A Starters Guide To Clickbank

Clickbank over several years has become a very popular affiliate network. It offers a wide range of products so no matter what your niche you can make use of Clickbank. Before you get started make sure you take some time to familiarize yourself with this network since doing this research may be the factor between you actually making money or not making any at all. For example, choosing the right niche is important and choosing a product that converts is very important. No point in choosing a product that has poor conversions rates because the niche is popular but the sale page looks like garbage.

When I first got started with Clickbank I was all over the place not knowing exactly which product to choose and how to actually market the product. However, I spent about 5 years learning about affiliate marketing and how to convert my products. I am going to save you 5 years of learning and basically give you everything I know about Clickbank and what you need to do before getting started.

Here is a list of things that you need to get started on Clickbank:

Step 1: Blog or Website :

The reason behind this is very simple because you need a way to market this product. It can either be a website which you have had for several years or that you just started. Having a website with traffic will be a definite bonus since it’ll make selling your product easier than if you were completely starting from scratch.

Many times people will register a domain and build a one-page landing page which is describing the product or niche that they are planning to sell. Make this page attractive and outline some of the benefits of the product so that visitors become familiar with the product. If possible try to collect the visitors email address so later on you can market some other similar products to that visitor. Try the following…

1. On the landing page add a form which collects name and email address. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to build a simple name and email capture form because any email marketing service will provide you with forms that you can copy and paste within your pages. Need a email marketing service? Visit aWeber and get started for only $1

2. Purchase the product that you are selling and create a very short ebook providing some very useful information related to the niche. This ebook should be no more then 4-6 pages.

3. Offer this book to the visitor for free when they provide their name and email address.

Step 2: Clickbank Account

To be able to get your affiliate link, you need to have an account with Clickbank. Registration is easy and only requires a few steps.

Step 3: Niche Market

Before you can start looking through the Clickbank market place, you will want to have a category in mind. It can be something that you have knowledge about or something that your passionate about. It’s good to select a product very similar to your website if you already have one up and running. If not you have a little more flexibility because you can build a website around your niche product.

Step 4: Product Selection

Once you’ve narrowed down your niche, its time to select your product. Each category may have several products to choose from so you’ll want to choose one which is popular. If your wondering how to find popular products it’s very simple:

Select the following from the drop-down menu…

By “Popularity” : This will show you popular products over a trend of one month. Clickbank is used by millions of people with several of them promoting the same product as you. Many of these people have been doing it longer so when they select a product they’re selection has some creditability to it. Popularity calculates the number of people who have created an affiliate link for that product through Clickbank.

By Gravity: This is different that “popularity” because it shows the number of people who have actually made money promoting the product. I’d recommend you use gravity instead of popularity as an indicator for selecting products because if others are making money promoting a product, than it must be a product with a great landing page and substance.

Step 5: Keyword Research

In order for you to benefit from keyword research, you’ll want to have some knowledge on how to use Google Keyword Tool. Before, I continue, if you have a niche website which already has returning visitors than you may have an easier time converting your visitors and keyword research may not be so important. However, for a website which is built around a product, getting traffic is very important because without traffic, you’ll have no sales…plain and simple!

Once you’ve logged into the Google Keyword Tool, than you can either find relevant words in two ways:

Enter A Keyword: If your promoting a product which is about “acne” than just type in “acne” into the keyword tool and wait for the suggestions to appear. Choose words which have high traffic volume and are low in competition. It will be easier for you to compete for keywords with this type of competition.

Input Product Url: When you choose a product, open the product website link and copy the website url. Paste this url in the keyword url field and wait for the keyword tool to generate a bunch of ideas for you. Than you can go through each keyword to find the most relevant.

What I normally do is select about 5-10 keywords which relate to my product and write them down to use in the marketing process.

Step 6: Marketing Your Product

Without marketing your product your going to have a difficult time converting your visitors into sales. The experts find that two methods work the best when promoting your product.

Write A Product Review: People always want to know about a product before they buy. The best thing you can do to promote a product is to provide your readers information about the product they’re going to purchase. Include product features and how it can change their lives. You may want to include some reviews from people that have purchased this product. Here’s another tip, what I normally do is write a review that I would expect to read. For example, what would I look for in a product review if I’m looking to purchase a product. If you can answer this question and base your review around that thought, than you’ll write a great review.

Solve A Problem: If your product is about “acne” than why not write an article on “How To Cure Acne Breakouts” and than add a few links to your product. This is why I choose a product which always solves a problem because these products are high in demand and I can write on this topic a lot more than if a product was on “how to build a chicken coop“. With acne, for example, I can write a review on the product and than build articles about acne like: What Causes Acne?, How To Cure Acne? and Different Types Of Acne?

Step 7: Trail And Error

You may not find a product that works right off the initial offering so what I suggest is to try different products until you find one that converts well and than push this product to the maximize until you make enormous profits. You can visit Google Trends to find out where the trends are heading. If people are still typing in acne related questions and the trend still exist, than you still have a market.