 4, 2014)


Traffic Sources (Jan 5, 2014 – Feb 4, 2014)



Social Subscribers Overview (Jan 5, 2014 – Feb 4, 2014)

Forum Posts Overview (Jan 5, 2014 – Feb 4, 2014)

Since this is suppose to be a fresh new starting and I’ve promised to show you my complete progress reports, I’ve setup new accounts on several different forums and will start from the bottom answering questions while doing some promotional posts at the same time. Here are the popular forums that I use…

YouTube Views (Jan 5, 2014 – Feb 4, 2014)


Aweber Email Subscribers:

I have setup a new Aweber account so I can start gathering email subscribers for my blog. Again, this is a brand new account so I am starting from “0” and have NO active subscribers.



Social Shares Overview (January 2014)

These are January’s numbers for how many times my website or posts have been shared on social networks.


 Affiliate Commission & Income Report (January 2014)

SEO Consulting & Services

I’ve always provided consulting services for clients and will continue to do so starting next month in March. However, I will keep the workload minimum so I can focus on building this blog and income only through my blog posts and affiliate partners. Why? This is a project that I would like to start from beginning to end and want it to be a platform where all of you can do the same including any profit earned through your blog. It would be unfair if I take earnings from a service I’ve been providing for several years like SEO consulting.

Expenses (January 2014)

  • Webhosting – $18/mo
  • Aweber – $19/mo
  • Domain – $0.91/mo
  • Kindle eBooks – $12/mo

Profit & Loss Statement (January 2014)

  • Profit – $29.49
  • Loss – $49.91
  • Monthly Income – (-)20.42

My Final Thoughts…

Well, there you have it! I have provided you with a complete breakdown of my blogs statistics so you all have a better idea of what kind of progress my blog is making. I’m not surprised at all because the blog has only been active for 1 month. This blog is a baby and it’s going to be awesome building it into a man while showing all of you how I cared for it writing out a complete blueprint.

Finally, I just want to give you guys a few words of advice before we all get started. Always keep your head up and stay focused because this is the only way you’ll make progress. It’s important to stay consistent because if you don’t then in about two years you’re going to look back and be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do then by the things you did do.