14 Expert Bloggers Discuss Their Most Effective Link Building Techniques


Trying to find the most effective link building technique? Well…

Building a successful blog takes a lot of hard work. When I started blogging I had no idea on how to generate traffic. Finding the answer online wasn’t helping at all because everyone had their own opinion on what works and what doesn’t.

I’m the type of guy that’s tried everything and the results varied, however I learned a valuable lesson along the way:

“Stick to the experts because they have a track record of success.”

About 2 months ago I decided to do a little case study contacting 30 Experts who I call “power bloggers”. These people have a track record of success with some of them earning more than a full-time income blogging. 14 of them responded with their “EXPERT” opinion to this question…

Out of everything you have learned over the years especially in search engine optimization and link building …which is the most effective link building technique you would recommend for beginners?

Here are the results…

_ Favourite Link Building Technique (as voted by 14 experts!)
# 1- Writing Quality Content – 6 Votes
# 2- Provide Relevant Content and Ask For Link – 3 Votes
# 3- Guest Posting – 2 Votes
# 4- Interviews – 1 Vote
# 5- Build Links from Authoritative Sites – 1 Vote
# 6- Steal Competitors Links 🙂 – 1 Vote


Read on to discover each expert’s favourite link building technique…

Here’s what the experts have to say…

Brian Dean – BackLinko.com


Good question:

I’d have to say guest posting because it’s fairly straightforward and also gives you the added benefit of generating traffic.




Write great content that people want to link to. If your content sucks, no one is going to link to you. But if you take your time to write really great and compelling content, not only will other sites link to it, you’ll get a ton of social media activities as well.


Amal Rafeeq – DigiHawker.comAMAL_RAFEEQ

Search Engines are a great source of traffic to me. Whenever I have to target a hot kinda audience, I work my ass of and depend on it. But, it does require a lot of moves like On-Page and Off-Page optimization.

When you have a keyword rich and relevant content page or website to which search engines could send traffic, it’s time for you to get your page on the Search Engine’s radar with a positive impression and get recommended to other people who are looking for what you have in your page.

And that’s where Link Building comes in. There are zillions of methods out there to build new links. But Quality links is on what we should work for.

I know this sounds weird, but if you ask me – the good old “Guest Blogging” is the method that works for me all the time and which will work for you in an awesome way too. But the thing is, only be guests on blogs which are already having some charisma over the internet. Write related posts and link to your related content on the website.

You should optimize your anchor text for better performance and make sure it’s a link that could be indexed by search engines ( dofollow ). Keep on building quality links to your site than a huge quantity of links. It’ll push your site in search results 🙂

But, the “Mention-Method” also works for me. It’s not kind of an exchange thingy. But if you believe you have a great content on your blog or website which might be useful to other people. You can simply ask to other bloggers on your niche to link to it. Well, asking is not such a bad thing and the best thing is that you’ll receive great responds most of the time 🙂 It’s less work but more effective.

But you gotta put your things together and keep working on Guest Blogging more than anything when it comes to Link Building.


Matthew WoodwardMatthewWoodward.co.ukMATTHEW_WOODWARD

Matthew provided a link to one of his epic posts which outlines his most effective link building techniques. It’s an amazing post which gives you some great ways to get back-links to your blog by analyzing your competitors.


That would be www.matthewwoodward.co.uk/tutorials/backlink-competitor-analysis/


Adam ConnellBloggingWizard.comADAM_CONNELL

Hi Rizvan,

It’s great to know that you have been enjoying my tutorials and would be happy to contribute.

Here is my response:

While links will still be important for quite a long time, I think we need to adjust our mind-set and think more about the other benefits, such as visibility, social mentions and traffic.

The most effective tactic that I have used is more link earning that link building. The method is crowd sourced content – particularly group interviews. 

By interviewing multiple experts or influencers within your industry you can get great results. It may even be just a single question but you do need to identify a content gap.

A good example is this post:


The post earned over 1260 Tweets, 700+ Google+1’s and plenty more.

It also generated links from over 42 referring domains. Including a link from the Hootsuite blog and Social Media Examiner.

It’s not just a flash in the pan either, because the first group interview I published earned links from over 38 referring domains: http://bloggingwizard.com/experts-secrets-reader-engagement-group-interview/.

These types of posts do take a long time to put together but the fact that I have earned links from domains that are incredibly difficult to obtain links from makes it all worth it.

They are also resources that will potentially continue to draw in traffic for a good time to come.


I hope that helps, if you need anything else – please let me know.




Nicole BeckettPremierContentSource.comNICOLE_BECKETT

Hi Rizvan~
Thank you so much for the kind words!  You definitely made my Monday
morning 🙂

I’ve been involved with SEO and link building for years, and I think the best thing a beginner can keep in mind is to never lose sight of their reputation.  Google has gotten so much better in detecting truly authoritative websites, so you need to make sure that you’re always associated with the best.

These days, a link isn’t JUST a link.  Both your human visitors and the search engines will judge you by the company you keep.  So, if you start dropping your links on any ol’ site, you’re

not going to be seen as a true expert.  Instead, shoot for the moon when it comes to building links.  Even if you’re new to the web, you still have expertise to share — so make sure you share it in a way that builds the best online reputation possible!

Hope that answer helps!  I’d love to see your tutorial when it’s done.
Would you mind sending me a link so that I can share it with all of my




Mauro D’Andrea – Blog-Growth.com

Hi Rizvan,MAURO

Thanks for thinking of me. I’d love to contribute.

