15 “Must Read” Resources for Writing Web Content

15_RESOURCESEvery blogger needs help when writing web content and some of the best resources available to them is to visit other niche targeted blogs. When I started, I followed some of the power bloggers within my industry and read what they had to say.

Anyway, if you’re a new blogger or just need some direction moving forward then here are some of the best content writing tips which have I’ve compiled over the past several months.

#1: 12 Content Writing Secrets of Professional Writers – Advanced Content Marketing) by Neil Patel

First thing you’ll notice is how much effort was put into creating this piece of content by Neil Patel who has included a custom infographic to get his point across. The use of imagery helps illustrate his point on effective content creation and marketing. There is so much included within this post that it’s very hard for me to go into details but I would recommend reading & bookmarking it as a reference guide.

Just want to say “Great Job!” to Neil Patel for putting this together.

#2: How to Start a Successful Blog in One Hour by Steve Scott

Before you can start writing you need a platform to publish your content. When I first started, I picked up this book through Amazon.ca Kindle for $1.01 and the average rating is 4-stars with over 110 reviews. You’ll learn the basics of WordPress and how to setup your blog in 1 hour. It’s very simple to understand and right to the point which is what many of us are looking for especially with hectic schedules. Steve Scott will take you through a 7-step process where you will learn how to install a theme, 10 super important plugins and 4 tools that will help you build an audience.

For any blogger that’s starting off this 60 minute process will have you up and running publishing your first content for your blog in no time

#3: 13 Content Writing Tips That Will Crush Every Blog In Your Niche by Rizvan Ullah

Now, I had to include this post which was written by me because it’s truly epic content which I spent about 2-weeks writing for my readers. It includes tips that will help you write content which will rock your competitors and boost your website in the Google search rankings in no time.

I’ve included graphs, images; statistic’s and interlinks to provide you with a complete layout. I’ve gathered data from other top bloggers and incorporated that within my blog post. Enjoy!

#4: How to Write the Perfect Blog Post by Derek Halpern

A 9 step process with a diagram showing you how to write the perfect blog with emphasis on content layout that will transform the way you blog. This resource is very important because it’s something I’ve been following every time I create a blog post.

Derek walks you through each step with an explanation starting with headline, opening paragraph, right-aligned image, sub-heading, content, etc. Once you start writing, I can guarantee this will be your blueprint for all your content going forward.

#5: The Content Pyramid by Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome.com has been one of my all-time favorite bloggers ever since I started reading on ways to make money online. He focuses on providing the ultimate content strategy for the web and has done very well since his blog generates thousands of dollars each month in income.

He utilizes an image of the food pyramid to get his point across and divides his content into 4-tiers. Each tier has its own explanation of what type of content and importance within the pyramid.

You can gather a lot of useful information if you group both Pat Flynn’s and Derek Halpern’s diagrams together. Pay close attention to them and build a custom plan that works for you.


#6: 101 + Killer Blog Post Ideas by Tristan Higbee

Once of the toughest challenges that bloggers face is “writers block”, or better yet, lack of ideas to generate fresh new posts. Here’s an awesome post full of 101 content ideas that will keep your creativity running wild. For example, some great post ideas include: review books, lists posts, case studies, info-graphics, charts & graphs, motivational content, etc.

There are 101 post ideas listed on the page so be sure to take a look and make some reference points for yourself on a piece of paper that will help you out in the future.

#7: 52 Headline Hacks by Jon Morrow

A FREE PDF book with 52 headlines tips & tricks that will get your readers attention right away. I can’t emphasize how important having an eye catching headline is for any content you write. Having the right headline which creates curiosity will get you a lot of extra clicks and increase your exposure on social networks.

Search engines are the number one source for driving traffic to your website and when someone is searching online for something they usually just type in a keyword and start skimming through the results. The only difference between your content and others within the search results is the headline. If you create curiosity through an awesome headline they will definitely click through. Check out the illustration below…


Jon Morrow’s book is available for download immediately but you will need to enter your email to gain access. To make sure everything is active and the information is well worth it, I downloaded the book again by entering my own email and everything checked out perfect.

