About Rizvan Ullah

RIZ_RANK_MAINHi, my name is Rizvan Ullah and I’m very happy that you decided to visit my blog. It has been a long journey for me full of highs & lows but I’m still here “smiling” and that’s what matters in the end of the day. Making money online is not an easy job trust me I’ve been trying for several years and have probably lost a lot more money than I’ve actually made. One thing that keeps me moving forward is the desire to succeed where many have failed. Failure to me is all about attitude; focus and how you perceive the things you’re doing in life. It’s a fine line between pain & pleasure and how well you can manage the short term pain of roughing it out spending countless hours writing & researching the best content ever created without anyone noticing in the beginning. Many people are often caught up on the idea that working for free doesn’t exist and that every word you write should have some sort of monetary value associated with it, but I’m afraid to break it to you that blogging is different and you’re going to pay the price of heart break before absolute success.

There’s a reason I decided to start my “about me” page the way I did and it’s because I want to make it clear that I’ve been in your shoes and it’s NOT a good feeling at all, however on the upside if your clear about what you want in life then there is nothing which can stand in your way.

2007 was when I started my first business selling electronics online setting up my shop through Volusion.com. By the time I had closed down in 2009 my cliental included 2,324 consumers & 1,543 businesses across Canada. My model was based on selling goods at low prices which I could because I had no overhead costs at all. I was good at designing websites & marketing so the business flourished.

In mid-2008, the dollar (CAD) dropped and it was the beginning of the end for me. My inventory providers started charging me a premium on the products I purchased for resale.  That cost I transferred over to my customers which increased the cost of everything making it harder for me to compete with the big electronic retailers. It was a bad time with unemployment peaking and people were just not spending money anymore.

I said to myself…

“Business is about making money and I was no longer doing that, so it’s time to pack it up and close down.”

In 2010 I started blogging full time writing content for other bloggers. During this time I became obsessed with making money online. Power bloggers in the industry were having huge success and they were getting paid for their “words” which is what blogging is. It’s providing people with content that serves as a blueprint helping them solve their problems. It’s content written in your own words which resonate with your readers.

In 2013, I decided to build an identity for myself so started this blog – RankTactics.com – with the focus being very simple, writing the best content on the web which gives people a blueprint on “How to Create a Successful Blog” that generates income. I wanted to create a blog with it being more like a case study outlining everything I did from start to infinity. This way people getting started will NOT only hear the beginning & end but the struggles in between.

To learn more about my mission and promise to all of you, please view my:

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