Rizvan Ullah


A Little Spark of Motivation

Yesterday was one of those days that I headed out and started to think hard and long about my life. It’s been a tough year full of heartbreaks and losses. Financially I didn’t do that well either so I’m always looking for motivation to get me through the day. However, last week did have its […]

Blog Action Plan: 2014 February 7th -14th

Establishing an authority blog in any niche takes time and there are a set of diverse actions that must be done in a specific order to produce positive results. Ever since I’ve been involved in consulting small businesses helping them establish an online presence, I’ve been able to play around with different things just like […]

Bloggers Mission Statement

It has been a few days since I’ve written a blog post and the reason is very simple because I’ve been trying to find a unique way to relate to my readers. I know that many of you who visit my blog are beginners and are trying to get a jump start in the blogging […]

Tips to Increase Blog Traffic 2014

Tweaking your website and making effective changes is always good for any business. You have to make sure to change with the tides or you will find that your business is slowly declining in growth. No matter what anyone tells you the point of any business is profit. I’ve noticed over the years working with […]

What Is Tiered Link Building? [UPDATED]

[UPDATE] – After the recent Panda 4.0 update, Google has started to penalize websites created using a “tiered” link building structure. This structure includes websites with “low” quality and “thin” content. Since your “main” website will have interlinks from low quality content during the T2 & T3 phases, it can directly affect your main websites […]

Crash Course in Search Engine Optimization

Many people think that link building is a very complicated procedure but in fact it is more tedious then complicated. The link building process is all about gathering the right data from your websites, organizing it and then optimizing the complete process. Gathering the data is simply finding keywords which relate to your website and […]

How To Get Your Article Approved When Submitting To Article Directories

Building back-links through article directories is one of the most popular ways to gain link juice increasing your page rank on the major search engines. There are some FREE article directories with PR’s of 6-9 and having a one way back-link from these directories can be very valuable. Many people think that submitting content and […]

Knowing Your Blogs Purpose Can Help Your Link Building Campaign

The past several days I was trying to figure out what my first “link building strategies” post should be and figured what better way to start then discussing the importance of “purpose” and how it relates to the link building process. When referring to the term “purpose” I am referring to: What Exactly Are You Trying […]

The Trustjacker Review

An incredible system developed by Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones which gives you the power of monetizing your social networking platforms. It allows you to setup campaigns and deliver popup ads or redirects over external page links. Many people post trending news, share stories, blogs and press releases with friends over different social platforms like […]