#8: How to Effectively Use Content Marketing to Grow Your Business by Spencer Haws

A podcast interview with Marcus Sheridan from The Sales Lion, interview focuses on inbound & content marketing to dominate the internet. The complete interview is 48 minutes but you’ll leave with a handful of effective marketing techniques that you can incorporate into your content right away. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn…

  • The importance of writing about questions that real customers ask
  • Dumb down your content marketing
  • (Listen for this funny little nugget): “The secret sauce is really just Thousand Island Dressing!”
  • An argument Marcus had with the Head of Social Media at Ford.
  • The typical buyer had read 105 pages of content on their pool website before buying!
  • The #1 Mistake of bloggers/businesses is poor page titles.  His advice here is EXCELLENT!
  • Why you shouldn’t use “witty” blog titles if you have less than 1000 readers.
  • How affiliate marketers can still do well with proper content marketing

#9: Write Epic Sh* t by Corbett Barr

Corbett through his years of experience has put together an awesome post outlining some of his most successful content writing tips. Not only does he lay it all out for you and tell you want really matters, but he includes 3 epic posts by top bloggers which have generated thousands of views just from the content they wrote. View their content so you can group together some ideas that will help you produce your future content.

#10: 2,897 Words on How to Create Viral Content by Glen Allsopp

With emphasis on MVP (massive value posts) and how these posts can go viral making your blog an unknown to one that top bloggers read. Social media has changed the way that people interact and share content so why not write high quality content that gets shared on social networks. If you don’t know how to then use Glen’s tips as a blueprint.

#11: A Simple Plan for Writing One Powerful Piece of Online Content Per Week by Pamela Wilson

I personally love this article because when I started blogging I didn’t have enough time during the week to write more than one article. This content outlines the power of writing one quality article per week and how sometimes that all you really need.

Remember its quality over quantity so pay close attention to how Pamela breaks down the process into bite-sized daily tasks. It’s perfect for those that are starting out and need guidance through every step.

#12: How To Write Great Content by Darren Rowse at Problogger

Another one of my idols who had a lot of influence over the way I structure my blog and how I write my content. All of his content is epic and he puts a lot of emphasis on quality. This is a must read post because it includes lessons that he’s learned over the years.

Starting from…

  • Where to Start
  • Techniques
  • Workflow
  • Motivation
  • Principles of Successful Content Creation
  • Fundamentals of RSS

#13: How To Write Quality Content in 5 Simple Steps by JohnChow

Another great post that’s right to the point and follows a list-style structure perfect for bloggers looking to get quick writing tips to generate high impact content. JohnChow has been regarded as one of the best affiliate marketing bloggers of our time. He has spent countless hours writing epic content and is reported to make upwards of $40,000/mo from his blog alone.

Here’s a quote which explains the importance of quality content…

“In order to survive as a blogger, especially in this age of stiff competition, you need to write quality content.”

#14: Write a Guest Post For I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

One of the most successful growth strategies in blogging is to generate traffic by writing epic content for other successful blogs. When “guest blogging” you need to use different strategies because two very important things matter:

You need to write content which will get posted on other blogs so quality is very important and avoiding some of the common mistakes which are outlined within Ramit’s post.

You need to make sure that you get the most out of your content so it attracts visitors to your blog and you gain that much needed momentum. What’s the point of guest blogging when you gain nothing out of it, right? My point is that there needs to be some sort of traction made which generates a buzz about your blog.

#15: 5 Ways to Write High-Quality Content – Fast by Carol Tice (CopyBlogger)

I visit CopyBlogger.com on a regular basis because they blast out interesting content which always peaks my curiosity. It’s only right that I include them in this list because they have a huge following, generate loads of social shares and produce epic content. You can learn a lot by reading over their blog posts.

My Final Thoughts

Hope You guys enjoyed my list of resources. It’s important to read through all the material so you’ll get a better idea of the different strategies.

Every blogger has their own style of writing which comes through experience so try different things and you’ll soon have your own custom style.