122 Epic Case Studies from My Top Bloggers & Blogs

Vector business concepts in flat styleMuch of the knowledge I’ve learned is from other bloggers who’ve openly shared their experience by producing epic case studies. I’ve always believed that a “Case Study” is the best content because it shows how results were achieved from start to finish. For those of you NOT familiar with a “case study” it’s a live experiment done over a specific time period with the results being documented every few days. Please click here for a complete explanation.  Case studies are so effective because they are completely transparent providing real value saving readers time & money. Personally, they have provided me with the most value helping me stay focused on the things that really matter and that produce real results.

Even though case studies are the best type of content bloggers can provide for their readers, there are still some that don’t provide any value at all. These studies are very narrow not providing actual proof of the results while missing images and videos which I believe is a complete waste of time. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve visited several blogs compiling a list of “must read” case studies that will provide actual value to you. Take your time and read over each one because you’d be surprised at the knowledge you pickup along the way.

Here are 130 Epic Case Studies…


Sponsored Tweets Case Study & Stats
253% ROI Facebook Ads Case Study
How to Start a Blog – My Case Study
PPV Advertising: Network Reviews and Case Studies
3 Niche Blog Case Studies You Should Be Following


How To Index Your Backlinks Easily – Revealing My Case Study Results
Content Delivery Network Case Study – Boost Site Speed & Profits With MaxCDN
How To Increase Video Conversion Rates Case Study Results
Live Case Study – How To Increase Video Conversion
SE Slingshot Review & Case Study


7Search and Prosper202 Optimization Case Study
POF Case Study: PinkWink
POF Case Study: Jewcier
Facebook Sponsored Stories Case Study
POF Case Study: SeniorPeopleMeet.com
Case Study – Massive 250% ROI Increase in 3 Days
Facebook Ads Case Study – Movie Tickets


SEO Strategy Case Study: From #6 to #1 In One Week
White Hat SEO Case Study: 348% More Organic Traffic in 7 Days
Link Building Case Study: How I Increased My Search Traffic by 110% in 14 Days


Triple Your Traffic by Guest Blogging for Backlinks [Case Study]
Case Study: An Experiment with Short Form Content
How My Old Blog Post Got Half a Million Pinterest Views [Case Study]
Triple Your Traffic by Guest Blogging for Backlinks [Case Study]
What’s the Best Type of Affiliate Site? [Case Study]
How I Beat my Best Month Ever by Doing Something Good, Better [Case Study]
The Day 250,000 People Showed Up At My Blog: Case Study


Which of These 3 Case Studies Will Grow Your Sales?
How I Grew TechCrunch’s Traffic By 30% in 60 Days – Quick Sprout


Post-Penguin Anchor Text Case Study – Moz
9,000 Uniques in One Day: A Viral Marketing Case Study
A Tweet’s Effect On Rankings – An Unexpected Case Study – Moz
How to Build Links to Your Blog – A Case Study – Moz
How Garbage Ranks in the SERPs: A Case Study
Case Study: How One Simple Change Tripled Conversions
Website Launch Case Study: From 0 Sign-ups Per Day to 25 to 50 to…?
How Do You Know If Your Data is Accurate? A case study using search volume, CTR, and rankings
Social Stats Case Study: Are You Making the Most of Socially Active Traffic?
Increasing Organic SEO Traffic by 400,000 Unique Visitors a Month!
Case Study: How Much Do Rankings Matter?
How Optimizing My Ugly Google+ Pic Increased Free Traffic 35%
2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors
Seventeen Ways To Improve Your Blog – Case Study
A Tweet’s Effect on Rankings – (A YouMoz Case Study)



Case Study: How Long Does It Take to See Organic Search Results?
Hard Proof That Content Marketing Works—A Professional Speaker Case Study
Is Paying for Likes on Facebook Worth it? [RESEARCH]
Anchor Text Optimization Case Study: What’s Natural?
Video SEO Success in 30 Minutes or Less – A Case Study
Tips to avoid Search Engine Orientation (Case study)
Two Examples of How One Line of Code Could Kill Your SEO [Case Studies]
Case Study: $5 Link Building | Search Engine Journal


Case Study: How to Build a Vast Audience by Mastering the Art of the Interview
Case Study: How Keyword Research Works in the Wild
Case Study: How an Audience Survey 
Fueled Real Business Growth
Case Study: How to Breathe New Life into Your Tired Old Blog


