Archive: August, 2014

Creating Web 2.0 Properties – Building Private Blog Network Website

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an updated on my “Private Blog Network” case study however everything is progressing perfectly. You need to remember everything must be spread out when creating websites within your PBN. If you do not time everything correctly, it can raise a huge flag to Google which is something we are […]

Meet Michelle of

Here’s our second female blogger interview! I’m very happy to have had the chance to interview Michelle from She started blogging in August 2011 and started freelancing full-time in October of 2013 focusing her attention on personal finance. Her blog covers such topics like life, travel, career and budgeting. She’s doing very well pushing […]

Traffic & Income Report for July 2014

Welcome to my 5th Traffic & Income Report for the month of July 2014. In these reports I’ve summarized what I’ve done in the previous month. July 2014 was an exciting month because I started several cool features which I’ll discuss below. The traffic saw a slight increase which I’m very happy about and finally, […]

Publishing Content – Building Private Blog Network Website

The most important part when setting up your private blog network is content creation. Within your content, you’ll be placing targeted anchor text that’ll link back to your “main” website. On August 6, 2014 I created and published my 1st piece of content on my private blog network. Over the next several weeks I’ll be […]