Here’s the answer:

“The most effective link building tecnique is adding value. Adding value is something so powerful that can accomplish almost everything for your online business.

Specifically about link building you can add value to something that has already been created and that has generated many backlinks.

Let me explain…

Let’s suppose there’s a post called “45 Ways to Build Backlinks for Your Blog” that has got 134 backlinks. You can take the idea and add value to it, so that you bring such content to the next level, and hopefully you get many backlinks.

For example, you could make a post called “101 Ways to Build Backlinks for Your Blog” – you simply add value to the original idea by publishing a bigger list.
Or you could make an infographic about link building – you add value by making the content more appealing and learnable.
You could turn the original idea into a video, etc…

Important: don’t copy the original content, just think about the orginal idea and make your own version of it.”

Please make me know when the post is online so that I can help you promoting it.




Zac JohnsonZacJohnson.comZAC_JOHNSON

Hey Rizvan,

Thanks for the email.

At the end of the day, the best way to build links, content and work on your SEO is to create a site or service that provides value. Nothing is better than a REAL link, social share or testimonial from a customer or site user. Once this first referral comes through, many more will follow. Focus on QUALITY.




Bill Hunt – Back-Azimuth.com


Thanks for the email and question.

The most effective link building technique I have ever recommend is to find sites where your page is more relevant than theirs and ask for the link.  Let me explain – we often forget that a link on someones site is an invitation to leave the site your on for another.  In order for me to add a link on my site to yours there has to be value to me or to my readers.   Foe example, in your article about link building best practices why would you link to my site in the article – only if I had a page that had more details or some list of tools or best practices where it would add value to your readers to leave your site.   The reality is if your destination page is not better than the page your asking for a link from then don’t ask for it since you probably don’t’ deserve it.  Add some value to the page then ask for the link.

Does this help?


Adam Riemeradamriemer.me


Sure.  Thank you for the nice words.  I’ll keep it short since you have other people writing as well.

The most important thing to remember with SEO or any marketing channel is to go back to the basics and never let anything else take the front line.  With SEO it is about amazing content and providing an incredible user experience.  Step back from your site and test it with people who are near sided and not wearing glasses, far sided and the same, kids, seniors, adults and everyone else who could be visiting and especially who writes for trade publications, blogs for your industry and also who your target demographic is.  (Your target demographic is the person purchasing and then the user.  Seniors may be buying for grandkids or the kids who are in their 30’s and 40’s could be buying for seniors.  Create something the user would want to see and get excited about while also being a great experience for the person shopping that is also appealing to them.)

Once you have an amazing experience and are providing your services and information in the best way possible, go traditional and think about how to get exposure.  Once you get the right people to your site, whether it is inviting them, being creative, building a relationship, etc… you will start to get links and grow organically.  Yes you can build links and use tricks, but going back to the basics and using old school PR is your best bet to building a solid foundation that has a better chance of lasting.

Let me know what you think,


Luke KlingLukePeerfly.comLUKE_KLING


That’s great to hear. Unfortunately, my answer is short and sweet…good content! I haven’t really done any magical SEO tricks for my blog, yet I rank pretty well for a lot of the terms I write about. The reason is because I push out good content and then it gets shares on social media and backlinks naturally.

I quit trying to game Google long ago and since doing that I’ve seen the most traffic from them 🙂




Christopher Antoni – TheTrafficBlogger.comCHRISTOPHER_ANTON

People > Robots. If you create articles targeting people then the rest almost takes care of itself.


Bill Sebald – GreenLaneSeo.com

Hi Rizvan, thanks for the nice words. That means a lot.  Hopefully this helps your post:BILL_SEBALD

Starting the art of link building can definitely seem daunting. It feels like there are hundreds of tactics. The real trick is to know which tactic applies to which strategy, and the right time to use each tactic. You wouldn’t take a knife to a gun fight. The reality is Google has slapped down plenty of tactics in the last few years because of spammy applications – I don’t get very far netting in a thousand minnows, compared to the SEO value of catching that one big fish. So, I now spend my time looking for that fish.

A tool like Buzzstream is huge. Paul and Matt and the rest of the guys there did an amazing job creating a tool that not only does prospecting for you, but pulls up data to help you make a real personal connection with the webmaster. A lot of link building is like telemarketing. Buzzstream is the CRM tool for the link builder. The best technique I have is to think about your assets and get creative on each pitch. Write a personal letter. Prove you’re a real human (vs. the countless spammy emails they’re already getting about links). You’ll rise above the rest if you do it well enough. Is this a lot of work? Hell yeah! But it’s really been the most effective technique for me in the last couple years. Good old fashioned 1:1 link building.


Shawn CollinsAffiliateTip.comSHAWN_COLLINS

Hi Rizvan –

Thanks for thinking of me, but I do not bother with link building – I simply produce unique content on a regular basis.



The results are pretty obvious with writing high quality content being the most effective link building technique recommended by our experts.

_ Favourite Link Building Technique (as voted by 14 experts!)
# 1- Writing Quality Content – 6 Votes
# 2- Provide Relevant Content and Ask For Link – 3 Votes
# 3- Guest Posting – 2 Votes
# 4- Interviews – 1 Vote
# 5- Build Links from Authoritative Sites – 1 Vote
# 6- Steal Competitors Links 🙂 – 1 Vote


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