Blog Action Plan: 2014 February 23rd – 30th

We’ve been covering the essentials of setting up WordPress on your hosting and adding content to your newly created blog. Before continuing to Part 3 of my series make sure to complete the previous two parts so that your blog is setup and configured correctly.

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Here is Part 3 of my Blog Action Plan series…


Blog Tip & Action Plan 11

Blogging Tags & How to Use Them

In my previous action plan we discussed the importance of choosing the right category names so your readers find content very easily on your blog. Having relevant category names will also allow search engines to organize your blog’s content in the SERP’s improving your organic search traffic.

There is another way to organize content on your blog making it easier to find and index by the search bots. Using “Tag’s allows you to associate short keywords that describe your content, for example if you have written a blog post on “Gaming iPhone Apps” then you would label your category “Apple iPhone” and the “tags” associated with your post can be iPhone apps, Apple, Gaming Apps.

The great thing about associating tags to your blog posts is that you are NOT limited to only one word to describe your content but can use anywhere from 3-8 keywords. This gives you some more flexibility in organizing your content which otherwise would have been difficult if you were allowed only one keyword.

Action Work Assignment 11

Many of you are experienced bloggers so use this time to reorganize your “Tags” and find more relevant keywords to associate with your posts. Use the Google Keyword Tool to find keywords with better search volume. If you already have “Tags” linked to your posts, use the tool to review the keyword trends and how the search volume has improved over the past couple of month.

Remember you would want to remove any keywords that have decreasing search volume because this means that people are no longer typing the keyword as frequently as before within Google search.

For those of you who are just starting your blog, then remember the “Tag” rules when publishing your posts…

  • Use the Google Keyword Tool to find relevant keyword
  • Search the trends and search volume of the keywords before adding tags
  • Use 4-8 relevant tags with your posts
  • Be creative and organize your content always

Blog Tip & Action Plan 12

Writing Your “About Me” Page

Many bloggers underestimate the importance of an “About Me” page on their blog. Once your blog builds up momentum you will start to attract loyal readers who will become more curious about you. In order to keep building your blog into a powerhouse who need to establish a personal connection with your readers and the best way to do this is by telling them about yourself.

On your “About Me” page be completely transparent with your readers and tell them about your struggles when starting out (if any), what your trying to achieve through blogging, add a photo of you, a link to your other websites (if any) and what your readers will learn from continually visiting your blog.

Remember when writing your “about me” page it’s important to be original and just be yourself because you’d be surprised how many connections are built on a common mission, shared hardship or passion for blogging.

Action Work Assignment 12

Pull up your favorite word processor and start writing you’re about me page. It doesn’t have to be book but keep it original and honest so that it resonates with people.

Keep it anywhere from 5-9 paragraphs and be sure to check the spelling and grammar before publishing.

Here’s a great way of becoming more comfortable when writing your page. Browse a few relevant blogs and visit their “about me” pages so you can get some ideas on what people talk about and the layout. You’ll get a good idea of the flow and how long you’re page should be.

Once you’re done, add a photo.

Blog Tip & Action Plan 13

Setup Up Your Email Subscription

Any successful blogger will tell you that the money is in the list and you’re probably wondering what list?

Overtime you will have a bunch of loyal readers that will want frequent updates about new posts on your blog and the best way to streamline this process is by getting their email address to send them direct notifications.

Now let’s say that your monthly traffic is approx 40,000 unique visitors a month which is a substantial amount of people coming from all over the world. There will come a point that these readers, who are experienced at different levels when it comes to blogging, will come to you for advice about products, general questions about blogging and to advertise which means that your blogging has the potential to be a money making machine.

If you can gather their email addresses by simply adding a opt-in form below your blog posts then you can market products and give them frequent updates about upcoming posts or a new product you’ve created that will help them flourish in their online business.

Converting those unique monthly visitors into email subscribers means that you’ll have an email list of 40,000 people which holds enormous value if you are trying to make money through your blogging efforts.  This list will eventually become the life-line of your business so it’s very important to start building an email list immediately.

Your email list will consist of…

  • People that have bought from you in the past and will in the future
  • People that know others who will refer them to your blog building readership and subscribers
  • People who are loyal and admire your work which builds your reputation and blog growth

Action Work Assignment 13

The good news is that many companies like aWeber understand the importance of building an email list and provide solutions for bloggers to easily incorporate an email opt-in form by giving them the tools to create a form and collect data easily.

If you don’t have an email subscriber form on your website then it’s time to start considering putting one on your blog. I’ve been using aWeber for years to manage my lists and send messages to my readers so would recommend that you use them. It’s only $1 to get started which is an amazing price to get full access to the tools that they provide.

Once you have setup your account, you just need to add a simply code to your blog to start collecting subscribers and aWeber will handle the rest.

Get started now with aWeber!


Blog Tip & Action Plan 14

A Few Things To Keep In Mind

I’ve decided that we should use this time to do a little research on relevant blogs in your niche. The main thing I’m trying to accomplish is starting you off on the right track making sure that you have covered all the fundamentals of blogging so when you write your posts they are perfect in length, formatting and interlinking.

For example, one common question that gets asked all the time is: How long should your blog post be in length?

Personally, there is no right answer because it really depends on what you are writing about so giving you an exact number will just make you focus on the wrong things. If I tell you 600 words then you’ll focus on writing content based on that number instead of writing a post which covers the topic in complete detail.

The correct answer to that question is that your blog content should be as long as it has to be so that it’s the best piece of content you’ve written. Google has made it clear that quality will always when in the SERP’s so don’t jeopardize quality of quantity.

Action Work Assignment 14

Research relevant blogs and look over their content for length, formatting, images and how they interlink to other relevant content. I want you to get a good idea of how successful bloggers write content. It is important to take note of their topic and how clearly they answer all the main points so that the reader will have everything they need when they are done reading.

Here are: 15 “Must Read” Resources for Writing Web Content

This is exactly what I did because the best knowledge comes from those who have more experience then you so take advantage of the easy access provided by the web and do some research writing down important things that you’ve learned. I would suggest focusing on the top 5-6 bloggers in your niche since they have gained a reputation writing quality content which attracts readers so they would be the best examples in blogging.