Photos on Facebook Generate 53% More Likes Than the Average Post [NEW DATA]
How Savvy Inbound Marketers Get Results From Guest Blogging
LinkedIn 277% More Effective for Lead Generation Than Facebook & Twitter [New Data]
An Investigation Into the ROI of Direct Mail vs. Email Marketing [DATA]
A/B Test Finds 55% Increase in Leads When Images Added to Tweets [New Data]
A/B Testing in Action: 3 Real-Life Marketing Experiments
Why User-Generated Content Is More Important Than You Think

4 Simple Changes that Boosted Conversions by 1250% [Case Study]
How A Single A/B Test Increased Conversions by 336% [Case Study]
A Simple A/B Test that Generated a 31.54% Lift in Sign-ups [Case Study]
Where’s the Best Place to Put Your CTA? [Case Study]
Creating Irresistible Email Teaser Campaigns [Case Study]
Pay With a Tweet vs. Pay With an Email [Case Study with Infographic]
How and Why You Should be Guest Blogging [With Case Study]
Increasing Lead Capture by 27% – A Conversion Optimization Case Study


How to manage your “Guest Blogging” Risk – Case Study
Google Penguin – Case Study
The fastest & most accurate Unnatural Link Detection + Case Study
[Unnatural] Links are DEAD – A Case Study
Backlink Analysis – Google Penalties Case Studies


How to get more than 100,000 visits from Google per month (Case study)
How to increase AdSense earnings almost instantly (case studies)
How to build a successful blog with more than 250,000 unique visits per month (case study)
How to get your first 10,000 fans on Facebook (case study)


My Viral Content Buzz Case Study: How To Get Found On The Internet
[CASE STUDY]: How I Got 10 Powerful Links To My Infographic In Two Days
The Strategy Of Blog Commenting – [CASE STUDY]



Slideshare Traffic Case Study • From 0 to 243,000 Views in 30 Days
[Traffic Case Study] How to Quickly Explode Your Traffic By Connecting With Top Bloggers


Case Study – Lead Generation Arbitrage Website That Made $61,796.49
12 Useful Email Marketing Headline Case Studies


Video #Marketing – How To Embrace It For Your Business [Case Study]
Facebook Ads – How to Increase Traffic on a Budget [A Case Study]


How I Doubled My Traffic by Finding My Audience


Case Study: How I Used Twitter to Generate 35,967 Extra Hits to my Site in Just 14 Days


A Case Study In How To Gain Real Clarity In Your Business
How I Convinced 120 Influential Entrepreneurs to Give Their Advice For Free in Under 3 Weeks and 8 Tips For You To Do The Same [Case Study]


Case Study: Can You Launch a New Site With Twitter Alone?


How To Grow a New Website to Over 100,000 Organic Visits Per Month


How I increased my blog’s Search Traffic by 44% in under a month
Recent Google Slap – A Case study


The Case for Content: 620% Organic Growth


How We Skyrocketed Website Traffic 2200% in 1 Year [case study]
How to Get a 30%+ Landing Page Conversion Rate [case study]


Case Study: How I Went From 1000 To 10000 Page Views Per Month


Case Study: An Inside Look into My Most Successful Guest Posts
CASE STUDY: An Inside Look Into the Results of 31 Guest Posts in One Week


How to Drive Organic Search Traffic to an Affiliate Site in No Time [Case Study]
How To Create An Authority Blog Using Case Studies


Does Facebook Timeline Impact Brand Engagement? [Study]
How I Got 35X ROI on Facebook Ads


Preston Smith: Small biz superhero, from one to 94 leads within 90 days on Facebook


Case Study: How I Used Guest Blogging to Grow a Site’s Search Traffic by 342.35% in One Year


$1K Profit almost in one week: My PPC Case Study
Introducing Our Niche Site Case Study (With a Twist)
How 3 Guys Made Over $10,000,000 Last Year Without a Single Backlink


How We Got To 40,310 Facebook Fans In 4 Days


How I Made Over $10,000 In This One Niche


How to Hit 4 million Users in 6 months – A Startup Case Study


How Much Does it Cost to Make Your First iPhone App? [3 Case Studies]
How to Make Money on YouTube (with 5 Case Studies)

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Results from 13 paid traffic tests [Case Study]


Case Study: 3 Easy Ways To Grow Your Audience And Get More Responses
10 Case Studies To Help You Get More Clicks


Chicago Tribute on Twitter: The Case Study That Backs Up Engagement