Blog Action Plan: 2014 February 7th -14th

Establishing an authority blog in any niche takes time and there are a set of diverse actions that must be done in a specific order to produce positive results. Ever since I’ve been involved in consulting small businesses helping them establish an online presence, I’ve been able to play around with different things just like a trial and error case study trying to figure out the right steps to be taken at the right time. The problem with starting any business is that some things work well for others while these same things will NOT produce the same results if someone else tried them. Blogging on the other hand is different because it’s not a matter of finding what works and what doesn’t because with hard work you can make money blogging in almost any niche. If you don’t believe me, do a quick search in Google typing in every niche category you can think of and you’ll see manyAFF_Feb2014_295com_US_300x250 authority blogs within that niche making killer profits each month. Do you think they are smarter then you? Do you think they have a secret recipe that only works for them? The answer to both questions is NO! They just knew what mattered when and followed a sequence of events that produced an amazing result for them overtime.

With that said, I’ve decided to add something unique to my blog to get all of you to stay focused on what’s important. This is my first blog post in a series of Action Plans which will walk you through what you need to do on a weekly basis to keep building your blog into a money making machine.

Blog Tip & Action Plan 1

Why Do You Want To Blog?

You need to sit back in your chair and ask yourself this question really thinking about the answer because believe it or not this will determine how successful your blog will be. Essentially you are trying to figure out reasons behind your decision and the answers will guide you in the right direction helping you determine what to write about, how to write and who you’re writing for.

So why do you want to blog? Is it to…

  • Drive traffic to an existing website or blog
  • Create an online presence or increase it
  • If you own a store, is it to increase overall sales?
  • How about get more customers or prospects
  • Media exposure
  • Make Money
  • Etc…

Action Work Assignment 1

Take out a workbook or open a word processor like Microsoft Word so you can write down all the reasons you have for starting your blog. You’re trying to write out a set of goals that would help answer this question, then look over the list and weigh each one trying to find conflicts between your answers. For example, if my goal is to make money through affiliate marketing but another one of my goals is to work only 20 minutes a day then this is definitely a conflict. No business when starting or even established can sustain with 20 minutes effort each day. If my goal is to make 1 million dollars in the first month of blogging then this is another conflict since making this kind of money in your first month is truly unheard of. However, on the plus side if you want to make $500 in the first month then this can work and has been accomplished before.

Blog Tip & Action Plan 2

Who Are You Blogging For?

In Action Plan 1 you were asked to write down reasons you would like to start a blog, however with this step you need to determine who you are blogging for. Let me explain, if you’re looking to increase sales then your target audience would be potential customers. If you’re goal is to be an expert in your niche then your target audience would be people who are directly associated with your niche and need solutions to their problems. You need to know that this step is very important because many new bloggers will often write material on their blog which is not related to their target audience. They have a hard time connecting relevant content with relevant readers because there not focused on who their blogging for.

Action Work Assignment 2

To help you get an idea of your target audience, answer the following questions:

  • What type of people are you trying to attract to your blog?
  • What are they hoping to learn from your blog?
  • Are they people that need solutions or have answers and can help others?

Example, if I am planning on starting a blog on parenting specifically for new mothers, then I would answer the questions like this.

The people I am trying to attract would be women who have recently had their first child and are not sure how to raise children. I would like to provide basic answers to questions they may have on parenting like what to do when their child gets sick, educational resources and even provide a symptom’s list so they have an answer available if their child is coughing, has a rash, best baby medication and diapers. I would even setup a community were new mothers can interact with each other sharing information and connecting with experienced mothers to get help right away.

Blog Tip & Action Plan 3

Narrowing Down What to Blog About

In the first two previous steps we have narrowed down why you would like to blog and who you are blogging for, so now it’s time to choose your topic based on the two previous action steps. The goal here is to choose a niche which has many sub-niches so you can create content without any problems and have several angles available to you.

For example, if I have determined that my target audience will be male or females who are interested in building computers then I can write about “Motherboards” and branch off to…

  • New motherboards available
  • Installing motherboards
  • Reviewing popular motherboards
  • For gamers, the best gaming motherboards in the market
  • New technology in relation to motherboards like improved function, etc

From the example, you can see that I have several sub-topics within my niche that I can write about decreasing the chance of writer’s block which means having a hard time writing content. The more related topics within my niche provide me a few more angles to explore.



Action Work Assignment 3

Gather some ideas for your main topic and once you have a bunch of items on your list then you can proceed to go through each one asking yourself the following questions.

  • Does it accomplish the goals of my blog?
  • Does this topic attract the audience I want?
  • Does this topic have potential and will I have a hard time writing content?

Remember this step must be completed while keeping the other two previous steps in mind so that you can make sure everything stays relevant.

Blog Tip & Action Plan 4

Choosing a Name for Your Blog

Choosing the right name for your blog can drive enormous amounts of traffic from search engines. For example, attracts 1,510 unique visitors each day with half being from organic search. What’s amazing is that when people are typing searches related to SEO, Google, Link Building, etc, visitors click on because the domain name is related to their search phrase and automatically conclude that the information is available on the website which in most cases is true. There is also an added bonus of receiving a small boost in the Google rankings because the search topic is related to the domain name.

Action Work Assignment 4

Very simple assignment since all you’re being asked to do is brainstorm some domain name ideas keeping your topic in mind. Make sure the terms are related to your niche and that you keep them between 6-15 letters single or combined.

Blog Tip & Action Plan 5

Domain Search and Registration

Searching and registering your domain can be done through any domain registrar however I would recommend you use GoDaddy as they have years of experience providing domain and web hosting services. Once you go to you can search domains right from the home screen. Branding yourself by registering a relevant domain name can be very valuable building your identity. GoDaddy offers “.com” domains for as little as $10.99 a year sometimes providing a FREE domain when purchasing a hosting plan.

Here are a few quick tips…

  • Choose a domain name relevant to your niche
  • Try and register a .com domain since these are the most recognized and accepted
  • Choose a name easy to remember and keep it between 6-15 letters
  • Try and avoid numbers in your domain

Action Work Assignment 5

Narrow down potential domain names from the list you created in the previous step. Visit GoDaddy and do a quick search to see if any of them are available and once you find one which is available and relevant, register it right away.