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Meet Timo Kiander Of

Timo Kiander has been blogging since 2010 and is the founder of Timo focuses on “productivity” and how bloggers can effectively manage their time more efficiently. Much of his knowledge comes from his experience blogging and applying what he’s learned from other top blogging gurus in his niche. Now, let’s get into the real […]

8 Proven Ways On How To Reduce Bounce Rate – From My Top Bloggers

Over the years I’ve experimented with many websites, some my own, and some being a project I was doing for other clients. I’ve used Google Analytics to track the performance of my websites paying close attention to what affects visitors, acquisition, queries, landing pages and how to lower bounce rate. Bounce rates are one page visits […]

Case Study – How to Speed Up WordPress Site By 3.74s – Part 1 – Lazy Mans Approach

A few weeks ago I decide to do a case study on how to speed up WordPress site by making a few changes to your existing website. Bloggers are always talking about having to upgrade their hosting plan to optimize their site speed however those getting started may not be able to invest in a high cost […]

Ask Google to Crawl a Page or Site

Many times you don’t need to ask Google to index you’re page because it’s an automated process built into what are known as “spiders” or “bots” which find pages and add them to the Google index. However, there are a few instances that you would like to notify Google about some changes on your site […]

Bloggers F.A.Q’s – Common Questions Asked & Answered by Bloggers!

I wanted to provide “quick” answers to your questions so added the “Bloggers F.A.Q” section to my blog. Here you’ll find answers no more than 400-600 words long and right to the point. I’ll add some additional resources towards the bottom which you guys can check out if you need more information. To ask a […]

Why Should I Start a Blog & What to Blog About?

There are many reasons why people start blogging but if you’re not passionate about writing content than you’ve already fail. The number one reason to start anything should be you’re passionate about it. This is the ONLY way you’ll put 100% effort into your business. For example, I know people who started blogging to make […]

Traffic & Income Report for April 2014

Welcome to my 2nd official Income Report. In this report you’ll find my blogs traffic and income progress for the month of April. Many of you will focus on the final income numbers J but I always try to learn something new within my traffic statistics which I can apply moving forward. Make sure you […]